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Justice Anthony Kennedy: "full communion"

Today, the United States Supreme Court ruled against the State of Texas which, in all of its authority under the 10th Amendment, created a law that abortion clinics must meet the same safety standards as typical hospitals. The District Court upheld Texas' law which meant a tie in the Supreme Court would have kept the law in place. But then "Catholic" Justice Kennedy, as he does on nearly all social issues, once again apostatized and voted against Texas, against life and against his supposed Catholic faith.

While all hope has been lost with Kennedy for years, in the conservative Arlington Diocese, one would think it's head, Bishop Paul Loverde, would simply follow the instruction of Cardinal Burke and enforce Canon 915, banning Kennedy from the sacrilege of receiving Holy Communion. But that never happens.

Bishop Loverde handed in his letter of resignation, as he must do, when he turned 75 this year. Yet no word on whether it has been accepted has been announced. While we'd love to have hope in his successor, Cardinal Wuerl will hand-pick him, all but ensuring more of the same.

As long as prelates the ilk of Wuerl and Loverde are in charge of the dioceses in which judges sitting on the Supreme Court and a powerful Circuit Court reside, the hope for protecting life, and the santicty of marriage, remains dim.

Origially posted 6/23/13:
Anthony McLeod Kennedy, associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, authored today's majority opinion striking down the federal Defense of Marriage Act.  This was his third sodomy case at the Supreme Court where he authored the pro-sodomy opinion.  He also authored a 1996 opinion overriding Colorado's constitution, where Kennedy invented a federal right for practicing homosexuals to have special discrimination claim rights. And he authored the infamous 2003 decision inventing a constitutional right to homosexual sodomy, overriding state laws.

Justice Kennedy, who has also voted to uphold a constitutional right to abortion, resides in the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, along with many other pro-sodomy and pro-abortion politicians.  He has been seen at Mass often, including at parishes run by conservative priests.

The bishop, the Most Reverend Paul Stephen Loverde, has stood firm in a position of Communion-on-Demand, no matter who presents himself at the altar rail (or missing rail, as the bishop has also banned the construction of altar rails).

We shall see if Bishop Loverde is content with a three-time author of pro-sodomy decisions receiving Communion in his diocese this Sunday, or if the time is finally now to exert some nominal discipline.  Sodomy is a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance, even in the Diocese of Arlington, right?