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Campos news

Brian Mershon has published an interesting interview granted by the Apostolic Administrator of the Apostolic Administration Saint John Mary Vianney (Campos, Brazil), Bishop Fernando Rifan.

By the way, the "Cathedral" (Main Church) of the Apostolic Administration, the Personal Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, has updated its website, which includes several recent images, including this one from this year's Paschal Vigil.


Tim said...

I wonder which doctrinal mistakes on behalf of the SSPX His Lordship is referring to. Perhaps it's simply their refusal to accept ecumenism and dialogue.

Tim said...

P.S. That is not to imply that the SSPX are incorrect in their doctrinal positions.

ThePublican said...

Any idea as to what conservative seminary the interviwer is referring to? Is there really such a place where over 50% of the seminarians want to celebrate the Traditional Mass.

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Well, when I was a wacked out prot I would have said something like:

Whose the guy with Dagon head-dress on? Whats that thing on the rigfht, trying to dsiguise their cosmic egg - Protogonus worship I'll bet, phew, they aren't folling me. Look at 'em, kneeling to a curtain, what's up with the Wizard of Oz routine, what a mystery religion, and what a girlie colour too, s'probably 'cos they are...girlies, you know what catholic priests are like, right?

I'm now Catholic. He didn't strike me down.

There's a hint in there somewhere for someone.

It's going to take sometime for lil' old Eosinophils, CD8+, and their brothers to clean up this mess.

[with apologies to Ferrara etc.]

Screwtape said...

An AMERICAN seminary where 50% want the Traditional Mass? Those already admitted? !!!

Where in blazes would that be? How did they sneak by?

At Winona, where 110% GET the Traditional Mass, there's a waiting list so very long that most applicants will never make it. I am told this is the case with all Traditional seminaries.

A sad situation, to say the least.

Jeff said...

" P.S. That is not to imply that the SSPX are incorrect in their doctrinal positions. "

Good heavens, no! That would mean the Church had failed! ;-)

Br. Alexis Bugnolo said...

As regards the seminary in question:

I know of entire religious orders in the USA, 50% of whose candidates more than 10 years ago, were in favor of saying the TLM, on occasion. It is probably higher and more widespread today. However, its on occasion. They would never risk their careers for it.

MacK said...

They wouldn't risk their pensions and medical insurance, either!