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Aparecida Notes:
CELAM "peritus" says "Pope's words are erroneous and indefensible"

Pope Benedict had barely left the site of the Fifth General Conference of Latin-American Bishops at Aparecida, Brazil, when the criticism from pseudo-Catholic leaders began. In his Opening Address, the Pope recalled how the miracle of the evangelization of the Americas purified indigenous cultures:

...what did the acceptance of the Christian faith mean for the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean? For them, it meant knowing and welcoming Christ, the unknown God whom their ancestors were seeking, without realizing it, in their rich religious traditions. Christ is the Saviour for whom they were silently longing. It also meant that they received, in the waters of Baptism, the divine life that made them children of God by adoption; moreover, they received the Holy Spirit who came to make their cultures fruitful, purifying them and developing the numerous seeds that the incarnate Word had planted in them, thereby guiding them along the paths of the Gospel. In effect, the proclamation of Jesus and of his Gospel did not at any point involve an alienation of the pre-Columbian cultures, nor was it the imposition of a foreign culture. Authentic cultures are not closed in upon themselves, nor are they set in stone at a particular point in history, but they are open, or better still, they are seeking an encounter with other cultures, hoping to reach universality through encounter and dialogue with other ways of life and with elements that can lead to a new synthesis, in which the diversity of expressions is always respected as well as the diversity of their particular cultural embodiment.

That is quite true, and it applies to the Quechuas and the Guaranis as it did to the ancient Saxons and Franks centuries before them. Naturally, defending that Christ has purified the native cultures of the Americas is ideologically unacceptable today, as a priest who is the "Theological Consultant" of the heresy-filled Cimi (Indigenous Missionary Council, which is a secretariat of the Brazilian Episcopal Conference), made clear in this Reuters news release(in French):

In 1992, John Paul II had officially spoken of wrongdoings committed in the process of evangelization of the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

His successor has not only shocked the Indian populations by his words this Sunday, but they have also stupefied numerous priests who work close to those populations, says Sandro Tuxa, who leads a movement of tribes in the northeast of the country [Brazil]

"We condemn the Pope's words," said Tuxa. "To say that the cultural decimation of our people constitutes an act of purification is shocking and, frankly, alarming." "I believe that the Pope was ill-adviced".

The very Church-based group of support to the local indigenous populations, known under the name of Cimi, has also distanced itself from the Pope's words.

"The Pope has not understood the reality of the situation of Indians here. His words are erroneous and indefensible," Father Paulo Suess, a leader of the Cimi, told Reuters. "I myself am upset."

The Pope had strong words for people like Father Suess, who is a "peritus" at the CELAM conference, advising the president of the Cimi, Bishop Erwin Kräutler, and his ilk inside organizations like the Cimi, who wish to re-Paganize the native peoples of the Americas:

The Utopia of going back to breathe life into the pre-Columbus religions, separating them from Christ and from the universal Church, would not be a step forward: indeed, it would be a step back. In reality, it would be a retreat towards a stage in history anchored in the past.


  1. These apostate bishops and their underlings should read and meditate upon G. K. Chesteron's "The Everlasting Man". There they will see the useless futility of the empty paganism of the past.
    These poor, deluded men have tragically lost the Faith.

    Pity aside - for the sake of the salvation of souls, these evil men must have canonical sanctions imposed on them.

  2. Anonymous3:10 AM

    "We condemn the Pope's words"?????



  3. pascendi is right. what hubris!

  4. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Father Suess and the like fail to realize that not all societies and religions are on an equal footing. Some societies and their religions are indeed much more humane and refined than others. Some contribute to the greater good of mankind than others. Was the great Roman societies of the first and second century, equal in its contribution to civilization as the ancient Germanic and Aryan societies, that later shaped the thinking and form the Nazi religiosity Himmler later case-studied? Is a culture that devours its own offspring sacrificing them to demons, the same as one that created medicine, acupuncture and martial arts? Hardly!

    Hence, when a superior Christian society enters into the world of the pagan it is a charity. I am not denying that some atrocities were committed against indigenous peoples. But I am saying that the so-call golden ages of the Aztecs and Mayans and other indigenous peoples, that the “good bishops” dream of, was not so golden after all. The “experts” should study history before trying to rewrite it to suit their own agenda.

    What is more, these are some of the very bishops that demand obedience from their flock. Yet, they themselves exemplify defiance. Of course no action will be taken against then because they are of the liberal bend. I wonder how long will Rome beg like a dog to quiet them down?

    If they we moving towards the right though, Rome would have the CDF and a committee out there trying to set them aright just as they did with Fr Feeny. Rome sure wouldn’t beg to keep us traditionalists in the fold.

  5. Anonymous3:55 PM

    How anyone can claim to be Roman Catholic, nay, a Roman Catholic cleric, and at the same time, believe, teach and publicly proclaim, even condeming Christ's own vicar in the process, that the annunciation of the Gospel to the new world was *not* a "purification" or a "baptism" of the old culture is absolute idiocy. Incomprehensible. The Holy Father wrote his first encyclical on the topic of Christian charity. Charity speaks the truth. Santo Padre, please speak to these anti-Catholic pagans and explain that their public and manifest heresy imposes a latae sententiae excommunication on themselves. Please Santo Padre, tell them that in rejecting the religion of Jesus Christ, they reject Jesus Christ Himself, without whom, they cannot enter heaven. This will be the greatest charity Peter can bestow on these hapless wolves in sheep's clothing.

  6. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Well, we've all said it before: the evil of multiculturalism has brought us to this. God forbid anyone should judge or find fault or say that the Catholic Church presents us with the Truth in Jesus Christ.


  7. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Interesting speech and news from Cardinal Castrillón at the V Celam in Aparecida, Brasil. A translation to english here:


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