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Segretario Bertone

La Stampa publishes the information released by the Italian news agency Apcom that the Pope has already signed the nomination of Cardinal Bertone to the position of Secretary of State, widely anticipated in the past few months. He will be the first prelate with no previous Vatican diplomatic experience to become Secretary in decades, and the first one from a religious order (he is a Salesian) nominated to the position since 1836 (Cardinal Lambruschini; except for two months in 1848 - Cardinal Orioli, OFM Conv).


  1. If this is true, it may be very noteworthy, because the Secretariate of State has been basically controlled by politicians for more than 50 years, politicians who are more insterested in politics than theology. With a religious at the helm, may be there will be a greater emphasis on theological truths throughout the entire hierarchy.

  2. Now we have another public Fatima debunker at the top.


    There's nothing quite like heightening inherent contradictions as the correlation of forces develop.

    Oops. That was a bit Marxist.

  3. Tsk. Tsk. Simon! Simon! You really mustn't see Reds under every bed! ;-) After all, they have been hiding in plain sight for over forty years now. And the Supreme Pontiff really can't help himself. Every German I ever met, with the exception of perhaps three or four of them, has been an Hegelian. Most of all, Pope Benedict XVI. One cannot understand the German psyche without this knowledge. Hegel has poisoned the air they breathe and the water they drink since his foul philosophy first filthied the earth. Even Traditionalist German Catholics are not immune (except for Robert Spaemann and perhaps the late Josef Pieper). But their Hegelianism travels in tandem with their Bismarckian, deontological worship of the State. This is a particularly pernicious pairing, since the one affects the intellect, and the other the will.

    Speaking of Bismarck (or, actually, a somewhat later ruler of the Fatherland and how he gained control of the Germany Military High Command), it seems as though a priest-friend of mine is right again about this Pope. The Truth, like Communism, is hiding in plain sight.

    First of all, we had the appointment of Cardinal Quisling---um, Levada---as Grand Inquisitor of the Holy Office. But he has actually toed the line set by Highest Authority. This suggests a return to pre-Johannine days, when Pope Pius XII was the real head of both the Holy Office and the Secretariat of State. (Oops! Rather too blatant foreshadowing. What a literary faux pas!)

    Now we see the Oberstbefehlsinhaber (that's "Supreme Commander", for all you Germanophobes)---um, I mean the Supreme Pontiff---has appointed another former underling to the Secretariat of State. In this, I have to concede again what appears to be the correctness of my priest-friend's observations about the Little Bavarian.

    If the appointment is true, this is an incredible blow to the Freemasonic-Homosexualist Establishment in the Vatican, and means again that the Pope intends to rule directly through surrogates. (I love monarchy!)

    What is so astonishing is that the Libs and Commies do not seem to see the brutal assault descending upon their front lines. Not even the usually perceptive John Allen at the National Catholic Destroyer---um, Distorter---er, Reporter---seems to have picked up on this incredible fact. Of course, not all the evolutionary humanists have been displaced from their perches. We must see what becomes of Cardinal Re in the Congregation for Bishops, and how the two Sostituti in the Segretario shape up. Lajolo has made at least a pragmatic turn to the Right, but only God knows the future.

    For myself, I only wish that the Pontifex Maximus would not make so much effort to synthesise Catholicism with secularist politics. If he continues in the same vein, no number of good Curial appointments will stem the onslaught of our enemies' counter-attack.

    Still, I give the Pope credit for an admirable start to the Reconquista! Now, if only we could recover the Left-Rhein territories so easily! (Sigh!)

  4. Petrus Radii,

    You owe the Holy Father a profound apology. Lose the pseudo-German, Sargeant Schulz-speak. You're only impressing yourself.

    Cardinal Re, from what I hear, will take Cardinal Bertone's place in Genoa to get some "pastoral experience."

    Cardinal Bertone is a worthy addition to the Vatican hierarchy as he was in the CDF. He is completely orthodox and a competent theologian. He is a Fatima debunker, because there is much to debunk about Fatima.

    Benedict never intended to lose control of the CDF. That's why he appointed Levada. Levada did not come in with great scholarly credentials. He's basically someone who takes orders and carries them out. Guess who gives the orders?

  5. Simon-Peter:

    What did Bertone "debunk" about Fatima?


    What should be debunked about Fatima?

    Petrus Radii:

    I thought your comment was kind of fun!

  6. By the way,

    I'm also interested in what will happen to Walter Kasper. I hope he'll be sent back to Germany for some "pastoral experience."

  7. Petrus,

    PLEASE be more specifc, more precise, about what your priest-friend believes the Holy Father is up to etc.

    I have my own suspicions...okay, okay, it's a hope that the Holy Father is watching very carefully who puts his head above the parapet before he raises his 98K to take them off and is preparing for a papal night of the long knives.


    Our own new Bishop here looks, from what I have been able to read, like a follower of the Holy Father, good, finally we might get some sense in this disocese of a "1001 liturgical celebrations" lesbian nuns and polo-shirted priests. And if I hear one more priest make loving / knowing Jesus an either / or proposition, or tell us we don't know who wrote the Gospel of John (that's heresy o' dear Priest, you know, not allowed) I'll scream like a girlie-man.

    Janice, come on, he was just being funny, I mean, it was funny...he didn't impress me, he wasn't trying, why would he? He made me laugh, which was his intention, surely.

    Ah...Arminius Benedictus, after gulling and lulling the enemies of justice oppressing his people, the true eagle emerges from the Teutoburg to slaughter the legions under the control and patronage of Varus Sodanius Maximus Crapus.

  8. Yeah, it will be nice to see the end of Sodano and his perpetual ability to be "flexible." One thing about Bertone. He takes the Gospel seriously and politics comes a very distant second after the Gospel and the teachings of the Church.

  9. Petrus Radii,

    Why don't you leave the bad parody to others, like Commonweal, America, or the National Catholic Reporter? They have decades of experience in ridiculing the Holy Father and are more skilled at it than you.

  10. My dear Janice,

    I am so very sorry to hear that you have lost your sense of humour through its untimely demise! That is a very great loss, indeed! I suppose, then, that you must be a Neo-Catholic, i.e., Novus Ordo conservative (which, as is also made clear in the book, "The Great Facade", is just a sort of crypto-Liberal---and we all know Liberals have no sense of humour). Pity, really. You'd be so much happier, if you could learn what Chesterton meant when he said that the great thing about Catholicism is that it "allows one to enjoy a good cigar."

    But, in all seriousness, there was not a single line of ridicule in what I wrote about Pope Benedict. I did make several serious points, important for understanding the current Supreme Pontiff, such as the problem with his heretical Hegelianism. However, I also noted that this is a cultural phenomenon amongst the Master Race---er, I mean, the German people. While he is materially in error, I in no way suggested that the Holy Father is malicious in this point.

    Along the way, I thought I would have a little fun with the situation, since I find the Pope's efforts somewhat reminiscent of military strategy. If you knew me, you would know that my politics are at least as far right as Pat Buchanan's, so the (obviously unserious!) references to recent German history were meant simply to add a lighter touch to what is already boringly old news. In fact, my military references were meant as high praise for the Vicar of Christ, and as an oblique parody of the idiotic views of the Libs about the former "Panzerkardinal".

    Besides (he said in typical, guilt-deflecting fashion), Simon-Peter started it! ;-) His "Marxist" remark almost demanded a funny reply, and so I felt a duty to oblige him. (You know: delusions of grandeur and a Messiah complex on my part!)

    If I had wanted to ridicule the Pope, it would have been a full-bore, frontal attack, not some sissified, face-saving salvo disguised as what Liberals try to pass off as humour.

    Cardinal Bertone, as I recall, is no friend of the Traditional Latin Mass, which is cause for some concern---although I am open to correction on this point. I also seem to recall that he has a few views which are theologically very problematic, although I'm afraid that I can't recall specifics anymore. But I'd much rather have him as Secretary of State, than as Grand Inquisitor.

    And, pray tell, what could possibly need "debunking" in the Fatima apparitions and messages? Prayer? Penance? The five First Saturdays? The Miracle of the Sun? What? The only thing about Fatima which truly needs debunking is the categorically false, specious, tendentious, bald-faced lie of an "official interpretation" of the Third Secret. I don't know how then-Cardinal Ratzinger justified such silliness to his conscience, since he knows the contents of that secret, and gave to indicate in a conference I attended years ago, that the secret is something entirely different than the "official" story, which appeared much later.

    Cardinal Re is more powerful, and more dangerous, than Cardinal Sodano, so I don't speculate as to his future. As for Cardinal Kasper, the Unfriendly Ghost, he is at least mouthing the right words now. But he is certainly an heretic, and possibly an apostate. His "pastoral experience" in the past nearly destroyed the Diocese of Rothenburg-Stuttgart. Make him chaplain to nuns in Tago-Tagoland, instead!

  11. To: General-Feldmarschall a.D. (retired General-Field Marshall) Simon-Peter

    From: Castle Ratzinger


    Not much more information is readily available about target code-named "Little Bavarian". Target appears intent on countering efforts of Fifth Column in Europe and elsewhere, but is often thwarted by agents of the Lodge at the highest levels.

    Outcome of LB's efforts to annex Europe to the Papal States uncertain at this juncture. We do not have an accurate count of LB's army divisions at present time.

  12. Petrus Radii,

    Why do you always go the Naziis when you discuss Pope Benedict? Give me your ethnic origin and I'll supply a few racial and ethnic slurs. If you can dish it out you should be able to take it.

  13. We ought not insult nationality, however, as this is not appropriate. This tars discussion with racism and ethnophobia. Otherwise this will blight the factual nature of essential & vaid observations which surround the sodomist lobby that exists in The Vatican and which panders to the very worst aspects of modernist thought.

    One factor which is sure with the current pontiff and has nothing to do with his nationality - he has a penchant for modernist thinking like his predecessor who was not the same nationality. These in turn have provided a current of continuity of action with an Italian liberal pope. Therefore, nationality is irrelevant to the debate. Perhaps being European, if such a phenomenon exists, is not.

    Correct me if I'm wrong here but it is peculiar that Levada should be cited as one who carries out orders only. Does this explain why he has promoted sodomist unions in USA and been at the helm of two bankrupted dioceses [due to sex assault settlements?] there also? Wasn't he really hauled out of USA into The Vatican to give him immunity to prosecution in his own country? That evidently did not work as he has been indicted to answer a summons there (or the integrity of his American passport was under threat, reports claim).

  14. Nationality, English:
    Fan of: St. Boniface and his axe.
    Likes: this Pope.
    Likes: Germanic peoples.

    Feel free to insult ;-).

    Nationality is absolutely not irrelevant to this. The Holy Father is German, upper Bavarian, right next to Austria. It is unwise to ignore this as being ipso facto of no measure. Neither will it explain everything, of course.

    Some are obsessed with or equate German with is quite the opposite...there are those who, deep down, think that bubbling beneath the surface of every German is some Nazi or Prussian Junker just waiting to get out.

    Liberals think like this.

    I don't think anyone is insulting the Holy Father's ethnicity. For those of us who actually have one, not being some boiled melange where we think we're Irish or something 'cos we once had a pint of Guinness, there is all the difference in the world between taking a playful poke and downright despising someone simply because they wear leather shorts and can burp the 9th to the tune of "she'll be coming round the mountain."

    Do I hate or despise southern Germans / Austrians / Swiss?

    To quote Edmund Blackadder:
    "Wales? Ghastly place. Hordes of tough, sinewy men, terrroizing the countryside with their close-harmony singing. As to the place need a pint of phlegm in your throat just to pronounce them."

    Does this mean I hate or despise the Welsh?

    Now, I think it fair to say that that late Polish Holy Father was in the opinion of many Catholics the Catholic version of der Grosster Feldherr aller Zeit(en).

    That's just for Petrus.

    Now the fact I use the term GROFAZ to get at the attitude of some Catholics to the late Holy Father is not a comment on substance, it's a comment on these certain Catholics ATTITUDE to him. Only a person with malicious intent, a person mendacious in extremis, could possibly think such a thing had anything to do with substance.

    Cardinal Re? He'll "retire" soon enough. The Holy Father I trust will slowly pick off one at a time those for whom picking off is required, and when he determines the time apposite, one swift kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down.

    That's just for Petrus too.

    However, if the point is that we should not use any terms or allusions that even smell of you know what, despite our intentions (which will be misunderstood) I think you are not wrong.

    Thus, aside from the above, that's it for me.

    This is for you Janice:

  15. Mack,

    Levada does carry out orders only. Benedict runs the CDF. Levada recently (last few months) sent Vatican orders to the Archdiocese of San Francisco, saying that Catholic Charities there could not promote same-sex adoptions and APOLOGIZED for his promotion of them when he himself was archbishop there. No doubt, this was on orders of Pope Benedict. Levada also returned to San Francisco to respond to charges of clerical sexual abuse right after he was named to head the CDF and was not arrested there, so I assume that he was not the one the police were looking for.

    As to Simon Peter, I was not serious when I asked for ethnic identities, since I think that Petrus Radii's slurs on Pope Benedict are juvenile and racist. Why does everyone always have to go back to the Nazis to make their puerile points? Just grow up!

  16. If one knows any history of the Church at all, then one will see immediately the innanity of criticizing any Pope, esp. this one, for appointing men who will do his will in the curia.

    After all, is that not what the curia is supposed to do?

    But as for Archbishop Bertone being a Fatima Debunker, he said at the now famous Revelation of the Secret Conference, presided over then then Cardinal Ratzinger, that Ratzinger's statemens and the CDF explanation, were not infallible. Something he said ex tempore, and I think this reflects at least that he is a man of greater honesty than seems to be conceded by his critics on this blog.

  17. P.S.

    And if you think there is a lot worthy to criticize in Fatima, I say you are very sadly decived; rather, Our Lady came to Fatima in response to Pope Benedict XV's entrustment of the end of WWI to Her. And in that apparition and its revelations lay the solution to all the problems in the Church and Word since that time, the greatest miracle witnessed since Pentecost day, and the salvation of 100,000,000 of souls until the end of time.

  18. "I think that Petrus Radii's slurs on Pope Benedict are juvenile and racist. Why does everyone always have to go back to the Nazis to make their puerile points? Just grow up!'

    We're just going to have to agree to disagree. I don't think he is guilty of what you think. I don't think his comments were racist.

    I'm NOT a critic of Bertone. I am critical of what he said, publicly, on one occassion, because I think he has made a mistake, and he knows "that Ratzinger's statements and the CDF explanation, were not infallible."

    Just as my belief that the Pope in white is actually this one (oh, the irony) and that the Holy Father who will consecrate Russia is actually this one (oh, the irony).

    This was the thinking behind my initial statement:

    "There's nothing quite like heightening inherent contradictions as the correlation of forces develop."

    Bertone is a Salesian and of John Bosco to boot, and THAT is important to look at. I think it would be uncharitable for me to assume he is not faithful to Fancis De Sales, thus, from the beginning I concur that "With a religious at the helm, may be there will be a greater emphasis on theological truths throughout the entire hierarchy."

    Anyway, Bertone is another alpine / foothills type like the Pope. The Alps ought to inspire...

  19. My very dear Janice,

    You really ought to take a deep breath, get up fromt the computer, and go have a couple of gin-and-tonics before coming back.

    There is nothing in my posts which can be construed as "racist" or "ethnophobic", let alone as a "slur" against the reigning Pontifex Maximus. Unless, of course, one has an overly active imagination and is looking to be offended. You are also quite ignorant of history, if you honestly believe that all my historico-military comments vis-à-vis the Pope refer to the Twelve-Year-Reich.

    If you were nonplussed by the subtlety of my humour, you might have asked simply what I meant by my remarks, and I would have been happy to explain. (I explained anyhow, but you obviously did not read that post!) You really need a refresher course on the subject of "rash judgement", since that is clearly what you are engaging in against me. Your behaviour is unjustified and does not reflect well on you. You ought to take the time to aim before you fire off your artillery!

    By the way, I am mostly of English heritage (you know: the chaps who invented concentration camps), and often feel a genetically motivated urge to lord it over the Irish. ;-) After that, I am Italian, German, French, Scotch-Irish, and Pennsylvania Dutch, with the possibility of other nationalities thrown in for the sake of confusion. You needn't waste your time trying to insult any one of those peoples, as I am quite capable of doing it myself, especially after having lived in Europe for a number of years. I, for one, enjoy ethnic jokes. If one cannot laugh at oneself, one is in a sad state, indeed.

    Perhaps St. Anthony can help you find your sense of humour, which is so evidently lost.

  20. " I am quite capable of doing it myself,"

    I know, me too.

    As that famous Englishman (from my home county) Stan Laurel once said:
    "He who filches my good name filters trash."
    see Othello, III, iii.

    I think all peoples have some endearing and peculiar tendencies, proclivities, habits. I enjoy them very much. Some, I prefer over others and some, not many to be honest, leave me cold, but then again, I'm sure some of the habits etc. of the Eng. leave others cold. And I know my wife objects to my habit of eating cheese sandwiches in bed whilst reading.

    For me, it is not an either / or. It's not just the other man as a man that I want to know, its the other man as a Mongol, Palestinian, Bantu, Malay, Icelander etc.

    After so much kumbaya I'll end with...if you prick the Magyar / Turk / Zulu does he not bleed?
    see MerchantOV, III, i.

  21. simon-peter ... send me your email address. lumen_gentleman at yahoo dot com. If you don't mind. ;-)

  22. Okay.

    Sorry about the scanning, I am having problems with the arrangements backstage.

    It has been done.

  23. So, if nationality has something relevant to offer then we should damningly indict Anglo-Saxons who were at the head of the abortionist lobby and who have imposed, by linguistic subterfuge, their language on the liturgy, since everywhere I travel I notice there is always an English Bugnini service in NO masonic temples. In this case, if hypothesis is demonstrated valid, then which is worse being German or being English.

    For me The Christ has given us the perfect answer - let him who is without guilt cast the first stone.
    We should keepnationality out of the equation - it is irrelevant.

  24. Nationality is irrelevant? Righto. This is like saying the psychology of a crime and the criminal is irrelevant to the real solution.
    Well, you try and understand this Pope through the lens of an American then.

    I know Americans are poor with this kind of stuff, being as they don't really know whether they are descendents of asses or lasses so I'll start you off with a little definition as you look for a G-L-O-B-E to get things going.

    Sea: big blue wobbly thing that mermaids live in.

    Now if you write that on one of your SATS you'll proably get a very good grade.

    Good luck.

    Feel free to indict the English and the Germans, I don't care in the slightest. Indict women as well whilst your at it.

    You think nationality is irrelevant? I love it when Americans talk like this, it is so transparent.

  25. You will receive much more light if you analyse and discern through Sacred Scripture and The Traditional Faith. This reveals far more about the NO church hierarchy and its tortuous thinking and behaviour than through ethnic assessment: the latter being irrelevant.

    On the subject of debunking Fatima - we need to debunk the debunkers. The modernist papacy needs a thorough debunking in public. Fatima is but one of many issues where this is concerned. When I hear someone claiming today one cardinal or another is "orthodox" I have to ask myself what "orthodox" do they mean? This is a label bearing immense ambiguity.

  26. You attitude to nationality / culture / upbringing / linguistics / sociological development is unusual.

    It seems to be that because it won't answer all questions, it won't answer any, and because it won't answer any question absolutely, it won't answer any question to any degree.

    Protestants have this curious idea that simply because scripture is "profitable" it is also necessary and sufficient, but scripture is neither.

    You believe that because "nationality" is neither necessary (I disagree; thinking it is to understand the totality of what makes a man, a man; and this man who was man before he was a priest, before he was Pope) nor sufficient (and there we would agree) it is therefore not profitable.

    But it is profitable, a simple help. To understand him. To learn from him. To correct him in fraternal charity. To emulate his strengths. To avoid his mistakes.

    There are errors which are objective. There are errors having root in the subjective.

    Ignoring "nationality" in one as irrelevant is right. In the other, it is a grave mistake. You are, as it were, cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  27. Listen S-P:

    I'm a Scot.

    The motto of the kings of Scotland is: nemo me impune lacessit, which, roughly translated, means "if you cross me I'll eat your face!"

    My clan motto (Barclay) is: aut augere aut mori, which, roughly speaking, means "I'll fight you till you die and I win."

    My ancestors fought with Robert the Bruce and mostly lost and got hanged, drawn, and quartered.

    So how do you account for the fact that I'm such a nice guy and gentle soul?

    Ratzinger doesn't stink because he's a Kraut, he stinks because he's a Ratzinger. On the other hand, it was no coincidence that the damage at Vatican II was accomplished by the Rhine boys.

    Remember, Hitler loved dogs.

    Go figure!


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