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Exactly one year ago, the reigning Roman Pontiff made the most important (though not his most famous, after the "Regensburg affair"...) speech in his pontificate: his Christmas address to the Roman Curia.

We are quite glad that this blog was the very first English-language medium to report the speech, minutes after it was pronounced, an address which was at the time mostly ignored by the mainstream Catholic media for weeks. "Progressive" Catholic journalists and bloggers would ignore it for almost one month... Our first series of articles was dedicated to it, which we called the "Epoch-making Speech", a definition which we uphold.

Its main thrust: to establish the basis for a "hermeneutics of continuity", that is, of continuity between the bimillenial Tradition of the Church before 1962 and the complex content of the Vatican II documents themselves and their confusing aftermath. We still believe that a good foundation was laid with that speech, but nothing was conspicuously built on it in the past 12 months (maybe this year's address to the Curia, to be delivered in the Roman morning of this December 22, will give us some clue of what may happen).

The bitter fruits of the Council cannot be denied by an impartial observer based on their effects on the Church, and two interesting pieces of news published this Thursday confirm this fact once again.

In France, the pollsters of the CSA Institute have just announced that 23% of French Catholics believe that Our Lord was "a man like any other"...

And John Allen (one of those who ignored the December 22, 2005 speech for several weeks) mentions the not very well known conclusion by Philip Berryman (but self-evident to any superficial observer of Latin-American Catholicism) that one of the main causes of the Pentecostal explosion in Latin America in the past forty years was the "alienation from recent trends in Catholicism (such as the relaxation of tradition, for example Mass in the vernacular)".

May we never forget to pray for the Holy Father.

P.S. One correspondent reminds us that the Holy Father received the Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, Archbishop Ranjith, in a previously unannounced audience this Thursday.


  1. Talking about "bitter" fruits from the II Vatican Council can be mentioned the acknowledgement that the hierarchy has been lying the faithful, as evidenced by the practice of the church of saying one thing in Latin, and another differently in vernacular language. How could popes Paul VI and John Paul II allowed this to happen? The Church is so corrupt that it has lost sight of what is true and what is false. It just doesn't see this terrible sin. It has lost the sense of what is sin and what is not. The doctrine of the faith has become a selling commodity in the Catholic Church. After the II Vatican Council, the Catholic Church failed to world and to God in its mission on this earth. AMDG.

  2. "the hierarchy has been lying the faithful"

    That is an ... unfortunate ... typo.

    It could be misinterpreted several ways, but still be true.

  3. Or should I say "the hierarchy has been lying to the faitful"? AMDG.

  4. Sometimes someone says something significant but it is ignored because it doesn' conform to the progressive agenda and also to the pollyannish approach to current church problems-there are none.About four years ago a nun who was somewhere in the then USCC bureaucracy mentioned that one of the reasons the fundamentalists made such inroads among the native south american population was the dropping of Latin from the Mass.When I read it I could not beleive someone workingin the USCC-USCB could harbour such a truth.But she was never heard from again.A woman who is a lecturer on art and also a church musician took a trip to South America.She said she was surprised that in her lengthy trip across many countries that she never heard ONCE any latin sung.

  5. Humboldt said:

    "The Church is so corrupt that it has lost sight of what is true and what is false. It just doesn't see this terrible sin. It has lost the sense of what is sin and what is not."


    By the way: I was just thinking in the sixteenth chapter of Saint Matthew: et portae inferi non praevalebunt...

  6. The Novus Ordo hit the hardest in Latin America, after all Latin America became the recipient of the the garbage theology that non-traditional european theologians cooked. So indeed Latin America, which was once a bastion of traditionalism, is no longer so, let's remember that the heretic Liberation Theology (produced by europeans) found in Latin America a natural haven, encouraged by neo-communists at the Vatican and communist clergy in Latin America (don't you remember the guerrilla priests). I think that Latin America will be the most difficult arena for a possible return of the Tridentine Rite in the Catholic Church.

    I ask el Sacristán to translate into vernacular language, to us, his or her latin expression. As for my statement it is true, and if you don't see lying in the issue at hand, then your morality is very much in tune with the relativists who have been governing the Church since Paul VI. In morality there are not gray areas, either is right or is wrong.

    I think that in no other time has the catholic faith been the subject of such a relentless and hineous attack from within. And this attack has come from within, from the very heart of the Church: the papacy (Paul VI, and JPII who did not dare to confront Paul VI's terrible legacy, and JPII recognized this at the end of his days).

    At no other time has the faith been the subject of so much mercantilism, as it has been now. Whole publishers and foundations, (with the complicity and complaisaincy of the papacy), have been sacking the poor catholic faitful, exposing them to hineous doctrines, while the pope stood still.

    I thank God for Ronald Reagan (R.I.P. and may God have him at his side, I am sure he is), who was a light in a dark age. The United States, at that time, saved the world from communism, not John Paul II (R.I.P.). Of course the United States of now, is not that of Ronald Reagan (R.I.P.).


    AMDG (by the way just because I invoke the Ignatian motto, doesn't mean that I am a follower of the present Jesuit order. In fact it is quite the contrary). AMDG

  7. Humboldt,

    It means the gates of hell shall not prevail, it is not an expression but our Lord's words in the vulgate.

    Lastly, Reagan did not destroy communism, he only helped destroy the Soviet Union. Only our Blessed Lady will destroy communism, when a Pope will finally consecrate Russia to her, not the world.

  8. athanasius, I did not say that Reagan destroyed communism, but he SAVED the world from communism. The Soviet empire has fallen, and although the Soviet empire was bound to fall, it could have fallen destroying a lot of peoples. Reagan saved the world from that, because under Jimmy Carter the United States was completely in decadence. What is has not fallen is the basic principle behind communism, which is liberalism, and this only Our Lady can defeat.

    The Catholic Church failed, in the last forty years of the XXth century, to save it from totalitarianism. Let's remember that under Paul VI the church openly flirted with marxism, not in order to change, but in order to find a way to cohexist with marxism. Ronald Reagan spoke cleary of the "evil empire", the Catholic Church did not.

    In Latin America, in spite of the Catholic Church (which did nothing to combat marxism), it was the US that lead the charge against that evil doctrine. The Catholic Church never condemned the evil regime of Cuba.


  9. Don Humboldt said:
    "I ask el Sacristán to translate into vernacular language, to us, his or her latin expression"

    Well, your wish is my command: "the gates of hell shall not prevail", the words of Our Lord ensuring the indefectibility of the Church.

    " In morality there are not gray areas, either is right or is wrong"


    Welcome to the wonderful world of jansenism!

    But it is not so wonderful as the world of reaganism...

    Let's see a summary of this doctrine:

    REAGAN: "was a light in a dark age".
    The autentic Lumen Gentium!

    THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: ruled by relativists (=heretics)

    REAGAN: saved the world from the Evil Empire

    THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: openly flirted with the Evil Empire

    REAGAN: was a gift from God ("I thank God for Ronald Reagan)

    THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: failed. (Ronald Reagan spoke cleary of the "evil empire", the Catholic Church did not.)

    REAGAN: is now with God

    THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: is so corrupt...

    Quoting Mr Louis Armstrong (RIP): it´s really a wonderful world!!

    Don Humboldt also said:
    "I think that Latin America will be the most difficult arena for a possible return of the Tridentine Rite in the Catholic Church"

    Cum modestia, I recommend you to read my humble blog and you will know a few facts : 1) In only three months the Latin American District Institute of the Good Sheperd (with only two incardinated priests) has now like 30 young men aspiring to the priesthood from all over the Americas. 1) Today the Superior General Fr. Navas is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, making the last steps in order to establish the Pre-Seminary of the Americas. 3) A lot of diocesan priests (including two in the USA) have contacted the IBP asking for incardination 4) The simple peasant people of Peru or Mexico have always demonstrated their love for the traditional liturgy.

    The Liberation Theology is now dead. Mr Boff is now an ecotheologist or something like that and Fr. Gutierrez is a teacher in Notre Dame University.
    Our lands are the last Catholic countries in the world. That is a simple fact that you can realize only by visiting Peru or Colombia, for example. The multitudinous processions, the vocations, the practice of the Sacraments, the love to our Blessed Mother, etc...

    I am always surprised by the ways and customs of some traditionalist catholics of the de-christianized and wealthy West, half pious and half weird, trying to convince everyone that we are in some kind of wasteland and twisting from the most irrational enthusiasm with the first "motu proprio" rumor to a total distrust and paranoia the next day.

    Finally, if the Church is in such terrible situation -almost destroyed-, wouldn`t you be in the desert making penance for the Church -and learning some latin too- and not losing your time writing a bloggistic hagiography of Mr. Ronald Reagan?

    P. S.:
    1) By the way, Mr Reagan was a presbyterian and if you think that he is with God now...well, what a relief! you are not a feeneyite then!
    2) The USA was not always such a Holy People who fought against totalitarism and saved Latin America from communism. Remember the 20s. Fr. Wlodomir Ledochowsky, superior General of the SJ, told a group of mexican jesuits that the international free-masonry and the USA had the determination of "wipe out" the influence of the Catholic Church in Mexico.

    Feliz Navidad a todos!!

  10. Dear El Sacristán,


    Thank you very much for your latest posting. Perhaps I let myself be carried away with the case of Ronald Reagan. I don't know for sure if he is in heaven, but I think that as US president he did quite a fine job. Of course the US is not paradise but the US has changed a lot, althought there is still quite a lot of bad people there, and people that have power.

    Let's remember that just about 40 years ago blacks were fighting on the streets for equal rights; and the US has been the home of anti-catholic KKK and many other neo-facists demons, but certainly not as bad as communism.

    I happy that you share the information about the progress of the Institute of the Good Shepard in South America. I am happily surprised because it is clearly a sourge and speaks volumes about the place of tradition among simple latin american. And I know that in Peru or Mexico, peasants continue to be traditionalistsm (let's give thanks to God). I am surprise that in Brazil the Institue is finding such a wam welcome, since Cardinal Hummes (German-Brazilian and prefect at the Vatican)is portrayed as "progressivists" and in effect representative of the Brazilian episcopate.

    As for Liberation Theology, I think that the most brunt form of it is dead, thanks to JPII. However, the fundamental principles of it are not, and additional actions must be taken by the Pope in order to uproot once and for all this cancer from the Mystical Body of Christ. Of course we now enter into the realms of the secularist philosophy that has contaminated many catholic universites and even pontifical ones.

    As for Gutierrez, what an irony that he ended up in Notre Dame University, a so called catholic university, that in reality has very little of catholic, only the name and the arquitecture.

    Certainly the US hierarchy at the time, hated Ronald Reagan and many bishops sided with Liberation Theology, supporting it in Central America. What an irony! This also speaks volumes of the state of the Cathoilic Church in developed countries.

    By the way I don't know what jansenism is.

    Thank you and please excuse my violent words.




  11. I was surprised to learn that then professor Joseph Ratzinger patronized the doctoral thesis of Leonardo Boff. Definetly Joseph Ratzinger has a long tail (in the good sense of the expression.) Do you know that there is even an astrorid that has been named "asteroid Ratzinger"? This man will be emblematic of a whole period in the history of the Catholic Church and of Europe. AMDG.

  12. Dears:

    Ratzinger is the more important cahtolic churchmen since the Council of Trent -the last five hundred years-.

    John Paul II was only a puppet of Ratzinger in important -faith & moral- matters. Ratzinger has designed the form of the Church since the 1978 conclave in the afthermath of Vatican II. And, like Saint Pius V, he is an orthodox catholic -some traditionalist guys could have doubts about this- and a saint from head to toes.

    The typical emblematic catholic for all ages.


  13. Has anybody else noticed that the Holy Father has decided to replace the awful Paul VI-style armchairs with a true, traditional Papal throne for today's speech to the Roman Curia?

    Another sign of hope... spead the news!

  14. "John Paul II was only a puppet of Ratzinger in important -faith & moral- matters."

    That is an absurd statement.

  15. Yes, the use of one of the actual Vatican thrones was widely noticed in Italy.

  16. The faster Benedict XVI runs away from Paul VI's government culture, the better for the Church. AMDG.

  17. "Has anybody else noticed that the Holy Father has decided to replace the awful Paul VI-style armchairs with a true, traditional Papal throne for today's speech to the Roman Curia?"

    Yes, I saw it and thought to myself, "Now there is a real throne." I shall continue to pray that he finds the more traditional miters and vestments in the Vatican sacristies.

  18. What Benedict XVI should bring back is the "sedia gestatoria", that has been forgotten just to please the iconoclastics inside the church. By the way the sedia and the triple tiara are NOT symbols of the IMPERIAL papacy, but rather they are the symbols of the best that man offers God's worship. Besides the "sedia gestatoria" is the best tool for the masses to see the person of the pope. They are an instrument for the nourishment of people's faith. But since the last two popes are more interested in pleasing iconoclast than in pleasing God, then we have to put up with the wimps of the current popes, which does not make them holier, on contrary. We must for humility to return to the Holy See. AMDG.

  19. WE must pray for humility to return to the Holy See. AMDG.

  20. Anonymous11:31 PM

    The OTT "throne" used for the Auguri della Curia last week can hardly be called traditional, considering that it is newer than the one used last year (notice the arms of Leo XIII). The comparatively modest chair used in 2005 has been in continuous use by popes since Pio Nono (of course it has been reupholstered in a simpler style). Sceptics can check with the Prefecture of the Papal Household!


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