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Flashes from the Synod: "Guess who's coming to dinner?"
Plus: Cardinal Wuerl on Communion: Church's past is past, farewell to doctrine

So beautiful! It's just like the great Christological debates in Nicaea or the discussion on Marriage in Trent:

This afternoon, the voices of one Australian couple, Ron and Marvis Pirola, who are joint chairs of the Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council, rang out inside the Vatican’s New Synod Hall, where participants of the Synod have been discussing all things family. Their testimony immediately showed how people’s real experiences puts a whole new perspective on things, on the approach to the problems and challenges the family faces today. Such experiences show how certain doctrinal details come second. ...

“The domestic church” represented by the family, “has much to offer the wider Church in its evangelizing role,” the couple continued. “For example, the Church constantly faces the tension of upholding the truth while expressing compassion and mercy. Families face this tension all the time.” The couple went on to illustrate this with an example relating to homosexuality. “Friends of ours were planning their Christmas family gathering when their gay son said he wanted to bring his partner home too. They fully believed in the Church’s teachings and they knew their grandchildren would see them welcome the son and his partner into the family. Their response could be summed up in three words, ‘He is our son’.” [Source]

In an interview shared with us by Catholic News Service, the cardinal Archbishop of Washington, D.C., Donald Wuerl, explains who may receive Holy Communion now and post-Synod.

We thought his answer has always been "everyone." [see here and here]

But now, the cardinal archbishop teaches us that Communion has nothing to do with doctrine, or the Church's past.