Rorate Caeli

Op-Ed: End sexual harassment by ending the Sexual Revolution

The #metoo movement has firmly taken hold, and good for it. No one, women or men, should be subject to sexual harrassement in the workplace or anywhere else. Until we get to the crux of the problem, however, we will continue to spawn and nurture sexual predators and the harassment and assault will only get worse. 

Ever since the near collapse of the Church and Faith post-Vatican II, the Sexual Revolution has raged. Society tells men and women that partaking in the marital act outside of marriage is good. Self-pleasure, once a mortal sin, is good. And watching hours upon hours of pornography, where women are conquered and used as pleasure toys, is good. It’s all healthy! 

And what does the Church do? Do the men running it begin a holy counter campaign? No. 

Humanae Vitae is delayed so long it’s nearly useless at the time; Catholic schools start teaching sexual education; Theology of the Body; Amoris Laetitia; “Who am I to judge?”; unnatural orgies in the Vatican and a pope who separates procreation from the marital act by mocking couples who “breed like rabbits.” 

Both society and the Church have equally caused this mess. They’ve bred and fed the beast, and turned many men into monsters who see women not for their feminity and majesty, but as easy outlets to release their sexual frustrations, built up from years of unrealistic expectations and objectification. 

Want to stop this epidemic? Change society by starting at home, and cleanse the Church of the perverts who have run it for the last half century. Want to end sexual harassment by teaching, once again, authentic Christian sexual morality? #metoo