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UPDATED with statement from Archdiocese of Baltimore

Crisis of Bishops: Archdiocese of Baltimore allows (fake) same-sex "marriage" announcement

UPDATE: The Archdiocese of Baltimore has sent Rorate a statement in response to our post, forcefully denying what the school has claimed.

Contrary to what was reported, Calvert Hall College High School, which operates independently of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, did not seek permission from the Archbishop or the Archdiocese to publish the announcement of a same-sex wedding. Calvert Hall informed the Archdiocese that it had received a request to publish the announcement in its alumni publication at which time the Archdiocese urged the school against doing so.  When Calvert Hall made its decision the school notified the Archdiocese that it would, in fact, be publishing the announcement, along with a disclaimer that inclusion of such announcements does not equate to an endorsement of same-sex “marriage”. The Archdiocese did not agree with this decision and unequivocally and steadfastly supports the teachings of the Catholic Church on the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman.

Note that no disclaimer was included by the school in the publication.

Original post below:

We have chronicled the sacrilegious "liturgies" that have taken place over the years at Calvert Hall College High School. What's different with this report, if the brother in question was telling the truth, is that the Archdiocese of Baltimore has tacitly approved fake same-sex "marriages" by formally approving of their announcement in Catholic publications. 

A report below, from a reader:

Calvert Hall College is a Catholic High School for boys founded in 1845 by the de la Salle Christian Brothers, and located in Towson, MD, in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  With an enrollment of around 1200, and it's long history, Calvert Hall has a sterling academic reputation and an extensive alumni base.

Calvert Hall stepped into new territory this month with the appearance of their most recent edition of the Cardinal, the school's magazine. 

At an alumni meeting in February, Br. John Kane, FSC, the head of Calvert Hall, announced to those gathered that the next edition of the Cardinal would include the announcement of the wedding of two alumni to each other.  Same-sex “marriage” having been legalized in Maryland, it may have been only a matter of time that one or more alumni from a large and long lived boys' school such as Calvert Hall would attempt marriage in this way. 

At the meeting, Br. John assured the alumni repeatedly that the publication of this announcement had been cleared with the Archbishop's office.  He said that the two men had submitted their announcement to the school to be published in the "Weddings" section of the Cardinal, and that the school has proceeded very carefully, contacting the Archbishop's office and receiving approval before publishing the announcement. 
What followed at first was a general testimony by those at the meeting of what "good guys" the two men are and "how much" they had done for Calvert Hall.  One alumnus, however, spoke up saying that it is wrong and against nature, no matter what good guys they are. 

After the meeting, one of those present approached Br. John and was overheard explaining how wrong he felt it was to be publishing that announcement, and that the Church in no way recognizes that marriage.  Br. John said that the Church also doesn't recognize non-Catholic marriages, and they have been publishing those for years.  He also said that the magazine is calling it a wedding, not a marriage, and that there is a difference. 

The magazine was published with the announcement as promised, in first place.  Click here to see the "wedding" announcement on page 20.