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Fellay on motu proprio

The Superior-General of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX/SSPX), Bishop Bernard Fellay, speaks (May 16, 2007) about the "motu proprio" on the liberalization of the Traditional Mass.

An interesting history of events, for those who are not aware of it.

Click on play.


  1. What a great man of God Bishop Fellay is.

    Thank you Lord for the Society of St. Pius X.

  2. Aren't you tired of the MP discussion? As long as we have the SSPX everything is fine.

  3. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Very articulate, very sincere, very impressive. However, I must disagree that so long as we have the SSPX, "everything is fine" (with all due respect).

    There are millions of lost sheep in the world without a good shepherd. SSPX is unavailable to hundreds of millions of catholics who are listing in the wind because of our false shepherds, wearing clerical garb, but clicking as so many "black beetles in a dung heap".

    People--souls--are listing in the wind because our bishops are more concerned with their earthly reputations than with the eternal life of a soul. They care more about the glory of their careers than they do about the sick or the needy.

    One need look no further than the diocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico, to see this. There, the church is developing acreage next to the Cathedral that the great Archbishop Lamy built, building it in the old-style before the train, no less electricity, came to Santa Fe, with old-European workmanship. The Archdiocese is turning this land into a amalgamate of boutique shops, a large hotel, and other entities; which will fill the church’s hands with filthy lucre. Yes, the Catholic Church in Santa Fe is becoming a hotelier! The auspices are that the Church is “renting” these acres to an “outside” entity, but the Monsignor of Santa Fe has himself appeared before the City Council saying that the property had to be a certain height to pay off a loan that the Archdiocese has taken out to build a new school (after closing the present school on the site where the new hotel is going to be built).

    A hotel was built in the Vatican in the last 15 years to house pilgrims, but never has a hotel been built by the Catholic Church for purely luxury reasons such as this one. A first of its kind! Like I said, it will have boutique shops etc. connected to it. The church has lost its way; hopefully the likes of Fellay will set it back on track. You can read about the Cathedral project here:

  4. It doesn't surprise me that the U.S Catholic bishops have to make use of dirty money in order to finance themselves. Who in their right mind would donate to such a corrupt society as the U.S. Catholic Church? Who in their right mind pays any attention or takes seriously the U.S. Catholic Church? The U.S. Catholic Church is so debauched that the only people that pay any attention to them is U.S. politicians, who are as corrupt as the U.S. Catholic Church.

    As for the rest of catholics, the best thing that the SSPX can do to help the rest of the church is to remain faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre and to continue to be a shinning beacon of light amidst the dark night of Vatican II.

  5. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Archbishop Sheehan was photographed with pro-abort president-wanna-be Bill Richardson supporting the "Cathedral Project". It has been taken off the Archdiocese web site, but is still available by google "cache":

    This shows that early-on, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe enlisted the help of politicians to create their "Cathedral Plan", which will encompass thousands of square feet of commercial and retail space; boutique shops, spas, a hotel, etc.

    What has happened to the age-old concern of the Church: care of souls? Is the Church now only concerned with economic interests, at least in Santa Fe?

  6. Interesting what Fellay says about Levada. I would love to see Levada moved out of the Vatican, because no U.S. cleric deserves to be holding such an important position, after what they have done in the U.S. But I don't believe this to be possible.

  7. By the way when I the pope going to announce the new cardinals. There are 15 vacancies.

  8. Anonymous8:57 AM


    How is it any more encouraging that Levada might be given the See on New York?!

  9. Humboldt said:

    "As long as we have the SSPX everything is fine."

    I don't agree with this statement. The SSPX's purpose is to the help restore the Church to Her former glory. To simply want the SSPX is to not show a concern for the whole Church. After all, the SSPX is not the Church. It is part of the Church.

  10. For those seeking the full "MP" speech in 2 parts, please see the following site:

    Then scroll down into the "Misc" section and the speech will be in Two parts.


    Watching this speech has really helped me understand the politics surrounding the MP. Essential watching.

  11. The history of a 2 year pontificate now is, indeed, as Bp Fellay is describing it. The history of a permanent surrender, a sort of "Munich spirited" pontificate, referring to the 1938 capitulation of democratic countries in front of Hitler and Mussolini.

    However I will be more "severe" than Bp Fellay who is incriminating for this failure the "structure", the "secretary of State".
    In fact, the secretary of State is a friend and trustee of the pope since Sept. 2006 and nothing has changed : the same Munich-spirit is dominating ... more increasing :
    - surrender in Autumn 2006 with Bertone
    - surrender with or without Bertone in front of the Marini case
    - surrender immediately after his strong Regensburg speech : in fact a serie of capitulations, the worst being in Turkey
    - surrender immediately back in Rome after his strong speeches in Brazil : a sugar-coated version is given by the pope himself.
    - even more worrying complete surrender, the Stalingrad defeat of the pontificate, in appointing as prefect of the Clergy one of the liberation theology supporter and active liberal, Brazilian cardinal Hummes. Putting all priests in the world under such hands is one million worse than keeping the scandalous Marini.
    - surrender with scarce exceptions in appointing the worst possible bishops around the world (USA, France, Brazil)

    But how can Bp Fellay explain that with the same system, with the same Curia, John-Paul II was able to do ... better than that ?
    Can we seriously go on praising Benedict as the "saviour" of the Church when his lack of will is day after day more obvious for all who are not wearing pink glasses ?

    This pontificate is well on the road leading to a total failure if the pope is not waking up very soon. Rebellion of neo-modernists, especially among the bishops but also in Rome, is spreading. Those who kept a moderate stance under the ruling of decling and very ill John-Paul are now brave enough to stand up and challenge the papal authority in the open.

    Just ask yourself why the Arinze letter of November 2006 requesting the change of 2 words "pro multis/for many instead of for all" is not YET implemented !
    If the pope is going on from one surrender to a capitulation, spreading empty words instead of decisions, he is ready to be a new Clement XIV, of shameful memory.
    The "system" is not the only one to be blamed.

  12. very interesting and sobering speech. thanks for posting it.

  13. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Thank you for posting this.

  14. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Most insightful. I knew things were bad, but I didn't know how bad they really were. God save the Pope!Bp Fellay is doing us a great service to the Church as is his informants. Thank you for the post.

  15. One question: What is he wearing??

  16. Anonymous8:01 PM

    I agree with Fellay. Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI)has some very weird traits.

  17. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Thank you for posting this speech by the great Bishop Fellay. As usuall, the discourse was very enlightening, especially the part which dealt with Cardinal Arinze and his hostility towards the Motu Proprio and the Tridentine Latin Mass, and his maneuvers in support of those who likewise are against it.
    I urge all the "EWTN" folk, who applaude extatically at the mere mention of Arinze's name, and swoon over his nice smile and good humor, to listen to Bishop Fellay regarding the actions of Arinze and Company.
    Like the saintly Bishop Fellay stated....Cardinal Arinze is a really dangerous man. Fortunatly, He will (let us pray!!!) be 75 and out of office the first day of November. Only 5 more months. I hope He is removed post haste.....along with Marini.
    God Bless Bishop fellay for this speech....and God protect, bless, and strengthen with Grasces and health our Pope, Benedict XVI.

  18. The speech was edited and, as far as we know, posted online by Traditional Catholic Media, whom we thank dearly.

  19. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Any comment on this?

  20. A most informative couple of videos, with a speaker who (I think) is quite sympathetic to the Pope.

    Thanks for the posting!

  21. Informative! Thanks for posting. Informative and scary, that is. Assuming that this is all on the level, and I do, this makes the situation sound more dire than ever.

    Let us hope and pray that this Pope is, in fact, the we hope he is, and is slowly getting his own people into place in order to make this transition (to more traditional practices) happen, and happen well.

    On another note. Bp. Fellay is awesome. Almost makes me want to go to the SSPX.

  22. Anonymous10:37 PM


  23. Bp Fellay talks, among many other things, about the "Orthodox plane" the one that has everything except the pilot. But the Eastern Rites, the Churches that are Orthodox but with a pilot do not get mentioned. That would be fine but SSPX meddles here too and it is quite instructive in how different they act. In the East, the instructions of Vatican II are entirely different. They are to return to the past, awaken a reverence and a knowledge of our own heritage and to bring that apostolicly valid gift to fruition without outside meddling. So what is SSPX doing supporting Priestly Society of St. Josaphat, a group that wants to maintain latinization, wants to maintain the distortions and mixing of rites introduced by sincere, but misguided priests and prelates?

    When the Churches of the East who rejoined communion with the Pope came in, conditions applied. What needed to be changed was laid down. What should, no must remain separate was also laid down. For 300 years those papal agreements have been infringed. It has led to renewed schism. It has led to renewed schism in the US in the 19th and 20th century (look up Bishop Ireland's shameful record on this). SSPX wants to continue the infringement and in that, at the very least, is showing a profound failure of imagination.

    Restoration of the rite, purification of the reform, rescue of the institution, all these are good things. But a different face is shown by the SSPX in the East and demonstrates that what Bp Fellay says and what he is doing are two different things. Proper care is needed.

  24. I ask those of you ready to give up on this pontificate to have a little charity and patience with our dear Papa. Didn't you listen to Fellay say how much power the Curia gained under Paul VI and how little power the Pope has now?
    This crisis cannot be changed overnight and Benedict, who is, above all, a gentleman, was never going to be a Pius XIII that comes in and changes things overnight.
    We can question his decisions (though I whole-heartedly disagree with the characterization of his explanation of Regensburg or Brazil as "surrender"), but the battle is for the long term. The glut of offices in the Curia and episcopacy that must be filled.
    This pontificate's impact will be determined in the course of the next several YEARS, and I think it is quite evident that Benedict is moving as one would expect him to, but it's just not as fast (or as bold, perhaps) as some of us might like. I would suggest that frustrations would be much more effectively channelled by praying and sacrificing for the Holy Father.

  25. Anonymous8:51 PM

    I wish I didn't have to know so much about the inner workings of the Vatican. I pray that in the future I won't have to pay so much attention to them, because then I will believe that the Pope will not order us to abandon the Faith and destroy the Church through obedience. It will take more than a "gentleman" to restore Tradition. It will take a new Pius. Why do we care, you ask, as long as there is a SSPX? We care because we have Tradition, but we have no parishes. Faith is won or lost in parishes. Our Mass chapels are fantastic, but they are not, nor will they ever be, parishes. The majority of parishes in the United States are conservative, at least nominally. But even in the most conservative ones, you see more and more female altar servers, "extraordinary ministers", female liturgical directors, "liturgical dancers", even lay parish directors, including women, in parishes with no pastor. A conservative is just a liberal in slow motion. Don't confuse Tradition with conservatism. Tradition must acknowledge nothing but the ultimate triumph of the Social Reign of Jesus Christ. Conservative gentlemen like our Pope always lose ground because they accept as principle that the liberals will ultimately win. They are the great Hegelian counter thesis by which the liberals triumph slowly in the synthesis. They do the liberals a great service by denying them a long enough rope with which to hang themselves. I too would like to see Arinze and Levada leave, but only because I know Benedict will put men in their offices who are ten times worse, and if you don't think they're out there you are kidding yourselves. But it will hasten the final liberal collapse, for which I pray ardently.


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