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Archbishop: Muslims have come to occupy Europe (and some advice for Pope Francis)

An Interview with Gyula Màrfi, Archbishop of Veszprém, Hungary

By Andras Kovacs
Riscossa Cristiana
July 21, 2016

Archbishop Gyula Màrfi: “We love wolves inasmuch as they are God’s creation, but not for this would we let them loose among the sheep. The Holy Father ought not state certain things in a strong manner as then the Muslims may take revenge on the Christians of the Middle East."
It is not accidental that there is this enormous pressure on Europe regarding immigration; the motivation to conquer on the part of Muslims may play a part, but the great powers also support it – so says Gyula Màrfi, Archbishop of Veszprém, in an interview where we discussed the need to rediscover the Christian faith. It is a fundamental task to contemplate anew the Christian faith seriously.

Is Europe still Christian?

Recently I was in Poland with some pilgrims. According to the external signs, Christianity is still alive there. Along with the old churches to admire there are several new ones, built recently, and the most important thing are the numerous communities of young people. The faith is alive, but unfortunately in this Europe it isn’t visible anymore, not even in our own country.

In light of this, what does the exhortation that we need to protect Christian Europe  mean?

First of all, we need to make people understand that we are on the wrong road and we must return to our roots as quickly as possible;  given that, in Europe even now everything speaks of Christianity.  Suffice to consider our own age: Jesus was born 2016 years ago, yet, while Friday is a holiday for Muslims, and Saturday is a holiday for Jews, in Europe, Sunday is considered a holiday because Jesus rose from the dead on that day. We can see it all around us, in the architecture, in the arts, in literature and music and everywhere we are aware that the most determining values are those born of Christianity. If we throw all this away, nothing will be left for us and our culture will have lost its sense. An even graver problem is if we renounce our moral values; then sexuality, love, affection and life are all separated from each other. This way not only is an ideological vacuum created but also a demographic one.   And so the immigrants arrive.

According to some this is not a problem, rather, it’s an opportunity.

I have never dishonoured Muslims but their morality is completely different from ours. What for us is a sin, is a virtue for them. What is not such a serious fault for us, for them it’s a mortal sin. For example, to deceive a kafir (an unbeliever, one not faithful to Allah) for them is a particularly good act. We must think about this, without judging them. Nobody wants to hurt them, I  do not hate them either, actually, I wish them well and respect them. I pray for them every day.  It is not their fault that they want to occupy Europe, but ours.

So in your opinion the present migration is a also a conquest?

For Muslims the jihad is a principle which means they must expand. They must create dar-al-islam (Islamic territory) over most of the earth, and introduce the shari’ah, which is specific legislation.

Do you seriously think that even people who travel hundreds of miles with their children would want to conquer the continent?

I am sure they also have a mission of this kind, but naturally they are coming not only for this. There have always been environmental disasters and wars, but the fact that there is enormous pressure on Europe cannot be accidental, the desire for conquest may play a part.  For this the Arab banks support them. They don’t let them into Qatar or the United Arab Emirates, but give them money and urge them to immigrate here. Migration doesn’t only have causes, but has also some objectives.  For example, the destabilization of Europe and the Euro, which can instead count on support from the United States.  The third objective is concern for the workforce in certain State Members of the European Union. The multinationals have need of cheap labour, in other words, modern slaves.

Pope Francis, the Head of the Catholic Church, said recently that Christ is in the cast out immigrant. Isn’t there a contradiction here?

Jesus said “be meek as doves”, but he also said “be wise as serpents”. Just because we love wolves inasmuch as they are God’s creation, we don’t let them loose among the sheep, even if they arrive dressed like sheep. The Holy Father ought not state certain things in a strong manner as then the Muslims may take revenge on the Christians of the Middle East.
Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana