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Magdi Cristiano Allam: “The time has arrived to denounce the roots of the evil which is Islam and outlaw it”

By Magdi Christiano Allam
July 15, 2016

Good day friends.  Not to minimize in any way, the terrifying number of the dead, the tragic end of innocent citizens who thronged the promenade in Nice to watch the firework display on occasion of a national holiday and the identity of the criminal, the Islamic terrorist who perpetrated the massacre of at least 84 people, among them many children, what is extremely  important right now is that we finally acknowledge we are at war and - most especially - the enemy we have to fight and defeat: Islam.

If, however, those who govern us continue to absolve Islam by describing it as a religion of peace and love, by continuing to repeat that the Islamic terrorists are not connected to Islam, unfortunately other massacres will take place like those in Paris, Brussels, Orlando, Dacca and now Nice.

Dear friends, it is time to say enough with hypocrisy and fear. It is time now to rally and outlaw Islam in our country. Let’s move forward with our head held high and our back straight, strong in truth and courageous in freedom, to safeguard our inalienable right of being fully ourselves in our own country. Together we will make it.

For readers who understand Italian here is Magdi’s heartfelt appeal on video:

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana