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Time to Prepare ...

Lent is coming ... soon.

In the past, you could find a traditional Lenten Mission at many parishes. Now, unless you are near a traditional parish, they are nearly extinct.

Fortunately, we are not meant to live in the past, we are meant to live in the now. And, now, we have the Internet.

Our friends at Audio Sancto have a wonderful, traditional, five-part Lenten Mission by the holy and learned Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea. While it is not short, it does go by very quickly, and is easy to follow and understand. It's clear, concise and bold.

As the season nears, you would do well to listen to this, to pray on it and to use it to prepare for a fruitful Lent.


  1. Ferraiuolo7:12 PM

    As always Rorate, thank you for your great work, not only in delivering spot on news but for the enrichment of souls of poor sinners like me!


  2. Francis7:48 PM

    It truly is a shame that Vatican II, and its "spirit" wiped centuries of traditional Catholic practices like Lenten missions, the TLM, the original Good Friday Prayers and the veiling of the Crucifixes and statues on passion Sunday along with other traditions. Even the stations of the Cross have been abandoned and or "reformed" in some Novus Ordo churches.

  3. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Rams, feel free to email me if you have concerns. athanasiuscatholic AT

  4. Andrew9:08 PM

    In the the Rule of St. Benedict, St. benedict advices that each monk be given a spiritual book to read over the 40 days of Lent.

    This is a tradition I like to keep in my own Lenten observance. I select a solid book on Catholic spirituality and read it during Lent instead of watching TV.

    Now is a good time to select your book.

  5. Baffled9:18 PM

    I'm surprised that you revealed this priest's identity. They're quite explicit at Audio Sancto about NOT doing this.

  6. Anonymous9:43 PM

    I always protect the priest's identity if he's on Audio Sancto. However, Fr. Relyea never cared about that. In fact, the first seconds of the mission, posted on Audio Sancto, he announces who he is by name.

  7. Kathleen10:23 PM

    Thank you, Adfero, for posting this! I look forward to listening to them!

  8. Are there any kind of transcripts?


  9. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Jacob, I don't believe so.

  10. I listened to this mission some time ago. It is really outstanding. Gives a lot of food for thought. It sounds as if it was said a couple of centuries ago. Certainly not for those with a weak heart.

  11. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Pio, very true. Fr Relyea has an amazing talent and life story as well. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that is Christ speaking behind that pulpit.

  12. Chuppa2:19 PM

    Listen to Fr. Chad Ripperger's sermons at

  13. I like both Fr Relyea and Fr Ripperger. I have heard a couple things in Reylea sermons that I did not quite buy....but all in all very good preachers. I love the idea of a parish mission as well. We always try to have one at our parish... (yes it it a Novus Ordo Parish...probably the most traditional in town (groans from some trads at this point)and no, the topics are not on carbon fasts or systems of intolerance... rather on prayer and the spiritual life and with either a Mass or confessions every night). I shall listen to the mission talks at some point, by the latest.. early in Lent

  14. CMI the Unpublished4:50 PM

    Something I love about recorded traditional sermons, Audio Sancto, Sensus Traditionis, or the like, is that you can always, ALWAYS, hear a baby making noise in the background. It's wonderful.

    This post most be innocent enough to be published, I hope...

  15. "I have heard a couple things in Reylea sermons that I did not quite buy....yes [I attend] a Novus Ordo Parish."


  16. What a preacher. I wish we had one of his kind in Germany. Please pray for us that we get one to convert the Muslims.

  17. St. Rafael8:55 PM

    The priests on Audiosancto do not want to be named because they are FSSP priests who minister at a parish in a diocese. Parish priests have to work in a parish for many years and are part of a diocese, so their privacy and time has to be guarded.

    Fr. Relyea was a Franciscan who worked with the FSSP parish priests for two years.

    Fr. Relyea is now in the Diocese of Madison and with the permission of Bishop Morlino, has started a missionary order of Fransicans, called The Franciscan Friars of Our Lady of Good Success. His order only celebrates the '62 rubrics with the TLM and traditional divine office.
    It's a very penitent traditional capuchin life. He could use some very holy young men who want a traditional religious life and are discerning vocation as a priest or brother.

  18. Something it would be good to post about is to remind people to do as part of the preparation for Lent is the Reparation for Carnival.

    'Brethren and fathers, most people call the present days feasts, because of they get drunk and debauched during them, not understanding that these days demand abstinence from meat, not indulgence in drunkenness and intoxication. That is proper to a pagan feast; it is the business of Christians to exercise self-control and not to satisfy the desires of the flesh, as the Apostle teaches. Nevertheless evil has progressed into law and leads the world as it wishes. But let us, brethren, flee intemperance even in partaking of things that are permitted, for we know that intemperance is the mother of sin.'

    St. Theodore the Studite

  19. Fr Relyea often celebrates the 7am Sunday TLM I attend at Holy Redeemer Church in Madison WI (part of the Cathedral Parish). I like him, and in the best of his sermons he gives some good teaching from the Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church including out-of-fashion ones like St Alphonsus Liguori, the Council of Trent, etc, and/or is very forceful about some moral matters and the seriousness of sin and the reality of hell. To me his real trademark is "no salvation outside the Church!", in one sermon he did explain that in a way that conforms to the Church's own understanding of that for instance in Dominus Iesus, so I am at peace that he means what the Church means by it, but usually he doesn't qualify it! But I think I like that about him.

    But he sometimes expresses what to me are some eccentric and sometimes dismaying or at the very least controversial and debatable opinions. But even when there is something I didn't like I always think he basically desires that his hearers get in the state of grace asap and stay there. So I have to like the inimitable Fr Isaac Mary. Also even when it is snowy he comes in sandals without socks (he is a Franciscan).

  20. Michael10:15 PM

    Sorry, but that "Russian microphone to Hell" story he recounts is a total tabloid fabrication. He could have easily checked that out on the internet before using it in his sermon. I think authentic Catholic teaching on the subject should be enough; using "urban legend"-type stories only serves to undermine the truth of his message.

  21. Steve C2:37 AM

    Here's the talks in video form with pictures day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day 5

    Awesome stuff!


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