Rorate Caeli

One year

There have been many articles regarding the first anniversary of the election of Benedict XVI, most of which filled with wild assessments (which are just as inaccurate now as they were one year ago). The truth is: there is nothing much to say. One will be able to judge this first year of the Ratzinger pontificate only in a few years or, probably, only when the next conclave meets. This first year will then be seen as either an emblematic year for the whole of the pontificate or as a serene prelude to more vigorous years.

For now, the best summary I could find was what Fr. Philippe Baud, a Swiss priest in the Diocese of Lausanne, said in this report: "Many of my interlocutors acknowledge that they do not really know what he [is doing]." Now, that is a common feeling among all sincere observers! And to think that there are already books being published about the first year... A first year whose true meaning is lost to all but Pope Ratzinger himself, the only man who knows what he has in mind.

Benedicto, Summo Pontifici et universali Papæ
pax, vita et salus perpetua.