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For the record

Two Italian news sites, the political newsletter "Il Velino" and the Catholic "Korazym" (in a thorough article on the latest events), mention an inter-dicasterial meeting next week (on November 15), between those Curial authorities involved with the document on the liberalization of the Traditional rites of the Latin Church.

Both articles also mention dates for the release of the document which range from after Christmas to Epiphany. And one of the articles mentions a removal, by Easter, of the excommunications of the bishops consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre and co-consecrated by Bishop Castro Mayer in 1988. (We remain, as we have always been, extremely skeptical of specific dates, especially those which coincide with great feasts of the Church.)


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  2. I am losing my hope. I suppose we'll have it by the greek calends...
    Thank you, my God, for Saint Pius V and his Bull "Quo Primum"!

  3. I hope that the pope returns safely from Turkey.

  4. Quite. We must rely on the protection of the Holy Spirit. I couldn't be more worried if he were travelling to Bulgaria itself. But we've known going in this won't be easy. Neither Satan nor those he influences wants to see this indult come to pass. Pray for the safety of our Holy Father, Benedict XVI.

  5. Let me be clear about one thing, which should be obvious, but often is not: we mention what has been reported elsewhere, especially because it is helpful to track these reports and understand afterwards how a rumor got started; but the articles' authors themselves are solely responsible for their content. We merely translate them or present them to the much wider English-speaking audience.

    This message is meant especially for some very bitter members of a well-known forum. As always, "we report, you decide"...

  6. There is no place for a Christian - much less a traditionalist - to ever "lose hope." Our hope is founded on the immutable promises of Christ, which cannot pass away. The Church is in good hands.

    Now seems a most appropriate time to recall and pray together an Act of Hope.

  7. Precisely - Faith, HOPE and Charity. These are eternal divine graces. Amidst all the modernist brouhaha Charity, we know from Our Blessed Lord, is the greatest of these. However, let us be clear in a traditional manner about this. Charity does not mean indulging falsehoods. Neither does it mean letting the enemies of truth force us into accepting what we know and understand to be unacceptable. Convergence, universal salvation, modernistic ecumenism & interfaith obsessiveness and the NO liturgy are unacceptable as they stand in the post-conciliar epoch.

    Do not let go of Hope since it should be rooted in a firm and well-informed Faith.

    The motto of the local monastery next door to where I grew up stated boldly - "Ex tenebrae lux".

    They went NO after the infamous Councils and have plummeted from 40 vibrantly youthful monks to 14 mostly very elderly gentlemen on the point of ceding their modern conciliar mausoleum of a building for 60 + to return to their old hunting lodge style house. Extinction awaits and they know it.

    There is the light - avoid modernistic novelties which are the darkness.

    Live in Hope.

  8. For the record ...

    A hope (small 'h' not meaning the virtue), is a desire for some future good, which is hard to attain, but not impossible.

    The virtue Hope is the desire for our one true end (God), which is hard to attain, but (given that God grants us enough grace to obtain this end) it is most certainly not impossible.

    A man who refuses to confess his sins because they are "unforgivable" lacks Hope. A man who refuses to believe rumors which more and more seem but pipe dreams, is grounded and realistic, not lacking in hope.

    It is a perversion of the term "Hope" to think it means we should expect that the Holy Father will issue some document.

    Just as Charity is not always being nice (but sometimes calling someone out on the carpet), Hope is not a desire for happy things, nor a blind trust in the Pope or any man, but a desire for grace sufficient to attain Heaven ... even if that grace manifests as a weak Pastor or pastors.

    I have plenty of Hope. But I'll believe in this "document" when it is promulgated.

    One thing I'm considering, however. How is this a "Moto Proprio" when it has to go through consultations and such things. I thought that was what was called an Encyclical Letter.

  9. No, it would not be an encyclical letter, which has a predominantly doctrinal nature, rather than a mixed doctrinal-juridical nature. Almost all pontifical documents go through extensive consultations.

    A "Motu proprio" may bear the structure of different kinds of papal documents, but its defining aspect is that it is a project begun by the will of the pope himself, which does not mean that it is not the object of consultations and suggestions, which may be accepted by the Superior Authority or not.


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