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A Map of Episcopal Ineptitude

This is not a map of the dioceses of Québec. This is a map of the foremost sign of the post-Conciliar age: the complete ineptitude of bishops.

Last Sunday, the most influential newspaper in the French-speaking province, once the most Traditional area of North America, La Presse, published a letter signed by 19 priests, titled "Enough is enough", denouncing the Church's teaching on the disordered condition of homosexuality. These are the names of the priests:

Archdiocese of Montréal:

1. Fr. André Anctil
2. Fr. José V. Arruda
3. Fr. Jean-Pierre Langlois
4. Fr. Claude Lefebvre
5. Fr. Claude Lussier.

Diocese of Joliette:

6. Fr. Raymond Gravel (leader of the group)
7. Fr. Eric Généreux
8. Fr. Bernard Houle
9. Fr. Pierre-Gervais Majeau
10. Fr. Guylain Prince
11.Fr. Claude Ritchie

Diocese of Saint-Jean-Longueuil:

12. Fr. Jean-Yves Cedilot
13. Fr. Jocelyn Jobin
14. Fr. Alain Léonard
15. Fr. Lucien Lemieux (professor at the University of Montréal and also a Regional Vicar for the Diocese; one of the most influential priests in Québec)

Archdiocese of Gatineau:

16. Fr. Benoît Fortin
17. Fr. Michel Lacroix
18. Fr. Claude St-Laurent

Diocese of Gaspé:

19. Fr. Jacques Pelletier

The letter affirms that the Church does not possess "the truth on human beings". "We wish that Christians listen to the life experience of their homosexual brothers and sisters". Regarding the bishops' opposition to the iniquitous "same-sex marriage" legislation approved last year in Canada, the priests asked: "Was there any trace of the compassion that marked Jesus's passage on Earth? Not a paragraph, not a sentence in your brief that takes into account the historical discrimination against homosexuals and the tragedy of their social and ecclesial exclusion."

All 19 priests were immediate suspended from their positions, right? Well, not exactly:

On Sunday, no official response was forthcoming from the Vatican or the Canadian Conference of Bishops. The Montreal diocese office was similarly quiet. Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte is out of the country, in Peru.

At Montreal's Cathedral Mary Queen of the World, however, worshippers were instructed to inform themselves and to make up their own minds on the issue.

During the 5 p.m. mass, Rev. Michel de la Chevrotiere mentioned the letter and told people it is up to them to make up their own minds. (Source)

Since the bishops won't, can you do something about it? A lay canon lawyer believes so. Read more here.


  1. Nobody from the Archdiocese of Quebec? Hmm, I thought not...

    You're pointing to something real and dire and upsetting. But there's an interesting secondary story--the dioceses with no signers. I can't believe that they have no priests with similar sentiments.

    I think I know why no priests from Quebec signed up. But I'd be interested to know about the others. This is five dioceses out of, I believe, nineteen.

  2. There is probably no backlash because the majority of novus ordo ministers are homosexual as well as a percentage of bishops. (See the book Goodbye Good men)

    So it would be a surprise if they disciplined one of their own.



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