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From the land of Santiago

From Galicia, in northwestern Spain, the land of Santiago de Compostela, pictures (via Le Forum Catholique and La Cigüeña de la Torre) of a Mass in a folk meeting named "Romaxe de Crentes Galegos", celebrated by Father Rubén Aramburu.

More pictures here.


  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    WHAT!!!! Please Come Lord Jesus and forgive us for our offenses against your precious body and blood.

  2. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Yet is it truly the Lord's Body and Blood? This appears to be an invalid Mass. If nothing else, it is an offense against his Divinity. Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do.

  3. Since the matter for latin rite catholics is unleavened bread this mass is invalid.When Rome awhile ago ruled that additives to unleavened bread that made it less unleavened made the mass invalid,the Bishop of my diocese ordered all priests who had celebrated mass with anything but the strict unleavened bread to celebrate those masses over again (because of the intention).Where are the Guardians of the sacred liturgy-the bishops? Where is the Exhortation?Where is the motu proprio?Where is the radical overhaul of the Curia? Depressing.

  4. Anonymous8:58 PM

    This very well could be idolatry because they're worshipping bread and wine/grape juice.

  5. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Valid matter is bread. Licit matter for Latin Catholics is unleavened bread. The ruling was not that the addition of yeast results in invalid matter, but only the addition of ingredients that cause it to be something other than bread (e.g. cake or cookies).

  6. If you told these people that what they are doing is wrong, they would claim that they are only following "the spirit of the councils". Is it unleavened bread? is it the correct wine? inappropriate vessels and women and children disrespectful of decorum in public worship. And that is symptomatically encouraged by the NO service. The faces say it all - from disinterest to unbelief.

  7. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Valid matter, licit matter, whatever, the faces, as Mack suggests, speak volumes. It's all wrong, terribly wrong. My heart goes out to the young people whose "full, conscious, and active participation" in this liturgical travesty is permitted and encouraged. The damage to their Catholic faith is incalculable.

  8. Most people who would attend or tolerate this 'liturgy' would reply to your matter/form distinctions as 'rubricism' and they would say that you are "too rigid". "Just lighten up!?" or "Can't we all just get along?" would be the attitude.

    How much more disgust do we have to bear before concrete action is enacted?

  9. Anonymous9:54 PM

    The irony, of course, is that the participation pictured here can barely be described as "full, conscious, and active". It is more aptly described as half-hearted, semi-conscious, and de-activated. At least until the folk-rock band winds up -- then things start getting lively.

    Depressing, indeed.

  10. anonymous said...

    "Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do."

    Oh, yes, they do!


    Spain, proud, Spain,
    Where once
    Christ reigned

    You've now,
    Sunk low
    As hell.

    Spain, proud, Spain,
    Was all in vain,
    Where once ruled Isabel?

    Spain, proud, Spain,
    Royal-purpled grained,
    St. James, the mosques he cleared.

    Spain, proud, Spain,
    What have you gained?
    A land of queens, all queered!

  11. If you go to my pathetic blog [click on name, click on blog bottom of profile ] you'll see an old picture of another Mass...just scroll down until you see "I do not fear the Prussians."

    I recall the delightful valid sodomite Mass held for the 9th WCC assembly in Porto Alegre last year. That was a hoot.

    Barney Mass, Devil Mass, Clown Mass, Beach Mass...

    The babe in the orange t-shirt looks like she is struggling to hold it together. Probably the doobie before Mass that did it, you know, helping her to raise her heart and mind to God.

    Good grief. Our children are being perverted.

    On the other hand, are you sure this is a Mass and not some weird agape meal? I noticed a sign on one of the pcitures saying "comunon" does that really mean "communion"?

    "get your chips and salsa this way."

  12. Anonymous11:54 PM

    With "Masses" like those, no wonder Spain has been conquered by anti-Christian forces . . . .

  13. There is only one answer for the New Order: come back to Tradition.

  14. That's nothing, you should have seen the pole dancers in the sacristry.

  15. Now are these people or are they not in full communion with their ordinary and with the pope? Just curious. Looks like they've taken the "inculturation" stuff quite seriously. I wonder if the fact that I can in no way consider their relgion to be mine makes me not a Catholic?

  16. Anonymous7:28 AM

    "testing, testing, 123... Well hello there. Do you like my stole? It's Nicaraguan you know. Anyway there was a Frenchman, an Englishman and a Pole..."

  17. Note: I did not edit the pictures because they are hosted elsewhere.

    As for "steam"... you obviously have not read our blog for very long: we have published these kinds of "events" from the very beginning. We love to display the liturgical "unity" of the Latin Church, severely threatened by the Traditional rites.

  18. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Gee, I guess intinction isn't the answer after all!!

  19. Astonishing how posters can make the accusation of invalidity because of what appears to be leavened bread. Of course it might be cake and so invalid, but one cannot tell from just looking.

    De defectibus is clear that 'wheaten bread' is valid matter as is unfermented grape juice. Licity is another question.

  20. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I hope that these images are sent
    to His Eminence, Francis Cardinal
    Arinze. The poor man is delusional
    in thinking that Redemptionis
    Sacramentum would stop all this
    nonsense. He does not recognize
    that the problem IS the N.O., not
    just rubrics.

  21. Anonymous12:26 PM

    See the "Carnival" archives at Cathcon:

    The invalid/illicit folk "Mass" from the land of Santiago appears almost Traditional by comparison.

    Yes, it would be a terrible thing to undermine such wonderful liturgical unity by introducing the Tridentine Mass.

  22. Anonymous12:38 PM

    See the very last photo and post in the Carnival archive. Truly disturbing.

    Lord Jesus have mercy.

  23. Ah, Rodrigo, rece para España.

  24. Sorry, no tiny url

    Gumbleton in Guatamala.

    Sort of sums up the Latin American and Galician problem.

    I have it on good authority that the lady on the left is now an Extraordinary Minster of Doughnuts at the Holiness Four Square Holiness Shrine of Holiness in Vila Nueva.

    This is how it goes...

  25. Does the Vatican ever see this stuff? Is anyone in authority watching?

  26. The pictures are very disturbing . . . but even more disturbing is the fact that they are so brazen to post them on the Internet. It shows that they do not fear being punished because the Church has stopped punishing people for such offenses.

  27. dcs:

    right, but the problem is pictures (just) like this are all over the internet and have been for a long too.

    I agree with you, how can Rome not know about this stuff, and what manner of hubris is it that allows someone to put it on line in the first place, and what type of watchmen do NOTHING!

  28. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Where art thou, bishops?

    How any member of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church could see these pictures and not be outraged AND take action is beyond those of us with a modicum of sense. Thankfully, given to the web exposure of these Novus Ordo horrors, there might be prompted some reaction, some accountability.

  29. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Who is the priest? Send a print-out of these photos to his bishop/religious superior, with a simple covering letter, and copy the lot to the Congregation for the Divine Cult. Action will be taken. Rome needs evidence presented in the correct manner. There is no monsignor trawling the net. Better to act, than complain.

  30. Since you know the process, why don't you clericus?

  31. Guys,

    look, I am not going to assume anyone is new to this stuff, but if you are, this type of matter is all over the place and has been since I converted and was received.

    To be honest, this isn't the worst I have seen.

    You would think, wouldn't you, that the Holy See would call Guido and Sal - issuing them with devices, swines, for the correction of - dispatching them poste haste to wherever the action is: but no.

    Nothing happens.

    Rather, we get the usual talk about cabbages and kings.

  32. Anonymous5:35 PM

    'There is no monsignor trawling the net.'

    Yet surely there is, and probably more than one. Modernist Rome has plunged headlong into the Information Age, like everyone else -- including Traditionalists. Indeed, the participation of Traditionalists in the brave new world of Web 2.0 is a good thing. We are shaping the "dialogue" (to use a Modernist term) and redefining the terms of debate on a global basis. Of course there is also work to be done "on the ground", the old-fashioned way, as clericus rightly suggests.

  33. Clericus:

    this is 2007. What happened to the new all reaching-out modernized newchurch?

    Why *isn't* there a mons trawling the net? Why aren't there web trained inquisitors visting parishes and dioceses worldwide looking for even the hint of the smell of the whiff heterodoxy / praxis in parish webpages and in parish bulletins posted on-line (a remarkable source of information).

    Why aren't there priests fishing in local secular media for any report of suspicious goings on from Alice Springs to Lands End? Why aren't there priests cross-checking parish and diocesan records, catholic organizations, with known subversive organizations?


    Well, one reason is they'd be at it from now til the crack of doom with newchurch.

    I'll do the sodding job for nothing, well, not quite nothing...

    I don't need a Roman Collar and a pension, just get me some beer and a never ending supply of food from the subcontinent, I'll do it.

    I dare say so would you.

  34. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Simon-Peter hits the nail on the head. One hopes that some web skills are being taught in Traditionalist seminaries. NewChurch can't be fought with just paper, pen, and fax machines.

    There is a danger here, though, with easy access to frankly scandalous material. We must beware the vice of curiositas, and not let our eyes linger too long on scandal-bearing photos. We should also resist the temptation to make comments about the very real human beings in those photos, wayward brothers and sisters in Christ, which is a sin against charity.

  35. Anonymous8:44 PM

    How long O Lord How Long?

    Benedict XVI may reign in Rome but he does not rule. The termite of liberalism continues to devour the faithfull.

    A despairing catholic

  36. Veritatem Facientes in Caritate.

    If you google "Romaxe de Crentes Galegos" you will see all the pictures (take a good breath first).

    Something to consider when saying Leonine prayers: we are truly privileged, Deo Gratia.

    Of one thing I remain convinced, Providence never fails!

  37. Anonymous12:56 PM

    A rather depressing Vatican spin on the anticipated "indult":

    With such half-hearted endorsements coming from the Vatican, it is difficult to hope for any significant change.

  38. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Having recently read *The Problem of the Liturgical Reform*, I am struck by the theological shallowness of the Radio Vatican commentary. The commentary totally misses the heart of the matter, which is NOT the bizarre innovations that are permitted in the Novus Ordo, but the theological difficiencies of the Novus Ordo itself, from which such innovations logically proceed.

  39. Anonymous7:32 PM

    The link to more pictures does not work.

  40. Anonymous4:04 AM

    I am ashamed to be Spanish

  41. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Ni "Aramburu" ni "Molet" son apellidos gallegos......

  42. Anonymous11:54 AM


  43. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Holy Franciscan Protomartyrs, Pray for us !

  44. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Indignacion en Unidos por la Vida

  45. Anonymous11:02 AM

    La Junta de Extremadura financió un album de fotos sacrilego y blasfemo

  46. Anonymous7:26 PM

    La industria del aborto en españa


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