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It is true that Bishop Fellay, in the Le Figaro article, used the expression "l'élan de réconciliation"-- but, in this case, this cannot be translated as "enthusiasm", as if Rome had "lost the interest" (as some have WRONGLY interpreted). We chose the translation "movement" because Fellay expressly used, after "l'élan de réconciliation" the word "freiné" (that is, "halted", as in "frein", the "brake" of a machine or of a car).

How on Earth could this mean that "Rome has lost the interest" if Fellay himself says that the process has been halted, DESPITE the fact that it is willed by Pope Benedict, by forces in the Vatican or elsewhere??? Rome IS the Pope; Fellay says that the Pope wills the process; therefore, Rome has lost no "enthusiasm"... but non-papal forces IN Rome or "elsewhere" have succeded in "braking" it for now.

This weblog did not originally begin as a news service, but the constant bias against all things Traditional led us to try our best to provide at least accurate translations and analyses.

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