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Unabridged Guéranger

This is not a piece of urgent news, but it is one of best additions to the web in recent memory: the unabridged versions of Dom Prosper Guéranger's Institutions Liturgiques and L'Année Liturgique (The Liturgical Year), in French.

Other works of this most admirable man - Homo Ecclesiæ, as Pope Blessed Pius IX called him - are available in this website, of which we had not been aware, hosted by the Abbey of Saint Benoît de Port-Valais, Switzerland.

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  1. Best Traditional news of the current pontificate!

  2. Instead of allowing native, inculturated, Neo-Gallican (=French nationalist) chant, Venerable Dom Guéranger OSB went back to the real sources, not to invented sources like the false archeologists and modernsitic liturgists of the Bugnini tendency. May Guéranger intercede for us with the Lord, that we may ever discover more beauty and richness in our Roman liturgy!

  3. An interesting observation is if Dom Gueranger is beatified eventually will he have to suffer from Heaven an NO service of beatification (and canonisation)as did Padre Pio? Both these great, great figures of Traditional Roman Catholicism deserve more than this.
    It is a type of distasteful Bugnini postscriptum.

    Dom Gueranger's influence is most urgently required in many a Benedictine house today. His beatification may provide some symbolic impetus toward a true restoration and an end to liturgical modernist barbarism.

  4. Mack,

    His influence already permeates all of Solesmes houses, including all of Fontgombault's, Le Barroux, Clear Creek here in the US, and other daughter houses. Several hundred monks and nuns read him and study his writings and sing the glorious Gregorian Chant in that most beautiful of manners (the Solesmes Method -- here I disagree with Domenico Bertolucci and his characterization of chant as a war like song, or words to that effect). There is much hope from the quiet work of these giants, as well as the Carthusians and Carmelites and other traditional orders. I think we, traditionalists, should in the manner of a Dr. John Senior, adopt a modified Benedictine lifestyle of prayer, suitable to laymen. For that, Dom Gueranger's works will be invaluable.

  5. This is wonderful to hear.

    Although I am not in UK anymore, many Benedictine houses have become NO flabby and sing English. One of the houses to which I had strong childhood attachment jettisoned Latin wholesale and plunged from 40 strong in 1960s to a miserable aging 14 today. They were also involved in a sodomite scandal years ago. It is pathetic to think they cannot understand how bequests such as Gueranger's, for example, are necessary to the spiritual lifeblood of a religious community. In USA and France there is enough tradition to feel it has future. In UK, while NO church is heading for oblivion, tradition in monastic houses is but a bare shadow of former times.


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