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Campion Missal and Hymnal for the laity: first images

From our friends at Corpus Christi Watershed, we have received, exclusively for Rorate, the first images of the just-released St. Edmund Campion Missal and Hymnal:

Readers might enjoy this special "first look" at the St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal for the Traditional Latin Mass

In celebration of the fact that our Missal began shipping on Tuesday, we are releasing for free and instant download the complete Mp3 recording of a special polyphonic Motet written by the great English composer, William Byrd (†1623), in honor of St. Edmund Campion:

     *  "Why do I use my paper, ink and pen" [mp3]

Why doe I use my paper inck and pen, / and call my wits to counsel what to say, such memories were made for mortal men, / I speak of Saints, whose names cannot decay, an Angels trump, were fitter for to sound, / their glorious death, if such on earth were found.

The recording serves as the accompanying music as viewers watch the Campion Missal Explanation Video [YouTube]. The Mp3 recording is the work of Matthew J. Curtis, a truly gifted singer. Regarding the text itself, an Edmund Campion scholar sent the following via Email:

"The words are moving because Catholics were forced to use manuscript to disseminate works (printing presses being difficult to buy, conceal and feed; paper being bulky and expensive). This poem, written by Henry Walpole within a month of Campion's death, was printed in the Alfield, A true reporte of the death & martyrdome of M. Campion Iesuite and preiste; the press of Richard Verstegan was seized. The manuscript version was disseminated widely, and set to music by William Byrd, probably with a few months, although the printed version of Byrd's setting was not published till 1588, without Campion's name being included (for obvious reasons, in Protestant England). The poem itself is remarkable, since it is in the same form as Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis: six-line stanzas of rhyming iambic pentameters (unstress/stress). There are thirty of them, divided into clear groups of ten. In other words, it is much more than a popular ballad, and has (unlike many modern Catholic hymns) a very clear concordance between words and metre."

As the reader will notice from the second image, for the first time in history, ancient manuscripts (several going back to the 7th century) were included alongside the Mass Ordinary.

Here are a few more snapshots of the Campion Missal:

     *  Line Art - Sample 1

     *  Line Art - Sample 2

     *  Hymn Sample

     *  Kyriale Sample

     *  Low Mass Spread - Sample 1

     *  Low Mass Spread - Sample 2

     *  Solemn Mass Spread - Sample 1

     *  Solemn Mass Spread - Sample 2A

     *  Solemn Mass Spread - Sample 2B

     *  Solemn Mass Spread - Sample 2C

     *  Smyth Sewn Binding of the absolute highest quality

The size of this 992-page book is a perfect fit for Catholic pews:

[Rorate note: as always, this is a disinterested service for the Traditional Mass and Liturgy. In the upcoming weeks, if you wish to, just send us your reviews of this pew missal. / Personal recess for several days.]


John said...

SO excited for this book! I've got my preorder in and i just can't wait!

Stuart said...

Looks good! Great to finally see some pictures of the actual book.

Could anyone tell me if it has any ribbons?

Vox Cantoris said...

Eagerly awaiting our order of 100!

Annick said...

I don't know how to send a message without going into the comments. I would like to "advertise" the following: Fr. Moses of Jesus will be saying the Traditional Mass of First Friday at the Mission of Divine Mercy in New Braunfels, TX (Could be part of Canyon Lake too... don't have time to check the map). It's north of San Antonio, TX. The same priest who says the Sunday Masses at St Pius X (San Antonio, TX) for the Latin Mass community. Thank you if you can help.

PASCENDI said...

I have never been anything less than thrilled and totally satisfied by the various resources I have purchased from Watershed over the years. They are an AMAZING resource... and should be supported in every way we can.

This looks fabulous! This publication will make it much easier for the man in the pew to appreciate and understand what he is doing at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Thanks Watershed.

Robert Fox, Long Island, NY

Jason C. said...

Nice scoop, RC. It's a beautiful book and I can't wait to own one and, eventually, get them in our FSSP parish (as soon as it's built, that is).

Jason C. said...

One additional point that struck me the other day: I have the feeling (Lord, hear me) that this will be the Missal that will get my non-Catholic parents thinking when they come to Mass with us. I just hope it's as easy to use as it is beautiful and compelling.

Father Ignotus said...

Does it not have a ribbon? A pity if not. I suppose that as a hymn-rack book the ribbon might be quickly damaged anyhow, but for personal use it would be nice.

PASCENDI said...

Am tickled... Just ordered one for my wife (it's a surprise). These are not just for bulk orders... THEY MAKE EXCELLENT GIFTS.

I ordered mine directly on the phone... the sales person was pleasant and efficient. The whole order took about 80 seconds.

Thanks again Rorate for posting. I've been waiting for months to get one of these in my hands. I plan on buying one for each of my kids too.

vty Bob Fox, Long Island

Jason C. said...

Here's someone making a ribbon for their Parish Book of Chant. You could squeeze in a lot of ribbons on this new missal, it looks like.

NBW said...

It is a beautiful book!

Mike said...

I also ordered one by phone, easily done. Can't wait to get it...

Don M. said...

I ordered a few also, and my Parish Priest is waiting to see one. Hopefully to order many to put in the pews.
As a side note, if a post that I submitted had anything to do with comments being removed the posting on Ecumenism I apologize, to the moderator

Hank Igitur said...

Shipping through the fulfilment center to addresses outside the US is expensive. Mr Ostrowski has stated it will be available on Amzon later on but not yet for international purchasers.

New Catholic said...


These are the first images of the printed book, that is all, it is not supposed to be more than that, since we are not interested in advertising details of each publication we present. We ourselves had already presented a video on it a few weeks ago.

Next time, pick a name.


contrarian said...

This looks like a really great book. I'm wondering, though--and I ask here since Rorate readers seem knowledgable about such things--why do not the hymns include the harmonies? Why not a BTAS arrangement for the hymns?
Do we consider a 'chorale' arrangement too Lutheran for comfort? :)

I have yet to see a Catholic hymn book that includes the harmonies for non-plainsong hymns. Granted, I don't particularly care what the tenor part is for Gather Us In (the melody is dreadful enough). But if we are going to sing good hymns and have a hymnal for the laity, then why not have us sing the hymns in four-part harmony like civilized people?

Just a thought.

Regardless, this looks like a great resource.

poeta said...

contrarian: It may be a matter of copyright regarding particular arrangements, while the hymn tunes themselves would be in the public domain.

Anonymous said...

I received my copy of the new missal today. I was disappointed by the weight of the book. Most of the eager users will be seniors and this is a heavy book. I am afraid that initial experience might dissuade some exploring the riches therein. The print is lage and clear, and though there does nto seem to be homogeity regarding the photos and prints as in the older missals, the photos are clear and sharp. I just hope they can do someting with the weight of the book in future editions.
Fr Anthony

The Hymn Selector said...

I lead the schola at the Kuala Lumpur SSPX chapel. I just got a copy for review and I'm quite happy with it with the exception of 2 things:

- The music for the hymns only shows the melody (no SATB?).
- The Good Friday prayer for the Jews uses the 2008 'politically-correct' modification (but this could be simply labelled over with a sticker, I suppose)

The priest were quite impressed with this work too when I showed it to him. With regards to the complaint about the weight of the book, yes it is indeed heavy. But if intended to be a pew hymnal/missal, it should be fine, since it is meant to remain in the pews and used at the pews. If it is too heavy, just rest it on the pews. :)

kumar said...

Hi All,

Just one question. Does this new edition contain all daily readings(365 days) or just the Sunday and Feast day readings.
The page count is only 992, that's why i have this doubt.

Also can anyone post the dimensions of the new edition.

Thank you.