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Someone is very happy

Roger Michael Mahony, 
Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, Elector in the Conclave and pedophile-protector

And Rorate's response:

H/t to Patrick Archbold. [For the $10 million dollar settlement this week, see here.]


  1. A ringing endorsement from the great defender of child molesters, who humbly reduces his countless victims to 3x5 inch cards for the convenience of his conscience!

  2. Adrian5:13 PM

    Perhaps people with Twitter accounts could express their opinion to His Eminence.

  3. The Church is found BOTH High and Low -- and in the Middle too.

  4. Ivan K5:18 PM

    Taj Mahony is proof that "Low Church" isn't cheap.

  5. Anthony5:20 PM

    This evil man should have been deposed, defrocked and excommunicated long ago. Now it seems like his black star is on the rise again.

  6. This is on my blog as well.


  7. He is certainly not the only one. The who is who of the opponents of Benedict XVI celebrate publicly.

    Cardinal Lehmann criticized Benedict XVI in an Interview today (yes, he has absolutely no style whatsoever), and said that Pope Francis will now speak to all those Catholics who have been "disappointed" during the pontificate of Benedict.

    Cardinal Kasper has said publicly that he wanted Cardinal Bergoglio to become pope from the get-go and worked towards it.

    Father Hans Küng is "completely satisfied" with the election of Pope Francis.

    In Germany politicians of the "We are Church" kind are celebrating. Everyone seems to agree that after the dark times of Pope Benedict will now come the new springtime of Pope Francis.

  8. Someone needs to brush up on his Saint Francis.

  9. Ivan K5:26 PM

    How much did Mahony spend on his legal defense? How much did he spend compensating victims of the perverts that he sheltered? All that money could have gone to the poor. This hypocrite with a reptilian conscience would be well-advised to stop tweeting.

  10. Jason C.5:29 PM

    Ugh, St. Francis, pray to God for us to rid us of these false dichotomizers: St Francis on the Liturgy.

  11. Anthony5:29 PM

    It would be great and just irony if Pope Francis orders Cardinal Mahony to spend the rest of his days in some cloistered monastery.

  12. MarthaWR5:30 PM

    Well sadly, that tells us all we need to know.

  13. Scrutator5:33 PM

    It's a good indicator, though not infallible: show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are. So far those expressing enthusiasm for the new Pope are not of the best sort, to say the least.

  14. Prof. Basto5:34 PM

    I want to sleep and wake up in the next Pontificate. That's my feeling.

    And now we have to withstand the joy of this harborer of paedophiles, this destroyer of liturgies!

    And the openess with wich he praises the abandonment of the insignia worn by the preceeding Pope! Its too much!

    Depressing and sickening.

  15. Christopher5:36 PM

    Exactly, sadly, how these indications of Pope Francis, whatever is intended by the reigning pontiff, will be used by wicked men who wish to destroy Pope Benedict's work.

    It is shocking that a man whose diocese paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for crimes he appears to have known and perhaps intentionally concealed has the gall to criticize the use of the Church's resources to give glory to God!

  16. Jim B5:39 PM

    I'm 27. God willing, I'll live to see my 77th year. How many of these Cardinals that despise the Traditional Mass will be alive in 50 years? How many will be at the 100th anniversary of the Mass of Paul VI in 2069? At that time, how many children and grandchildren of the homosexuals, liberals, contracepting, aborting, and divorcing catholics of today will be Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, Pope? We may have to live through some tough years, sure. And we shouldn't give up in fighting, praying, and hoping for the full restoration of the Liturgy and the Traditional Mass. But I have a feeling that when my children are grandparents, we will have won.

  17. Does anyone know whether a Cardinal may reveal his own votes in the conclave? Or does this violate the oath of secrecy?

    I ask because of this:

    "A special Thank You for all of you who prayed that the Holy Spirit would enlighten us to choose the right man to be the Successor to St. Peter. Those prayers were so fruitful!

    When I entered the Conclave, and our first ballot took place, I was thinking of three possible candidates. However, when I opened the small ballot to place a name there, no hesitation. It felt as if I were not writing the name, but that some power had taken my pen in hand and was doing the writing for me. Within seconds the name was on the first and the subsequent ballots."

  18. I hope the new bishop of Rome remembers the great saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, a Capuchin Franciscan friar. Even though he lived a life of obedience, extreme austerity, poverty and simplicity, when he was to celebrate Mass he used beautiful and elaborate vestments and lace amice for the Glory of God. This is the true simplicity, humility and obedience.

  19. I must confess to all the bloggers here that this whole mess is entirely my fault. I was not fully committed to this Lent, and now the Lord has repaid me with a penance beyond all measure. I beg your forgiveness. Mea culpa! (Dear Cardinal Roger: That is Latin for "through my fault," but don't ask me to explain the theology to you. It would take too long.)

  20. You’re all missing the point. His eminence was out in front of the Holy Father’s desire for “a Church that is poor” by making sure the people of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles were relived of $10,000,000 by day 2 of his papacy.

  21. Dominicus6:00 PM

    Mahony the Baloney, what a disgusting hypocrite!


    There was a Cardinal named Baloney
    Or was it Cardinal Macaroni?

    He built a church out west brand new
    A church for me, a church for you.

    Where people drive their pristine cars
    Emission pure no ozone mars.

    A church for many kinds of sexes
    Even witches casting hexes.

    There was a Cardinal named Marconi
    Or was it Cardinal Boney-Maroni?

    He built a church ten million three
    For gender-benders by the sea.

    For all to sit not kneel awhile
    And share your piece with ped-o-phile.

    An all new church on L.A. sod
    For me and you...thank God, not God!

  23. Bob F.6:04 PM

    So, even if Mahony believes that the pope shedding the ermine and red shoes is a good thing, what a tactless and arrogant manner to express his opinion!

  24. BlackHat6:06 PM

    Normally when a powerful man causes several working class people to lose their jobs he's vilified in the press. When the media discovered that then Cardinal Bergoglio did essentially that - dropping the services of chauffeur, housekeeper, chef, etc. - he was hailed as a working man's hero. Odd.

  25. Augustine6:09 PM

    Writing as a non-Catholic (forgive me!), I'm saddened to read all this. One of the Roman Church's great gifts to the world is its beautiful and yet sombre liturgy.

    Choosing between evangelical simplicity and beautiful liturgy is like choosing between faith and works. If you think you need to make that choice (regardless of whether you hold the Protestant or Catholic doctrine of justification) you're not understanding either faith or works!

    One only has to look at the Anglican Ordinariate to see this. Is it Cranmer's stripped-down eucharistic order that Catholics wish to conserve as part of the fabled 'Anglican Patrimony'? No, it is his incarnational, and deeply traditional order for Evening Prayer (Evensong), an amalgamation of Vespers and Compline in a beautifully articulated vernacular. I challenge anyone to read Cranmer's translation of the Magnificat, the Nunc, or the Preces, and say that simplicity and glory are incompatible!

    "How beautiful is thy dwelling place, O YHWH of hosts!"

  26. Please pray for Archbp. Gomez.

    May one of the Pope's first assignments be to move Cdl Mahony to a position in Rome so that we may finally be rid of him in LA.

  27. c'mon6:15 PM

    It's not new. The princes of Germany backed Luther in order to lay hands on the wealth of the Church. Henry VIII followed suit soon after to pay off his wars and todies. Now it's the Pope, himself,who wishes to despoil the Immaculate Spouse of Christ of Her possessions. The thing is, they don't belong to him. They are his to guard and protect, and God help him if he doesn't!

  28. andrew russo6:21 PM

    Roger Mahony ought to be attired in orange jump suit or at least prison stripes.

  29. Robbie6:35 PM

    I'm new to the site and have attempted, desperately, over the last few days to take a deep breath about the election of Pope Francis. Unfortunately, each day has brought more cause for uncertainty.

    One thing I'm willing to do though is condemn the words and deeds of Cardinal Mahoney. It is unseemly and disgusting for a Cardinal treat a Pope in such a vulgar manner. The Arch Bishop of LA should work to rectify these comments.

  30. Patrick6:36 PM

    I can only say that I really hope Benedict XVI is having a productive meditation on the looming mess we seem to be heading into and which he is directly responsible for. He knew the cast of characters.

  31. As if shedding the red shoes was a big deal. We're called to humility, not ragged existence. Humility demands we dress in accordance to our dignity (and yes, I'm fully aware of those who think in the reverse, that their clothes are the source of their dignity, and I suppose the snobbish shallowness of a certain pre-Vatican II right is partly responsible for the snobbishness of ragged leftist arrogance and shallowness).

    I am thoroughly tired of the arrogance of this slavish ideology that has permeated the Church. Catholicism is not a universal call to poverty (although certainly it underscores the subordination of material wealth to spiritual destiny). This attitude of false modesty is part and parcel of he ugliness of modernist heresy. If the pope wants to wear red shoes produced by an artisan from Peru, so what? Is it really a big deal? I'd make the wearing of papal shoes canon law to spite the left. The limousine liberal social justice crowd needs some reeling in.

    The same is visible in the media. They are so consumed with the pope's shoes and the trappings of ragged clthing and the corporal works of Francis before he became pope, they fail to realize that a pope is judged not by these categories as pope, but by his effectiveness in maintaining dogmatic and doctrinal integrity in the Church. Francis will need to crack down on corruption in the hierarchy (the bishops in particular) and force a shift in the focus on homilies from happy-clappy heresy to catechesis. Catholics are sorrowfully ignorant of what the Church teaches. There is a gay cabal that need confrontation and dismantling. There is the need for evangelization (which is really the ultimate purpose of the corporal works of mercy anyway, which the sentimentalizing left fails to understand). There is much to do, much more important things to worry about, than the dye applied to the shoes of the pope.

  32. Sheesh! In his tweets Cardinal Mahoney sounds practically like the ecclesiastical version of an early Miley Cyrus... with sincere apologies to the singer.

  33. Unfortunate Sinner6:49 PM

    It seems everyone is dissing BXVI, not just Cardinal Mahony. Quote from today's LA Times by an "expert in Church history": "You have to remember that Benedict was a clotheshorse. He loved the pomp and circumstance and the old-fashioned outfits; he just reveled in that," said Christopher M. Bellitto, an expert in church history at Kean University in New Jersey. "Now you have a man who criticizes priests for strutting around like peacocks. I do think he'll try to tone down as much as possible the pomp and circumstance."

  34. Michael A.6:50 PM

    I'm so happy that I'm reading The Catechism of the Crisis in the Church. It's really helping me understand how the likes of this man are possible.

  35. The Rogues' Gallery of those pleased with the outcome of the Conclave continues to grow. Add Leonardo Boff to the list.

  36. everybody's changin'7:02 PM

    I'm not celebrating. I loved Benedict XVI from the word go and was devastated by his resignation. I keep trying to wait and see....but...

  37. I am becoming concerned with some of the iconoclasm going on in the last two days. What needs reform is the governance, not the hermeneutic of continuity given to us by our former Holy Father Benedict XVI (who I am missing more and more). Fr. Pius tweet is fantastic, there are multiple false dichotomies that are being spread that has me concerned. I am praying for our Pope, that he does not throw the baby out with the bathwater. I am also praying for the Bishops that he will be choosing, it is those choices that could leave the longest lasting ripples, and could undo some of the great momentum that was started under Pope Benedict XVI. I am praying that Pope Francis uses his strengths to build up Pope Benedict's strengths and not undermine those things achieved under Pope Benedict that were of great value to the Church.

  38. Many of us, and especially New Catholic and his collaborators themselves, have been criticized mercilessly for fearing the repudiation of the Benedictine reforms. As events unfold, I'm sure none of us takes any satisfaction in being proved right. But so it is.

  39. Shoes of the Fisherman.

    Life imitating art?

  40. ManyYears7:26 PM

    I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for the "neo-conservative" Catholic blogs and websites to respond to this outrage. Quick and angry responses are fit to be fired only at those pesky traditionalists and that pesky "pompous" and "clotheshorse" of a Pope to whom the "New Pentecost" generation of Evangelical converts / "Hahnverts" to "Catholicism" never really warmed to.

  41. Francis in Ma7:32 PM

    So Cardinal protect perverts and waste millions of dollars on the construction of anti-Catholic looking "churches" Mahony is just gleaming with felicity over Bergoglio's ascension to the throne of Peter. That my friends is all we trads need to know. As my late uncle used to say: "you can tell alot by a person by who their friends are".

  42. Rick DeLano, I'm also thinking of Malachi Martin's "The Final Conclave." The Cardinals resolve to elect a Pope who will dispense with the wealth and worldliness of the post-Constantinian Church.

    But the similarity ends there. They also resovle to elect a Pope who will restore the traditional disciplines, and especially the Tridentine Liturgy.

  43. Francis in Ma7:38 PM

    By the way, where is our old friend Tom? Isn't this about the time he comes on and defends and sets the record straight about the pope and the rest of the conciliar hierarchy/church from us mean traditionalists?!

  44. Alexander7:47 PM

    Mahoney by contrasting high church vs lower church reveals his real theology. At best he's a Protestant and most likely a non-believer cynically making a living off Christians. All of these recent and tragic events only serve to bolster my gladness that I entered the Russian Orthodox Church 15 years ago. The only riposte one should have to him is ANATHEMA!

  45. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Kueng lauds this man.. If the old heresiarchs Balthasar and Lubac were still in this vale of tears to trouble us, I dare say they would to. I say to arms to defend the splendour of the Faith. As for Cardinal Mahoney, I cannot express my contempt for the man. Bergoglio was a Modernist, his audiences as Pope Francis are heavily tainted, smacking of and outright Modernist.

    Abp. Lefebvre ora pro nobis!
    The Society will endure, the Faith will endure.

  46. One should never tweet and drink simultaneously.

  47. J.G.Ratkaj8:01 PM

    In the light of the now outspoken malice and derision of high ranking prelates against the Ratzingerian Papacy and its legacy it seems that Benedict XVI had to stay out for years the besiegement of a rapacious pack of wolves.

  48. It's a bloody good think his Los Angeles church wasn't poor, as they needed all the money they could get to pay for their pederastic molesters. that the plan to make the church poor? Do it through PEDERASTY? That's the tactic! Well, I mean, it's hard work, but someone's got to do it...or SO IT WOULD SEEM. Mahoney should be spit-roasted, but as we have found out, you can't threaten him with a good time. Filth.

  49. Observator8:17 PM

    Anglican Communion News Service
    "The Church universal needs Anglicans" - Pope Francis
    Posted On : March 14, 2013 12:01 AM | Posted By : Admin ACO
    ACNS: ACNS5348
    Related Categories: ACO - Ecumenical Global South America

    By ACNS staff

    The new Pope has reportedly said the Church universal needs Anglicans and that the Ordinariate is "quite unnecessary".

    In a note released after the election of the first ever pontiff from Latin America, the Anglican Bishop of Argentina and former Primate of the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone, the Rt Revd Greg Venables said Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was "an inspired choice".

    "Many are asking me what is really like. He is much more of a Christian, Christ centered and Spirit filled, than a mere churchman. He believes the Bible as it is written.

    "I have been with him on many occasions and he always makes me sit next to him and invariably makes me take part and often do what he as Cardinal should have done. He is consistently humble and wise, outstandingly gifted yet a common man. He is no fool and speaks out very quietly yet clearly when necessary."

    Bp Venables added that in a conversation with Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, the latter made it clear that he values the place of Anglicans in the Church universal.

    "He called me to have breakfast with him one morning and told me very clearly that the Ordinariate was quite unnecessary and that the Church needs us as Anglicans.

    The former Primate of the Anglican Communion's Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur de America added, "I consider this to be an inspired appointment not because he is a close and personal friend, but because of who he is In Christ. Pray for him."


  50. Benedict Carter8:19 PM

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. So "carnival time is over" and another carnival is about to begin - straight from the 1970's complete with polyester and rayon.

    What have the Cardinals done?

  51. Jim

    From someone who has lived in both pre and post conciliar eras I can agree that you are right to have a reasonable optimism. However, make sure you put long term strategies in place just in case.

  52. Baloney rhymes with Mahony

    He has certainly made a major contribution to ecclesiastical impoverishment.

  53. Benedict Carter8:26 PM

    I thought the Catholic Church was for SINNERS.

    Doesn't that include the poor, as well as "the rich"?

    It's all so "working class hero", isn't it?

    Like Prof. Basto, I want to take a nap and wake up with another Conclave about to start.

    And so the Revolution regains momentum. The abdication is looking like a catastrophe now.

  54. If his comment about Anglicans is true, then that is the most disconcerting thing I've read yet. I pray his view of the Church is not as it seems with that comment from the Anglican bishop.

  55. We need a Long Skirts rhyme or two here!

  56. Alexander8:35 PM

    Speaking of Arch. Lefebvre, many Orthodox admire him. And not only former RC converts. Personally, I think Arch. Lefebvre was the last confessor of the Latin Church. And how did they treat this man who was so dedicated to the Roman Church and Latin Tradition? They were shameless towards him. But the God who sees all will reward all for their works. As we pray on Holy Friday, grant them O Lord their reward! Given the direction in which things are going now it's more probable that the SSPX will someday be in communion with the Patriarch of Moscow than that the modernist RC Church and the Orthodox Church will unite.

  57. So, if I wear black shoes, is that a sign of something too?

  58. Benedict Carter8:38 PM

    So the church includes protestants, does it? This means of course that Muller will be kept on at the CDF and will get join the College of Cardinals.

    If all this pans out as I was hoping for 48 hours it would not, the judgement of history will be very negative about the last two Popes.

    Looks like we traditionalists are back in the doghouse, only a moment after having been able to take a peek outside for the first time in half a century.

    It's going to be Arrupe's Revenge, this Pontificate.

  59. Matthew Rose9:01 PM

    Cardinal against Cardinal, Bishop against Bishop, Priest against Priest.

    The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

    Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis!

  60. Indeed, Matthew Rose.

    Francis's meeting with our Papa Emeritus has been delayed, but with all the news breaking the last couple of days, I suspect he's going to order Benedict to go back to a black cassock, and enjoin strict silence upon him. Then there will be periodically-issued publicity photos of the "Bishop Emeritus of Rome" tranquilly feeding the koi, along with nebulous press-releases about how he feels blessed by Francis's pontificate.

    Unlikely? I'm afraid not. At least it will eliminate any doubt about who the "Bishop Dressed in White" is.

  61. The College of Cardinals (who wouldn't qualify for admittance to Faber) voted for Bergolio and the lot of them were chosen by the two previous Popes and those who must retire in the next dozen or so years of Pope Frrancis' Papacy will be replaced by those chosen by our new Pope YAY !

    Brick By Brick the Church is being disassembled and the worst of the Princes are joyful.

    Of course, we are going to have to stop calling the Cardinals, Princes, because, long ago, The Hierarchy abandoned the Tradition that we are a Monarchy;; so, no King, no Prince.

    Now, what ought we call the Princes who elected Bergolio?

    I have several interesting words that are apt....

  62. Alexander9:35 PM

    Yes RC friends things unfortunately will be in a state of free fall into the abyss within the next 7 -10 years. But even after that things don't bode well. Imagine the heterodox who will be appointed as cardinals and consecrated as bishops! You'll have female deacons in five years. Wait untill the anglophone bishops petition Rome to reinstate the former ICEL translations!

  63. Barbara9:43 PM

    I don't understand why some churchmen think all this drab and simple stuff at Holy Mass is appealing to the poor people - actually it's the opposite and extremely patronizing - as we know that historically the simple folk sacrificed to build the magnificent churches that glorified God and offered Him praise worthy of His Majesty, and at the same time lifted their poor human hearts up to Heavenly Father,mysteriously transcendent but close as breath itself.

    The Old Mass in all its glory (whether a Low or High Mass) - the most beautiful thing this side of heaven - now that lifts up this poor woman from her misery.

    Yes it is right that we bend and are humble to one another (at least we have to work at it) and especially the poor – but giving them only frail humanity and solidarity as comfort cannot do the job.

    I have known that poverty without God without the Sacraments , without the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – it’s hollow life and no amount of human love or comforting can fill that emptiness bordering on the abyss – except from God’s true friends who point out the way to His Heart – and everything else we need to get to Him in Heaven.

    Everything about our Faith makes sense at the Traditional Latin Mass, complete with all exterior signs, wonders and RICHES of art, music and architecture of Holy Mother Church– including our loyalty to the Supreme Pontiff – who is not just another bishop – Our Lord made that very clear…

  64. if the new Pope wants humility and poverty could I suggest he goes on a retreat with the SSPX in England....

    He get plenty of time to savour the simple things in life....and real Catholic teachig as well

  65. Let Cardinal Mahoney celebrates by tweeting himself to death. More sooner than later he will meet his Maker. May God have mercy on his soul!


  66. Great Memories
    For you Mahony!

  67. well, he would say that wouldn't here. Handsome is as hansome does. And he is not handsome.
    But at the end of the day, does his (Mahony's tweet) change anything - it will be gone like the grass.

  68. M. A.9:51 PM

    "He knew the cast of characters."

    Yes, he did. So I don't think that Benedict XVI is upset at all. He knew Bergoglio had come in 2nd to him in the last conclave. Ratzinger himself was known to be favorable to Bergoglio for Pope back then.

    There is too much politicking in the Vatican. May God delivers us from the schemes of men!

  69. David9:57 PM

    Even worse than those who praise Pope Francis are the actions of the man himself. Offering a silent blessing to the press today so as not to offend the non-believers among them. Those were his very words. His sense of humility is seriously flawed when he denies the Holy Trinity in blessing. Lord have mercy on us!

  70. Clario9:59 PM

    As the breakdown continues, let us not delude ourselves into thinking that Benedict XVI was a traditionalist. Much could be offered against this delusion. For now I'll just suggest that everyone google for this article:

    The Oath Against Modernism vs. the 'Hermeneutic of Continuity'

  71. I, too, fear that Benedict is about to be comprehensively humbled; perhaps, even, to be told to sequester himself away from Rome. I hope I am wrong.
    But I suspect he, of all people, would not be surprised and would accept whatever is coming with characteristic humility.

  72. everybody's changin'10:11 PM

    Oh dear. Is it international Bishops' foot-in-mouth day or something? Apparently the Abp. of Durban has had a go as well. Anyone who is interested can find it on google.

  73. Francis's preaching of poverty, poverty, and more poverty is, I fear,a sign of the booty the liberals and modernists can expect to receive.

    And, too, the bus rides and his home-cooking are, if nothing else, are indicia of a man who values not so much his mission, but his public personna; for a good Cardinal has far too much to do to propagate the faith to allow for such unnecessary labor. To be most effective, he needs and should accept all the subordinate help that is made available to his high office.

  74. "for the poor"


    This phrase worries me greatly.

    Catholic = Universal ; not this cherry-picking.

    I am poor -- and NO, the Church is not just for those like me.

    And besides --

    1) Our Church is for God

    2) Our Church is for our Sainthood

    3) Our Church is for our Holy Communion with our Christ

  75. Joe J.10:28 PM

    Barbara said...

    "I don't understand why some churchmen think all this drab and simple stuff at Holy Mass is appealing to the poor people - actually it's the opposite and extremely patronizing."

    Two suggestions:
    1) those who believe this have never been truly poor themselves and
    2) many believe that the poor have been good and properly trained by a Marxist/liberal ideology to resent any displays of wealth by the "upper class" ...

    Indeed, such views of the poor are very patronizing ... offensive too.

    It is a gift to be able to kneel before the Pope and to see the signs of his authority. It would actually, in many circumstances, be a kind of slap in the face should the Pope prevent a person from kneeling before him.

    But there are many different people and many different reactions.

    But certainly, many of us poor prefer beautiful churches. It is a glimpse of heaven, the beauty is a teacher ...

  76. Clario, those of us who defend, respect, and now miss Benedict would agree: he was not a traditionalist as many trads would define the term.

    But almost alone among the higher clergy, he realized that something had gone terribly wrong.

    Even though we don't think he went far enough, he did valiantly srtive to reinsert Vatican II into its proper place in Church history, with the "Hermeneutic of Continuity" instead of the bizzaro notion of a "New Springtime" that completely obliterated everything that had gone before.

    He lamented the banal, manufactured liturgy, and understood the profound significance and importance of mystery, sacrality, and traditional Catholic symbolism.

    This is why so many of us are devastated at the moment. Unlike the boneheaded rad-trads who expect "Rome to be converted" by some kind of miracle, we know that things take time; and Benedict's papacy appeared to be a sign from God that things were finally turning around, and that our 40 years in the desert may be finally coming to an end. We didn't expect him to fix everything overnight, but along with Michael Davies, we saw him as a friend, as a father, who would reorient the discussion in the proper direction.

    Sadly, it appears that may not have happened. It seems that we now have longer to wait. But the sun is still in the sky, and God is still in His heavens. He may yet surprise us if we keep our faith.

  77. Anonymous10:55 PM

    BXVI was never a phony or engaged in false humillity. There is a great deal of meaning in religious attire e.g. reg shoes, which we are now being told should be cast away. I am taking a wait and see attitude on the new papacy. Perhaps my misgivings are nothing. We'll see...

  78. To the above, I should have added that the impression created by the constant public refrain (in the media at least) of humility reminds one of both Uriah Heap and the Pharisees.

  79. Thank you to RC for fighting back against this diabolical madness.

    It's do or die time for Trads, symbolically speaking.

  80. LeonG said...

    "We need a Long Skirts rhyme or two here!"

    Oh, dear, let's have a laugh this St. Patrick's weekend. My husband and I are going to down a Guinness or two (or more) and watch "THE QUIET MAN", our tradition EVERY St. Patrick's Day as I'm from a long line of McMichaels, McRees, Malarkeys and Quinns. And remember what Ward Bond said as the Village Catholic Priest when speaking to John Wayne, "Your Father died in the Penal Colony (in Australia)...your grandfather, God rest his soul, he was a good man too!"

    Write, fight for RIGHT!


    A man's best friend
    If you please
    Is not a dog
    But cheddar cheese.

    A cheese whose taste
    Runs sharp or mellow
    Why cheese with beer
    Can help a fellow

    And make him look
    Like a handsome hunk
    When he passes some
    To a girl that's drunk

    In the local pub
    If truth be told
    When the girls get silly
    Then cheese is gold

    Where drafts of beer
    Make you look better
    As she gulps them down
    With a side of cheddar!

  81. Please don't castigate Pope Benedict XVI (and yes he's still a pope as he always will be- you don't call Pius XII pope emeritus or pope defunctus!). Whatever sins he may have committed, and they are miniscule compared to the sins we have committed (for we have all earned this chastisement), he has repaid a thousandfold for the suffering he has endured. Personally though I think he was a saint and he did the absolute best with what he had and in the times he was in. Look at all the wolves who have reared their ugly heads now, with him still alive! Only a few days ago the were gushing and fawning hypocritically over him; now they think they are safe to reveal their true colours. I'm certain these wolves who surrounded him the past 8 years caused him much suffering.
    Contrast how wonderful and safe we all felt on the day they announced his election. They rain stopped, the sun shone brightly and how wonderful the protodeacon was in his announcement- slow, joyous, pronouncing every syllable with relish and keeping the wonderful secret until he came to, "... cardinalem Ratzinger!". Then the joy when we saw the Pope himself; there truly was the successor of Peter! Now compare that to the last conclave so dark and rainy, even a nasty seagull felt it right to defecate on the chimneystack of the Sisine chapel! Then the protodeacon making his announcement- so bland and prefunctory. The stunned silence that followed. I didn't know anything about Bergoglio but when I saw him on the balcony my heart sank and a shudder went through. There was no warmth or humility that I saw; only coldness in his manner and in his eyes.
    Whatever happens, Pope Benedict needs our prayers now more than ever and perhaps he will need more one day. Consider what if the worse did happen and he was made prisoner and abused and maligned? What if he was ridiculed openly by cardinals and prelates, saying, "aha aha, he trusted in God that he would deliver him..." And all the while the Church which we love and adored is being systematically destroyed and dismantled? What would you and I do then? Would we be silent and just pray and blog about it?
    Prayers certainly are needed always but prayers alone did not rescue the Holy Land, and prayers alone did not win Lepanto. Action is needed sometime, perhaps to the shedding of our blood.
    None of us knows the future with certainty; that is God's sole privilege but he sometimes gives us clues for our salvation. Does anyone here see anything but darkness and grief ahead? We are living in terrible times and we must thank God for this grace to endure such so that we are spared much in the next world. One day they will talk of us as they did of the days of the Great Schism, or of the Roman persecutions,or of the reign of the Theopylacts and the pornocracy, and of the French Revolution. Thus we better be courageous Christians prepared to do more than just say a Hail Mary here and Glory be there.
    We are all fallible men, with great fears and faults, and only when the time for the great test faces us will we know what we're made of. I only pray that should that time come in my lifetime that I will have the courage to do all that I could with all that I had to help rescue and deliver our Benedict XVI from such terrors and to save the Church. For even if I were to fail I would save my soul and God will eventually succeed. AMDG.

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M.11:39 PM


    You are inspired. Thank you.

  84. Art Fleming11:44 PM

    Let him gloat. I pray that all the insubordinates to Pope Benedict who seek to use Francis for their agenda will be confounded in the days to come.

  85. Bernonensis11:47 PM

    So, to sum up: Francis will be a poor pope, adored by poor excuses for clergy like Mahony. Poor us!

  86. Joanne12:19 AM

    A poor Church helping the poor is an oxymoron. If you are poor you have no means to help anyone else.

  87. Common Sense12:21 AM

    The church and faithull will end up in material poverty also after payouts to the real or fabricated cases of sexual abuse, because of such wolves like Card. Mahony. I wouldn't discount the possibility, that C.Mahony and his cohorts are the fifth column within the bosom of the church. Once the satanism has impovrished the church totaly, than the Bratherhood will take it onto the remaining faithfull even to the point of banning a christian religion altogether and usurp their material possesion and economic means.What right do these thugs in priestly garb have to impose their vulgar vision of small catholic church?

  88. All this rush to judgment - and the man hasn't even had his inaugural Mass or appointed any of his curia yet!

    Wait and see. Whatever happens, Holy Mother Church is in God's hands. If He is really displeased by what develops, then remember that He has arranged very short papacies before. John Paul I may yet prove to be not so exceptional.

  89. The greatest act of humility I have witnessed - in a very long time - is that of a humble man who saw the papacy in terms - not of himself - but of service to the Church. This man, recognizing the above, chose to resign because he felt he could not carry out his duties due to his health. This man, Benedict XVI, is the truly humble man. Pope Francis may also be a humble man, I do not really know at this time, but wearing an old pectoral cross and shunning lace or ermine does not make one humble. Cardinal Mahoney seems to be quite simple - in the head - if he believes that the Church's problems lie with ermine and lace.

  90. Alexander1:41 AM

    The Patriarch of Constantinople's attendance at the papal installation is really not that significant. Although he has a certain symbolic significance within Orthodoxy and has some appellate canonical prerogatives his jurisdiction and authority does not even extend to Greece. This rather is how the world's largest Orthodox Church views the situation in the west:
    " The West has betrayed the ideals of Christianity, which Emperors Constantine and Justinian merged with Roman law, Chaplin says. In his opinion, the Europe, which was based on these principles, no longer exists". Fr. Vsevolod Chaplin Spokesman for the Moscow Parriarchate.

  91. Blackrep1:45 AM

    I note Mahoney Tweets in his silk beanie and expensive cassock. A simpering fraud.

  92. Benedict Carter2:26 AM


    Though I may agree with Fr. Vsevolod Chaplin on this occasion, I am very aware of his utterings from my many years living in Russia. He appears to see the world as a "Third Rome Putinist" and his ravings (I use the word advisedly) against America, Britain and the West in general are mostly political in content.

    Be careful therefore with anything Chaplin says.

  93. Lynda3:01 AM

    The lack of holiness, and the unwillingness to teach, preach and sanctify in accordance with the Deposit of Faith, and a preference for relativistic politics, on the part of so many of our Bishops and Cardinals is truly a terrible scandal and cross. They certainly will not be martyred by the enemies of God and His Holy Church. Blessed Michael, defend us in the hour of conflict ...

  94. El Cid3:23 AM

    Just wanted to call attention to everybody's changin's post. If you haven't seen it already, please Google search Cardinal Napier and take a look at the astounding comments he made. The fact that this has not been quickly rebuked by the Pope (assuming he is aware of it) or someone on his behalf is disheartening.

    I know Benedict XVI has few fans on this forum, but at least he would have taken the time to correct or disavow Cardinal Napier's words--or express his displeasure to His Eminence.

    Not to state the obvious, but now is the time for fervent prayer.

  95. Gratias3:44 AM

    Should you wan to learn why Cardinal Roger Mahony is so pernicious, it is written down in "Gather Faithfullty Together, a guide for Sunday mass"

    His mass is what we live every Sunday in Los Angeles and now the whole Catholic world will get to experience through Pope Francisco, a.k.a. Papa Pancho, Him of the black shoes of the Fisherman.

  96. how do you verify that this was actually Cardinal Mahony? Not just some rumour-monger?

  97. Hank Igitur4:40 AM

    Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?

  98. Alexander4:49 AM

    Benedict Carter,

    Thank you for your reply. In terms of evaluating anything Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin says my criterion as an Orthodox Christian is the Tradition of the Church. In Orthodoxy we have no such doctrine as formulated by John Courtney Murray or (Heaven forbid) proclaimed as doctrine as by Dignitatis Humanae. Our ideal is rather the patristic notion of Symphonia between the Church abd State. I think therefore that much criticism currently leveled at the Church in Russia and some directed towards the state is precisely because of the liberal West's hatred and fear of Symphonia. The church and state cooperating in infusing the values of the Holy Gospel into society is truly what makes the globalist elite from DC,to Manhattan, to London, to Tel Aviv tremble. In the West, as Arch. Lefebvre said, they have uncrowned (Our Lord) him. Fr. Vsevolod is primarily responsible for Synodal relations with the Russian state and accordingly I'm sure that some of his statements may be nuanced politically to achieve maximum benefit in the MP's relationship to the government. That being said though, I'm significantly sympathetic to some of Russia's foreign policy especially as regards the negative role that US policies have had in the Middle East. One need only look to Libya and Syria to see this in action.

  99. Kathleen5:10 AM

    Isn't excommunication the penalty for breaking the secrecy oath? Including Roger here, it seems we're now up to 3 cardinals, all on the "progressive" side, who have openly discussed votes, decisions and talks from the conclave.

  100. Ora et Labora5:23 AM

    BD, I'm with you and well said!!!

    Prof. Basto I too wish I could sleep through this nightmare and wake up in the next conclave, but we must fight this urge.

    In a matter of hours all the beauty of the Gregorian chants, the beautiful vestments and ornaments, the respect and dignity for the Sacred Liturgy have gone out of the window.

    The Petrine Office now occupied by a pauper, and the symbols of this Sacred office are now looked upon with disdain. How low have we fallen.

    How can we remain silent towards this barbarity???

    Well it is simply impossible, and it is our duty as the Church Militant to speak up and show how indignant were are.

    I don't understand how St. Francis' humility and love for the poor and sick can be equated with complete rejection of what is beautiful and dignifying especially when we must give the very best of ourselves to God, and yes that includes giving HIM the very best of EVERYTHING.

    Lax Catholics and the secular media forget that there is a difference between being plain vulgar and humble, between dignified and undignified behaviour.

    For awhile now we've been living in very apocalyptic times, now apostasy is rampant. Catholics who stand on the side of Christ are attacked with full force by the wolves.

    The hypocrite of Mahoney, and others like Kasper, Hans Küng, Dolan, O'Malley, Boff all praising this disaster, Benedict now is attacked and criticized for love of tradition and beauty, and those of us who remain faithful to true Catholicism and see what is going on are fair game to our enemies.

    How I wish His Holiness Benedict would not have resigned, and that we could enjoy a few more years of his Pontificate. Now we're asked to accept every kind of nonsense in the name of humility and love for poverty. Great virtues by the way, but those are not the only 2 virtues we catholics are called to practice.

    Now, allow me to voice my concern for His Holiness Benedict XVI and like BD and Uncle Claibourne I hope and pray he won't be be instructed to silence and exiled to some obscure monastery somewhere, where we won't be able to hear how he is doing and even have an occational picture of his.

    In all truth I have had all kinds of not so pleasant scenarious going through my mind since last Wenesday; I am in overdrive, y con todo lo que ha pasado no es para menos.

    Before I go, I thought I would share this with you since St. Francis has been in the minds of so many this week....

    Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it under foot and deny it. Sanctity of life will be held in derision even by those who outwardly profess it, for in those days JESUS CHRIST WILL SEND THEM NOT A TRUE PASTOR, BUT A DESTROYER."


    Mary Help of Christians pray for us!!!

  101. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Well, if they're gleefully coming out into the open to start the 'dance on BXVI's grave', we at least have names and faces.

    Bring it on, fools and keep talking....we're watching, listening, following - and taking notes, you know.

    Fr. REF

  102. @CardinalMahony What's "Franciscan" or "humble" about your diocese bleeding another $10 million FOR YOUR FAULTS while you're in Conclave???

    Wow. Startlingly refreshing, RC. LOL Thank you. A very good question though. Yes, this on top of the nearly one billion already paid out.

    At the same time, folks. Please don't feel sorry for our diocese. This recent payout, created the indignity of having to pay it at all, but no one panicked as to where the money would come from.

    Let me clarify this. I'm not saying all of this didn't make the walls shake or create issues. Very much indeed but the payouts were still doable and the Archdiocese is still in the black. In that, I'm glad we're in +Los Angeles+ because, in spite of all of the nonsense here in its myriad forms, access to the religious needs of the Faithful is still readily available. Giving credit where it's due, in THIS regard, Mahony did well.

  103. Jim B said, I'm 27. God willing, I'll live to see my 77th year. How many of these Cardinals that despise the

    Traditional Mass will be alive in 50 years? How many will be at the 100th anniversary of the Mass of Paul VI in 2069? At that time, how many children and grandchildren of the homosexuals, liberals, contracepting, aborting, and divorcing catholics of today will be Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, Pope? We may have to live through some tough years, sure. And we shouldn't give up in fighting, praying, and hoping for the full restoration of the Liturgy and the Traditional Mass, but I have a feeling that when my children are grandparents, we will have won."

    Will have won? Will have won what? A wrecked Church and a wasteland of ignorant and unCatechized hoards which will take another fifty to one-hundred years to Catechize and rebuild society with all of the countless souls lost in between? NO. This nonsense needs to be stopped ASAP, with God's Divine Assistance, of course. This kind of Error does not just run itself out.

  104. Benedict Carter9:57 AM


    Thanks very much for your reply. Setting Chaplin to one side, I happen to agree with every word of your post.

    The Catholic Church has not only lost its own belief in the "Symphonia" between Church and State, but actively works against it.

    My own one-sentence summary is that the post-Vatican II Church is - not in Her essence, but in practice - the Masonic Temple to that secret society's (temporary and partial) victory over Christ in the world.

    As such, the flame of Tradition that Orthodoxy keeps alive should be greatly valued by us Latin Traditionalists. It is by me.

    All this is part of God's plan. In the end the Immaculate Heart of Mary WILL triumph. A great part of that I am sure consists in a re-union of East and West and the utter defeat of liberalism in the State and in the Church both.

  105. Gallia Albanensis12:26 PM

    I practice in the Ukrainian Catholic Church, but I am also very scared for the Latin Church's liturgical movement.

    There are many fair questions and statements above from other posters about Cardinal Mahoney's record.

    But I think Our Gracious Lord will be more inclined to listen to our prayers for the liturgy if we don't judge Mahoney as a person, or presume to know his thoughts or conscience.

  106. Demagoguery.
    Cardinal Mahony tries to clean up his image.

  107. Rispetta4:39 PM

    "how do you verify that this was actually Cardinal Mahony? Not just some rumour-monger?

    Canberra Observer:

    You can go to his Twitter account and see for yourself:

  108. JB Kuang1:56 PM

    Are there petitions going on to LA Archbishop Gomez or the Holy See to shut down Cardinal Mahony's blogging and twitting activities? His messages brought so much embarrassment to the Holy Mother Church. Kyrie eleison.

  109. Msgr. Corvo5:18 PM

    Rocco Palmo is blubbering this morning that, not only in Pope Francis wearing BLACK TROUSERS UNDER HIS SIMAR, but Msgr. Marini is decked out in ALL LINEN instead of his pretty-puss LACEYS !


  110. Thank you Long Skirts

    Mine is a Ploughman's and a draught Guinness please.

  111. adulescens8:41 AM

    Those remarks did not look like they came from the mind of a grown man.


    As for the talk of the "poor" - what the South American bishops mean by that is the socialist pseudo-historical principle and not the actual cold and hungry people without homes.


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