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Fellay speaks to The Remnant

In an interview by Brian Mershon, published by The Remnant, the Superior-General of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX/FSSPX), Bishop Bernard Fellay, adds some new information.

(1) The letter with the "Bouquet of rosaries" sent by the FSSPX to the Pope asking for, among others, the freedom of the Traditional Mass, has been sent:

The letter has not yet been published. It has been sent, but it has not been published, so I cannot say much.
(2) The future liberalization of the Traditional Mass:

Personally, I do not think things will happen that way. I do not see the big heat wave immediately after the publication of greater permission for celebration of the Mass. ...
I’m sure that especially among younger priests, this expectation is there. There remains the possibility, and that will depend upon what is, or will be, in this famous motu proprio. And there I cannot say much because I have no idea what it is.

There is an expectation. And just speaking about the possibility of having a motu proprio is spreading the appetite around. I’m pretty sure there will be an interest everywhere.
(3) Was the motu proprio signed?

My knowledge is zero. ... I was pretty sure before it had been signed, yes. So the fact it has been put again on the desk, it means definitely, the French bishops are mighty. That’s all I can say because I really don’t know more. But I was pretty sure it had already been signed.

(4) The contents of the letters sent by the Holy See:

There are not so many letters. In fact, let me think… There is one letter of Cardinal Castrillón. And then of course greetings for my election [Ed. Note: Bishop Fellay’s re-election as Superior General in July 2006]. I don’t know if you want to count that or not. There is nothing more than that. And then I answered this letter of Cardinal Castrillón. It [Ed. Note: The letter Bishop Fellay wrote] is more like “Why don’t you answer? Why don’t you move?”

It does not yet deal with in-depth things. There are openings. There are invitations to go ahead and so on. And we say, “Please, first do the preconditions.” This is the kind of thing we have asked since the year 2000.
(5) Vatican II and doctrinal discussions:

The Church needs to go back to the principles, to the solid. Vatican II is like plastic. It’s not solid. It’s ambiguous. It’s inconsistent. Even discussing Vatican II is not going to bring you much. We have to go back to the solid. If the discussions bring us to that point, then fine. But if the base of the discussions is Vatican II, then forget it.
(6) On a canonical structure for the SSPX:

The Vatican has never brought us any kind of blueprint of our future structure. The only thing they said in 2003, it was something between an apostolic administration, a personal prelature and a military ordinariate. So it was something in between these. They said they didn’t have a name for it. This was the only thing we know. We don’t know much, and since then, we have never had any concrete discussions on this topic.
(7) On "Traditionalist ecumenism":

...the great majority of the Ecclesia Dei movement sticks to the Mass, but not to the doctrine. They have already swallowed the poison. So, I don’t see any big traditionalist ecumenism.


  1. "They have already swallowed the poison".

    The Vatican II (Church Magisterium) is a "poison" for SSPXers.

    Pray for the conversion of traditionalist to Catholic faith. Really, the demon is not only inflitrated in Holy Church, but in the schismatic tradionalism too.

  2. Anonymous7:31 PM

    First of all, "they are not in schism" (as literally afirmed in the famous interview with Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos).

    Second, His Excellency Bishop Fellay didn´t say the Vatican II was "poison". You´ve just made it up.

    Read the interview again: he simply said it was "plastic".

    The true poison is the modernism embedded in the "Vatican II spirit"...

  3. Anonymous8:25 PM

    A Roman source tells me the Pope has been badly wounded by the betrayal of his Curia in the Polish affair. Please pray for him. Perhaps he will realise who his true friends are. Perhaps he will soon give us the motu proprio, notwithstanding the protests of those slimy prelates.

  4. I must admit I am beginning to fear that a motu proprio freeing up the Traditional Mass will only serve to increasingly blur the doctrinal lines.

    You will have increasing numbers of neo-Catholics, even modernists, attending the TLM and thereby preventing the formation of authentic (i.e., traditional) Catholic communities (as can be most closely found in SSPX priory communities).

    Indeed, such a dilution and disruption is all too evident at indult masses. At face value this can be seen where women (yes, like it or not feminism is a tell-tale sign) refuse the mantilla or scarf (truly the definitive traditional headcoverings) and are in trousers.

    Still, I pray that the SSPX offers itself as a lamb for slaughter, which is what will happen if it fully comes back in and does not compromise. This is different than what Bishop Fellay calls "suicide," it is martyrdom; which is the essence of traditional Catholicism.

    I eagerly look forward to joining the Society when they stretch out their arms and actualize their full potential for sancity and heroic witness.

  5. Clericus:

    good post: this is what I wrote in reply to Hebdomadry, January 9th under "Congratulations to Cardinal Re" :


    I think this will have the opposite effect re:

    "Now that Benedict has been embarrassed it may be harder for him to be "nice" to the trads, since we were screaming at him as loudly as both factions of Poles were."

    Isn't the difference that "we" were (and have been) trying to warn him? Did "we" embarrass him, deliberately, maliciously? No, no, no. Look, after the Holy Father slapped down the French who applauded? "We" did.

    re Wieglus:
    What were we "screaming?"
    "Behind you, behind you."
    What were they "screaming"?
    "Peace, peace."
    When there was no peace.

    This has NOT made "trads" look bad. The longer this continues the better. How trusted do you think "trad" opposition in Rome is right now? Remember Heb how Magister has written extensively on the Popes belief that his communications are deliberately being sabotaged? Is that "trads" doing that? What about the compulsive behaviour of the USCCB in foot-dragging and refusing every instruction, correction, admonishment that comes their way? Is that "trads" doing that?

    Clericus: can you be more precise when you say betrayal? This is a strong word and suggests more than negligence, recklessness or deliberate indifference, but it was a conscious object, i.e. does the Holy Father believe this was deliberate??? I wonder if the French episcopacy was involved?

    "Poison" here is slightly more precise than VII or "modernism"; it is the "false ecuminism" that sees Catholics becoming less Catholic until, like Archbishop Fitzgerald, they publicly deny Church dogma.

    I *loved* this line:

    "Second, His Excellency Bishop Fellay didn´t say the Vatican II was "poison". You´ve just made it up."

    "You've just made it up."

    Discontinuity is as dicontinuity does.

  6. Anonymous8:53 PM

    I hope that the Polish affair has not so distracted, or even weakened, the Holy Father that he delays in publishing the motu proprio. This is now a big worry of mine--it would be just like Satan to use such an indirect means to achieve his real goal, the continued actual (if not juridical) suppression of the Mass of All Time.

  7. Blessed Pius IX, pray for us!

  8. To veil or not to veil:

    My wifes's retort is:

    If it's good enough for the Mother of God, it's good enough for me."

    Honey, that's tough.

  9. The Holy Father can do all things through Chirst who strengthens him, right?

    Just as Fulton Sheen once had the displeasure of sitting next to a witch on a plane who was fasting *for* abortions, let us be mindful that the Prince of Persia is actively frustrating not only this, but also the unequivocal consecration of Russia.

    Then lets us flee to adoration tonight.

    The children of light are never quite as wise...

  10. The SSPX... Rome's Old Calendarists.

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  12. If anyone wants to know what John is on about, risk his blog.

    Ad orientem by the way, is not Latin, it's Old Saxon for "puffed up adder with head up arse."

  13. Anonymous12:26 AM

    The Eastern "Orthodox"... the Church's old heterdox.

  14. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Simon Peter,

    I totally agree with you that the worst element of "modernism" is the false ecumenism.

    Of the three main VII "innovations" Msgr. Lefebvre criticized - religious liberty, collegiality, ecumenism - the last one is surely the most dangerous to Tradition, as it leads to the "unity in diversity" mentality (and, therefore, to a bizarre mixture of traditional liturgy and a new doctrine, with beliefs borrowed from PC, protestantism, marxism, et coetara).

    BTW, this is precisely what happened with the Campos' guys. For example, last week, I saw on their net forum a discussion about contraception... and (u got it) some of the "faithful" there were in favour of it!

    But, now, Simon, could I ask u to explain me what u meant by the sentence "Discontinuity is as dicontinuity does"? Feel free to tell me you were being ironic, I´m here to learn :o) You see, I´m brazilian. Sorry about my broken english. :(

    I didn't mean to be cynical. I really believe Dom Fellay would never go so far. He had been for a long time an advocate for the "VII in the light of Tradition" solution...

    God bless,
    Henrique Leite (the "anonimous" above).

  15. Anonymous12:42 AM

    errata: "last year", not "last week".

  16. Anonymous11:55 AM

    BTW, this is precisely what happened with the Campos' guys. For example, last week, I saw on their net forum a discussion about contraception... and (u got it) some of the "faithful" there were in favour of it!

    Would you back that up with a link? Their forum had been practically dead since the beginning, and doesn't even have enough members to have a discussion with "some" faithful in it, notwithstanding the fact that of the about 40 messages posted there none seem to have anything to do with contraception.

  17. Motu proprio? Where is the Apostolic Exhortation? The delay of the exhortation a year and three months after the synod concluded is almost scandalous.The Pope said in early June he had the first draft.Even JPII with all his travels and countless meetings with everyone managed to write an exhortation within a reasonable time after the conclusion of a synod.They said the exhortations release was "imminent" back in early november.Then Cardinal Hoyos (or was it Estevez) yelled out "subito" when asked about the release of the motu proprio a monthe ago.The only explanation for the delays would be that both documents are going to be earthshaking but I am not betting on that.I just regretably think Rome is just too slow.

  18. Well Sacerdos15, I'm glad you're here. Maybe you can go to Rome and get Benedict XVI up to speed, then. Just walk right in and tell the Pope that he's a laggard, procrastinator, malingerer, etc. That'll speed things up.

    By the way, do you have ANY idea of the issues to which the Holy Father has to attend?

  19. Nothing takes precedence over the liturgy.When he was cardinal,Benedict emphasized the importance of reforming the liturgy as the component part of reforming the church.Again it wa the Holy Father who said in June that he had a draft of the exhortation and he also said bishops on the as limina visits were urging him to release it soon.That was way brfor regensburg or the Warsaw appointment tragedy. Sarcasm cannot hide the facts.