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The Crisis of the Church is a Crisis of Bishops ("Marriage" in Maryland)

In more than one of the United States there is an attempt by a catholic governor to force same-sex marriage on their citizens while never championing a ballot vote.

In the middle of the night on Friday, the Maryland House narrowly passed its own fake marriage bill, and the catholic governor, Martin O'Malley, has enthusiastically endorsed the legislation.

Before the Senate votes, and before the catholic governor signs it into law, we have two words for His Eminence Edwin Frederick O’Brien: Canon 915.


Kindred Spirit said...

Two more words: Anathema sit.

Brian said...

Other than the bishops of the SSPX, is there anything that any "Catholic" can do that warrants ex-communication?

Knight of Malta said...

They can call it whatever they want, but it ain't marriage. In fact, most protestant marriages are probably not sacramental marriages either, especially since they are wont to marry and re-marry (and re-"marry" yet again).

Never forget the Dogma EXTRA ECCLESIAM NON SALUS; if believed, it has the power to bring order to disorder, and save the world from our self-inflicted trajectory of deleterious dismantling of anything dream-worthy, holy and good.

Fred said...

I think you'll find the see vacant (just a note before you get yourself worked up into a lather about Archbishop O"Brien),

Adfero said...

Fred, we really don't get worked up, let alone into a lather.

Brian said...

In fact, most protestant marriages are probably not sacramental marriages either, especially since they are wont to marry and re-marry

Sadly, given the percentage of granted anulments in our time, most Catholic marriages are probably not sacramental marriages either, especially since they are wont to marry and re-marry.

Flambeaux said...

His Eminence is no longer the Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

He's the Apostolic Administrator and the see is vacant.

It has been for several months since he was made Pro-Grandmaster of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre. Since his elevation to the Sacred College, he's now the Grand Master of the Order.

I'm not sure that the Apostolic Administrator has the authority to impose sanctions as if he were the Ordinary, since the ambit of his authority is curtailed to maintaining the status quo until the new Ordinary is appointed.

Gratias said...

Homosexual marriage has been the vehicle for the Left/Progressives to undermine the family on which Western Society is based. Remember in November.

Brian said...

In 1973, the U.S. government ruled that a woman has a "right" to kill her child in her womb.

On the basis of that "right," a Catholic Secretary of Health and Human Services and a Catholic Vice President and many Catholic Senators and Congressman have stood behind the pro-abortion President (who could not have been elected without a massive Catholic vote) in now forcing the Catholic Church to pay for abortion pills for women who wish to murder their unborn children. Catholic priests serving in the military were forbidden to criticize the Commander in Chief on this matter, while Catholic lawmakers stood silently by.

Now Catholic lawmakers are helping to invent this new "right" for homosexual "marriage."

How long will it be before Catholic priests serving in the military are persecuted for refusing to witness such "marriages" and Catholic schools are persecuted for failing to portray such "marriages" as normal and healthy life choices, while grinning Catholic lawmakers stand approvingly by?

Where is the magisterium?

Is criticizing Vatican II the only mortal sin that a Catholic can commit?

Adfero said...

Flameaux, he doesn't and hasn't lost that authority. Someone must act and quickly.

St. Rafael said...

Of course Cannon 915 should be enforced, but we are already well past the time Cannon 915 for many of these apostate politicians.

They need to be formally excommunicated. None of this "they excommunicated themselves" business, whatever that means. Automatic excommunications have become a confusing, sloppy affair. No one knows when it applies and who has received it. They may or may not apply to politicians.

We need formal excommunications in writing by the bishops for the whole world to see. It would be great if we saw press confrencesfor formal excommunications. The bishops for once in their lives, actually need to use their discipline to the fullest extent of the ecclesial law to protect the Church, the faith, and as an act of charity to the souls of the unrepentant apostates, so that they see the gravity of losing their salvation.

HelltoPay said...

If the see is vacant, maybe the pope should act to fill the see. Unfortunately, all the pope has done is to make cardinals of the two sees where the Catholic governors have led the charge for homosexual marriage. My prediction would be someone in Washngton state will become a cardinal shortly.

Louis E. said...

Seattle has never been a cardinalitial see.A new ordinary in Baltimore is said to be expected by Easter.