Rorate Caeli

Justice in Russia

Father Blake, as usual, says all that must be said in the sick affair in which Western commentators (including many supposed "Christians") applauded the desecration of the largest church in Moscow, the (Russian Orthodox) Cathedral of Christ the Savior, or at least thought it should be left unpunished because they disagree with the current Russian government. In our own lifetime, or in that of our parents or grandparents, the Bolsheviks had already invaded and obliterated the building - and now anti-government protesters, who have the wide spaces of the largest nation on earth to protest, mocked Christianity and the Mother of God inside a church, and thought they could get away with it.

The desecration of Christ the Savior Cathedral by the Bolsheviks and its subsequent destruction is not something that features much, well actually at all, in the news stories about [the group]. It was the dominant religious building in Moscow before the Revolution, its obliteration was the great triumph of atheism. The intention was to build a monumental "People's Palace" on the site but the plans never materialised, instead a swimming pool was built instead. The present was built after the fall of Communism.
For Russian believers this Cathedral symbolises the very heart of Christian Russia, reborn after the murder of  countless of believers and the wholesale destruction of religion in Russian. The demonstration against Putin was one thing but the mockery of religion in the Cathedral was reminder for believers of the type of thing organised by the persecutors within living memory, it was spitting in the face of the holy Russia. 
Can the fatuous western "supporter" of [the group] understand the nature of their demonstration?

And if these secular (and even some Catholic) commentators think this desecration should have been left unpunished, then they should just try to mount the same kind of protest in a mosque and see the gentle reception they would get... It is just too easy to mock Christianity: congratulations to the Russian Courts.

All Christians must stand up together against anti-Christian acts, whatever their motivation may be.


(Augustinus): Those thinking that this is all about the President of the Russian Federation and not about mocking Christianity, or that it affects only the Eastern Orthodox and therefore should be of no concern to Catholics, should reflect on what the Ukrainian feminist group "FEMEN" did today in Kiev, Ukraine to show their solidarity with [the group]: they cut down a cross with a chainsaw -- not just any cross, but a crucifix that commemorates the victims of Stalinist oppression: Femen Activists Cut Down Cross In Kiev. It should be noted that the report from Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty is devoid of any signs of disgust for this desecration of the cross, or of any acknowledgment of the offense this act caused to believers.

LifeSite News also pointed out last week (Western media concealing facts about female rock band’s desecration of Russian cathedral) that the actual "performance" inside Christ the Savior was heavy with ridicule against the sacred, and directly supported so-called "gay rights".

(Augustinus): Update: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty positively compares the desecration of Christ the Saviour Cathedral with the 1989 attack by homosexualist activists on St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC, during which the Blessed Sacrament was also desecrated: Decades Before [Russian group], U.S. Group Protested Catholic Church -- And Got Results. Some Eastern European sources are also pointing out that the crucifix that was destroyed yesterday in Kyiv was Greek Catholic in provenance.