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Vatican Secretary of State: Holy Year is open to Muslims!

The Secretary of the Vatican Sate, reaffirms that there will be no step back: We are launching a campaign of mercy. The events in Paris don’t change anything in the Pope’s agenda.
November 16, 2015

Parolin, The Jubilee: “The Holy Year will be open to Muslims”

VATICAN CITY - Respond with mercy and hospitality to violence.  

The Secretary of the Vatican State, Pietro Parolin, has confirmed that the Jubilee (from December 8th 2015 to November 20th 2016) is on schedule, as the spokesman for the Holy See, Padre Lombardi had already said, and that, in fact, will be open also to Muslims. “In a world torn by violence, it is the right time to launch the campaign of mercy” said the Cardinal in an interview with the French Catholic  newspaper La Croix. “It is understandable that there are sentiments of revenge after the attacks, but we really need to resist them. The Pope wants the Jubilee to be used for people to meet each other, understand each other and  rise above hate”, explains the Secretary of the Vatican State. 

After the attacks, this endeavor appears more pressing. We receive the mercy of God in order to adopt this behavior with others. Mercy is also the most beautiful name of God for Muslims, who can also be involved in the Holy Year, as this is what the Pope wants.” …

The attacks in France show that “nobody can think they are safe from terrorism. The Vatican may be a target for its religious importance. We are able to increase the level of security measures in the Vatican and its surroundings. Let’s not allow ourselves to be paralyzed by fear” Parolin added. 

“These events change nothing in the Pope’s agenda.”

In order to respond to what happened in Paris, “ we need a general mobilization in France, Europe and the entire world. A mobilization by all the agents of security, from the police and the intelligence forces in order to root out the evil of terrorism. But [we need] also a mobilization  that reveals all the spiritual resources which give a positive response to this evil. This necessitates education in the rejection of hate as well as to respond to the young who choose the jihad. We have to call on all the players, politicians and religious, national and international.

We must truly make an effort together to fight and combat. Without this unity, this extremely hard battle will not be won. And it is necessary to involve the Muslim players, they have to be part of the solution.”…

Translation. Contributor Francesca Romana