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Synod primer: Explosive video featuring three prelates speaking on adultery, homosexuality in blunt terms

Our friends at Polonia Christiana have just released a truly explosive video featuring three prelates: Cardinal Raymond Burke, Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga (see here) and Bishop Athanasius Schneider. 

For those who don't understand what we're facing with Synod '15, consider the extraordinary-for-today's-standards language used in this video, surely meant to wake the Faithful up.

There is so much in this video we couldn't possibly capture it all here. But a good sample from Toronto Catholic

Archbishop Lenga: "I think there is no spirit of the Gospels nowadays. Therefore there is no great message in what the high-ranking hierarchs say. There is no great power in it. It is only a bunch of beautifully spoke words, but there is no truth in it".  

"... if we believe that homosexuals brought something into the Church, it is nothing but debauchery and licentiousness. ... The Holy Scripture beautifully says that such people will not get into Heaven." 

Bishop Schneider: "That even some Bishops in their public pronouncements contradict some respect[s] of the Catholic doctrine, especially of the moral issues." 

"It is our duty, our first duty, to be faithful to God"

Please find the video below, and spread it far and wide.