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Pentecost, feast of the Unity of the Church

[W]hen I speak, think and act like a Christian, I do not stay closed off within myself – but I do so in everything and starting from everything: thus the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of unity and truth, can continue to resonate in people's hearts and minds, encouraging them to meet and welcome one another. Precisely because it acts in this way, the Spirit introduces us to the whole truth, who is Jesus, and guides us to examine and understand it. We do not grow in understanding by closing ourselves off inside ourselves, but only by becoming capable of listening and sharing, in the “ourselves” of the Church, with an attitude of deep personal humility. Now it is clearer why Babel is Babel and Pentecost is Pentecost. Where people want to become God, they succeed only in pitting themselves against each other. Where they place themselves within the Lord's truth, on the other hand, they open themselves to the action of his Spirit which supports and unites them.  ...

Saint Paul lists the works of the flesh: they are the sins of selfishness and violence, like hostility, discord, jealousy, dissent. These are thoughts and actions that do not allow us to live in a truly human and Christian way, in love. This direction leads to us losing our life. The Holy Spirit, though, guides us towards the heights of God, so that, on this earth, we can already experience the seed of divine life that is within us. Saint Paul confirms it: “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace”. We note how the Apostle uses the plural to describe the works of the flesh that provoke the loss of our humanity – while he uses the singular to define the action of the Spirit, speaking of “the fruit”, in the same way as the dispersion of Babel contrasts with the unity of Pentecost.

Dear friends, we must live according to the Spirit of unity and truth, and this is why we must pray for the Spirit to enlighten and guide us to overcome the temptation to follow our own truths, and to welcome the truth of Christ transmitted in the Church.
Benedict XVI 
Homily on the Mass for Pentecost Sunday 
May 27, 2012 
 [Translation: Vatican Radio]


  1. Well folks it's now past 7pm in Rome and no words on what the Pope has decided with regards to the SSPX.

    There's only a slight reference, between the lines, with regards to unity. This can mean two things, either the Pope hasn't accepted the SSPX's response to the preamble; or it's a slight reference to those that surround him in the Vatican and their objections to the SSPX.

    The Butler incident might have led to his cautious homily on unity.

    Let's pray for the Holy Father (the Pope of Catholic Unity and the Servus servorum Dei), so that he stands strong in his intentions under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and through the intercession of the Mother of God.

  2. ?

    The Pope makes his own calendar, and his will on the matter mentioned by you has been set for some time... A specific date was never mentioned by any credibe source.

  3. Then it's my mistake, I thought that the date was credible.

    I still offer my prayers for the Holy Father and for the continued unity of the Holy Catholic Church (the Bride of Christ.)

  4. Francis6:40 PM

    I agree NC, yet I believe Satan is doing all that he can to delay or derail the "regularization" of the FSSPX. The longer this goes on the better chance something will happen to derail this agreement. Though on Pentecost Sunday I'm optimistic that the Holy Ghost will protect and guide the Holy Father in this matter. Keep praying.

  5. Satan is working for sure. The alter rage of certain Kung was more than telling in that. However, NC is perfectly correct when saying that no specific date was ever mentioned. At this moment, the most important information on this issue was the words of Fr. Lombardi, that the dialogue with FSSPX is continued. In other words, the Felay's letter was in principle accepted. Thus, our prayer fight is to continue, at least, until June 29.

  6. Simeon7:39 PM

    Though only "by end of May" was cited, today's date is credible when you consider the Rosary Campaign which ended today. The will on this matter may belong to Holy Father but the calendar belongs to God. We'll see if/how His Holiness responds to the grace poured out upon him by these (about) 4 MILLION rosaries for him and The Church. I doubt the recent trials are accidental. It was a JOY to re-Consecrate to The Immaculate Heart and to pray for the pope today.

  7. No it isn't, Simeon, it was always just a guess some wished to make... But you are absolutely correct that no prayer was lost.

  8. Well, I thought today being Pentecost Sunday there would be some good mention of the SSPX reunion. I think, however, the stupid butler incident is overriding the news and had the renunion been mentioned today it would be underwhelming news to the secular world.

    The Holy Father said, "The sins of selfishness and violence, like hostility, discord, jealousy, dissent..."

    To me, this is a clear inuendo of the present Church and their attitudes toward the reunion of the SSPX.

    Sam said, ""This can mean two things, either the Pope hasn't accepted the SSPX's response to the preamble."

    I didn't pick up any inference of that spin.


  9. Mr. Anversa, please do not post links to that site here, thank you.

  10. The Paraclete's petitioner11:15 PM

    "Veni Sancte Spiritus" - Thank you, NC, for posting the Vicar of Christ's significant words of Pentecost.

    As the quotation eliminated portions of his words, let us not miss the Holy Spirit's intended consolation at the end of the 4th Rosary Crusade. Through these inspired words, the Paraclete affirms the necessity of the Crusade and guides us forward through the Holy Father's exhortation to all his spiritual children to persevere in prayer around Our Lady by magnifying the Apostles' example:

    "Luke's account of Pentecost tells us that, before rising to heaven, Jesus asked the Apostles to stay together and to prepare themselves to receive the Holy Spirit. And they gathered together in prayer with Mary in the Upper Room and awaited the promised event.

    Like when it was born, today the Church still gathers with Mary and prays: “Veni Sancte Spiritus! - Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love!”. Amen.

    Christ, Our King, at the close of the parable of the sower instructs: "he that hath ears to hear, let him hear." Mark 4:9. When the Sovereign Pontiff humbly "sows the seeds" exhorting his children to persevere in prayer around Our Blessed Mother. . .the assurance of Holy Spirit's increasing guidance is here IF we persevere!

    "May the most just, most high and most adorable Will of God be in all things done, praised and magnified forever and ever. Amen."

  11. NIANTIC11:32 PM

    According to Pope Benedict XVl will first have to make sure there will be no revolt from the Concilair types in the Church before he will make the final decision regarding the status of the SSPX. It is now supposed he will do so during the summer recess, that is after the feast of Sts.Peter and Paul. We need to keep praying, hoping and have patience. Things are definately not easy for our Holy Father. The wolves are running lose all around him and us. It truly is a most terrible situation in the Church today. Lord have mercy!

  12. Francis11:58 PM

    "Pope Benedict XVl will first have to make sure there will be no revolt from the Concilair types in the Church before he will make the final decision regarding the status of the SSPX".

    Who cares if the modernists revolt!! They've been revolting against the true faith since 1965. Yes, I know the Holy Father doesn't want problems with the conciliarists, but his job is to do what's right which is upholding the de-fide dogmas of Holy Mother Church, not what's popular with the aging modernists and the neocons.

  13. Yeah! It's almost certain the Holy Father wants no rebellion from conciliar clergies. But we know that this is almost impossible, a lot of cardinals, bishops and priests will criticize his actions. Now all Your Sanctity needs to do is more praying, silencing and courage to defend tradition. I'm waiting for a big document from his part about these situation.

    Sorry for my english brothers, I'm from Brazil, not fluent.


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