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After the persecution of the main community of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) in France, in the Archdiocese of Lyon, by the joint work of some "unsure priests" (i.e. priests who are not sure of what they wish to be: devoted to the Traditional Roman Rite in a stable Society of Apostolic Life or diocesan biritual clergy) and diocesan officials, now is the turn for dire times at the Diocese of Versailles, as new joint effort of "unsure priests" and diocesan "forces" may cause the FSSP to abandon another important location in the French Republic. The FSSP did not completely disappear from Lyon (it retained a foothold at the outskirts of the city), and it will not be wiped out at Versailles -- but at what human and emotional cost?... (More information at Le Forum Catholique).

This while a new wonderful episcopal nomination is announced by the Holy See for the Gauls: the new bishop of Mende, François Jacolin, a well-known "progressive" figure, who had recently been named "national chaplain" for the extremely "progressive" French Catholic Rural Movement, "Chrétiens dans le Monde Rural" (CMR).

It is cold and the wind is blowing,
We need something to keep us going:
Holy Father, have pity on the faithful man!


  1. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Jacolin. Rhymes with Jacobin.

  2. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Meanwhile... the motu proprio chugs along at the pace of a snail in reverse.

  3. Anonymous1:49 AM

    Sounds like a trade-off to me, frankly. As in "Give us this guy, and we give you your motu propio.."

  4. Our prayers are with you. Saint Jude, patron Saint of impossible causes, be thy refuge.

  5. Alas?

    Jan. 16, 2007 ( - An outspoken Italian prelate has used the last homily before his official retirement to complain that Church leaders have failed to “defend the Christian way of life.”

    After 18 years at the head of the Como diocese, Bishop Alessandro Maggiolini is stepping down at the age of 76, to be replaced by Bishop Diego Coletti. At a farewell Mass the outgoing bishop said that Christians should be “known for upholding their faith, not for dialogue.” His comments were evidently aimed at proponents of immigration and inter-faith dialogue. The Como diocese is located in northern Italy, in a region noted for opposition to immigration.

    Bishop Maggiolini has been known for his blunt speech on controversial issues, and especially for his skeptical view of immigration and relations with Islam. The AKI news service noted that in the past the bishop has said that approval of the pending Italian legislation recognizing same-sex unions would be “a prelude to marriage between men and horses,” and that “the doors of the nation cannot be opened” to unrestricted immigration.

  6. "The greatness of our love of God must be tested by the desire we have of suffering for His love."
    -St. Philip Neri

    Rejoice in it, since it is all we can expect.

  7. Fr V, thank you very much for your comment, which we had accidently deleted.

    Fr V said:

    I am feeling that the Pontificate is becoming an emerging disaster. The Pope is the Vicar of the Lord yet here we have questionable episcopal appointments which are being proclaimed as orthodox

    and are awaiting a book where he indicates in the preface is his personal view of the Lord and with which he has indicated you may freely disagree.

    (See click on chiesa and there's a Sandro Magister post which can be read in English as well as Italian)

    People are not going to make neat distinctions between the theologian hat and the papal hat and I fear again not reading the signs of the times this will weaken an already weakened papal magisterium, which has been a self-imposed paralysis beginning 1958.

    Indeed: Friget et flat ventus. Aliquid egimus ut in via continuemus.Sancte Pater, miserere hominis fidelis.

  8. Fr V

    "I am feeling that the Pontificate is becoming an emerging disaster. The Pope is the Vicar of the Lord yet here we have questionable episcopal appointments which are being proclaimed as orthodox"

    Precisely, Father, the conciliar church would not know an orthodox Catholic if it saw one. It dwells in the darkness of its own creation.
    This pontificate is fast becoming its brainchild.

  9. And what, pray tell, is your definition of "orthodox?" Devotion to Our Lady of Fatima? Devotion to Pius X? Sainthood for Pius XII?

    I have the impression that some of you would not recognize true holiness if you encountered it and since you have encountered it and have not recognized it, I think my point has been proven.

  10. Giving Holy Communion to protestants; praying with muftis facing Mecca in mosques; inhabiting places full of neo-pagan youth distributing 10,000 condoms in the name of WYD; celebrating NO services with girl servettes; appointing known communist informer bishops; insisting publicly that this pontificate will follow the previous phenomenology of its predecessor; debunking Our Lady of Fatima; fudging on homosexual seminarists; no discipline for renegade American bishops who actively support the gay movement; the list gets longer and longer - and some people call this "holiness".

    No, this is characteristic modernist revisionism.

  11. Janice,

    Our Lord said "By their fruits you will know them."

    If someone wants to have devotion to Our Lady of Fatima or pray the rosary that scarcely means they believe in the Catholic faith. For pete's sake even Voltaire had devotion to the Blessed Virgin in some secular sense. For that matter Voltaire kept a chapel on his property just in case. He was still an apostate.

    Orthodoxy is the degree to which one adheres to the Catholic faith as handed down by scripture and Tradition, the Holy Fathers, Councils, etc. When a perspective Bishop departs from that teaching he is unorthodox, and if he hasn't taken the time to find out what orthodoxy is he is an idiot. When a Pope appoints such a man to the see of Bishop, he shares in whatever sins that Bishop commits, and in the scandal.

    So when BXVI appointed a homosexual activist as Bishop of San Francisco, it is a scandal. Archbishop Levada, who Pope Benedict appointed as his #2, among other things said that a priest who got a girl pregnant in his diocese should have used a condom, and when he was a Bishop in Oregon he supported the Oregon Catholic Press (OCP) which puts homosexual modern art on its missalette covers. That is a scandal. Rather than making Levada the watchdog for doctrine he should have brought him up on charges of failing in his office as a Bishop!

    That is scandal not holiness. Holiness is protecting the Church and the souls in your care, not making apparently pious statements about the nature of man. Those who have devotion to Pius X, XII, and maintain true devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, praying the rosary as she commanded at Fatima, will be in heaven in large numbers while Bishops and Popes who spent their time at cocktail parties, making statements about global warming and nuclear weapons while neglecting the Church will not.

  12. The journalist Vittorio Messori called Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger a "balanced progressivist", in 1985
    Messori intimates Ratzinger was "one of the founders of the magazine Concilium, a meeting place for the progressivist wing of theology."

    "'Was it a sin of youth, Your Emminence, this engagement with Concilium?' I asked him, joshing.

    "'Absolutely not,' he answered. 'I did not change; they changed.'"

    Remember he referred to the "razing of bastions" in the church in 1982 and in 1967 called the so-called Tridentine Mass an "archeologized liturgy", "petrified", "with devotions that followed the peoples' mentality".
    Henry de Lubacs, significantly recalls that, "It is not an exaggeration to say that on that day [08/11/63 Frings attack on the methods of the Supreme Congregation of the Holy Office, renamed after Vatican II as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith] the old Holy Office, as it presented itself then, was destroyed by Ratzinger [the author of the crticism] in union with his Archbishop [Frings].
    Card. Seper, a man full of goodness, intiated the renovation. Ratzinger, who did not change, continues it.
    It would be good to keep this episode in mind." ("Entretien autour du Vatican II", Paris: Cerf, 1985, p. 123).

    Traditionalist? the evidence suggests not which ever direction one looks.

    Our Blessed Lady of Fatima was correct: we must pray for the Holy Father because he suffers much. Indeed, we have a "city half in ruins". Little wonder that St Pio of Pietrelcina immolated himself for
    them, including Pope Paul (RIP) VI. But he assured us with Fatima in mind, that Our Lady's Immaculate Heart would triumph even though "the red flag" would fly over The Vatican.

  13. "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate"

  14. Regarding the Franciscan Third Order, check out our new blogsite:

    >The Traditional Third Order of St. Francis

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    Melchett: Excellent. So you see, young Blackadder didn't die horribly in vain after all.

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    Melchett: That's the spirit George! If nothing else works, then a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through.


  16. Is there any process, and any precedence, for the poor bloody infantry petitioning the Holy Father when it comes to episcopal appointments?

    I understand Cannon Law affords us the right to make our spiritual needs known. Would this include provding him a list of suggestions viz. the 23/5/7 Bishops who are due to leave the building in the next year in the US?

  17. Great news from Poland!

  18. Another fantastic article from Axis:

  19. this IS the kind of Bishop we want!

    Yet another decent priest retires into obscurity as the perverts, sodomites, masons, atheists and protestants are promoted, nominated and installed.

  20. And when this pontificate dies, what price the precious, as yet unseen but much rumoured "motu propriu", then? If it ever sees light of day, that is.

    The Latin Mass of All Times does not depend on any "motu propriu" by anyone as it has already been given the perpetual blessing of Pope St Pius V. This consolidated the liturgical history of the Latin rite bequethed to all Roman Catholic clergy and lay by the 1500 years prior to when that holy pontiff led The Roman Catholic Church. Since then it has been respected by all supreme pontiffs except the modernist papacies of Pope Paul (RIP) VI, Pope John Paul (RIP) II and Pope Benedict XVI. Who knows what the assassinated Pope John Paul(RIP) I would have done. Certainly, they dare not abrogate nor obrogate it. This tells any mature Catholic all he or she needs to know. The consequences for the Catholic West has left it vulnerable to false religions, a fast relativising culture and materiocentric greed & egoism.

    In any case, the bishops have become a power unto themselves in this post-conciliar era of episcopal despotism. Supposed conciliarist collegiality has insured that. The Holy See was overturned in 1963 for what we witness today.: a Papacy stripped of its power, its authority and, sadly, the two compasses of Faith which had served it well for 1965 years - Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture.

    Therefore, "reform of the reform" is not a viable proposition since it is the alleged "reform" which contains the tares sown by liberalising modernists, masons and communists with their informers, to devastate the harvest. Unfortunately, one of the sons of that process is now at the helm.

    Pray for the Holy Father - indeed he suffers much.

  21. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Is there a reason why the level of sarcasm has dramatically increased all of a sudden? I'm frustrated with the lack of action coming from Rome too, but are things any worse now than they were last week, or the week before? Is there really enough evidence to say that this pontificate is lost?

  22. I didn't find Mack's remarks sarcastic, but baldly direct in their penetrating political analysis. It's a pretty stark reality actually, and had he written it in the past tense (try reading it that way), it would sound like a concise summary of our period written in a textbook 'History of the Catholic Church' a few hundred years from now. It's a valuable thing to be able to step back from one's period and view it in its historical context. The only question is what would the succeeding paragraphs and chapters reveal? Did the situation improve or deteriorate? Have a go, Mack. It would be an interesting test of Azimov's theory of Psycho-History (remember the Foundation Trilogy?)

  23. I say context is a valuable thing because we are, in our emotional involvement with the present, blinded by its unrelenting proximity. But I am at pains to remind (myself first of all) and others, that nothing is ever over; life is not a screenplay or television drama where there's a denoument and the credits roll: something always happens next. In that way it resembles more a soap opera - what an apt metaphor for Church politics - in which it is much more difficult to discern just when the focus of the storyline changes. We're all looking for the next change in storyline, as this one has definately lost its savour, although interest in the show as a whole is still quite high. Longest running soap in Western Civilization in fact, TREMENDOUS ratings! Guaranteed audience.

  24. I am not being sarcastic nor am I being gratuitously critical. We need to stand back and evaluate in a rational and objective manner. This has to be done with faith and hope in The Church and its unique divine mission.

    Briefly, the important criteria are to look for consistency of belief and fidelity to Church norms, values and mores over its lifetime. In parallel, social factors have to be borne in mind and some allowance made for the psychology of the times we are studying and evaluating. This has to be in conformity, as much as possible, with the infallible guides of Sacred Tradition and authoritatively interpreted Sacred Scripture wherein consistency and fidelity comfortably reside.

    The underlying problem with contemporary society is that it has become obsessed with & engrossed in itself and its supposed achievements. It is the essence of its own arrogance and complacency.

    The greater panorama of Almighty God's divinity with the universal application of His laws and accompanying holy justice are mostly being overlooked and bypassed. The modern church, infected by the above, distinguishes itself from the Traditional Church and its times by its compromises with this materialistic egoism and its anthropocentricity. This is amply exemplified in the education system - modern catholic schools no longer try to teach the opposite of their secular counterparts. No, instead they are trying to outdo them using identical curricula. There is little if no room left for the Roman Catholic Faith in them. Objectively speaking, we can demonstrate The Faith is lost now in modern "catholic" schools as only about 7% of students leave them practising the faith - catholic, modernised or otherwise. This means 93% no longer do, and these behave more or less like everyone else in secular society who is not sincerely Catholic.

    Unfortunately, whether we like it or not this disorientation has been encouraged and stimulated by conciliar thinking and practice. The Councils legitimised the un-Catholic. The problem lies therein. It cannot, therefore, be "reformed".

    No "motu propriu" will do this as this is a "trompe l'oeil", and neither will this pontificate unless we all put Our Blessed Lord and His divine commands back at the centre of the life of The Church without compromise. Most people on this site recognise the need for a true Roman Catholic liturgical restoration. However, this has to be accompanied by doctrinal realignments and behavioural readjustments by hierarchy, clergy and laity alike. This will necessitate immense psycho-social changes and amendments.

    No wonder there is such stiff resistence by the progressives who fear this.

    In the meantime, secular society continues along its blind headlong rush into never-ending materialism, unending daily change and a quasi-communist economic superstructure which is devouring the rest of the world in its wake and converting its citizens into mindless consumers in an atmosphere of abiding self-interest.

    Moreover, conciliarists have pretended that they wanted to take the church back to the authentic church of the early fathers. However, this is not true. The Early Church made no compromises with the secular state where idolatry was concerned. Many were martyred for this. When The Christ said render to Caesar what is Caesar's and render to God what is God's, He was not extolling the secular state. He was telling us all that even the secular state [Caesar] must render to God also what belongs to Him. Idolatry, which includes false beliefs and addictive vices, and the acceptance of secularism are taught in modern catholic schools today by implication, if not explicitly. Conciliarist obsession with ecumenism, interfaithism and the consequent compromises with the secular state has propagated such a situation. Such a claim to seek the primitive church is, therefore, erroneous and most probably mere propaganda. This is part and parcel of the attempt to dogmatise a pastoral council usurped by a fashionable intellectual penchant for norms, values and mores foreign to The Roman Catholic Faith.

    Therefore, if Bishop Maggiolini can be correctly attributed the words that same-sex marriage is a prelude to men marrying horses, he has made a salient & valid point. The modern catholic church has already gone quite a long way towards accepting what is already unacceptable to the Traditional Roman Catholic Church and its founding fathers.

  25. Just for the record, I didn't find your criticism at all gratuitous.

    One thing I don't think does any good - and I'm not accusing - is to make an attack ad hominem. It's pointless. No pope is perfect, just a man of his time doing his best, or what he perceives it to be, replete with strengths and weaknesses. Some have greater and lesser challanges to deal with, this one has GREAT ones.

    And there are limits to what one man can do, even as pope. I think someone went so far as to site "the assassinated Pope John Paul I." Well if you truely believe it, what would you rather have, a living Benedict XVI doing a little bit at a time, picking his battles and shaping the battlefield little by little, or a dead one who tried to vanquish the field all at once? Our Lord has never turned down a martyr yet, but personally I think I'd rather have him above ground and on the job.

    Besides, wasn't the erection of the institute of the Good Shepherd a "positive" development in defense of tradition? I would have thought so. Just a few observations.

  26. Have a closer look. What a handsome cassock. And a marvelous cross...

  27. Hebdomedary

    Thank you for your comments.

    When I write about issues involving the Holy Father or some bishops it is more a reply to those who make it a point to overlook everything unorthodox they do as if turning the blind eye is virtuous in some way.

    Then, in the next breath, they condemn traditonal catholics as schismatics, heretics, worthy of Hell and certainly damned. Take the unnecessarily nasty and inaccurate accusations made against SSPX, as an example. Place those alongside the disgraceful disobedience modern catholics have displayed against the encyclical "Humanae Vitae", aided and abetted by Cardinals, Bishops and clergy. One of them, Suenens also a so-called charismatic actually encouraged Catholics to join the charismatics which usually ends up with such followers becoming protestant. There are many other examples of this type of behaviour. It is true that progressivists in The Church prior to VC II were already disobeying The Church authorities in a variety of ways, systematically. Ignoring these or making some kind of virtue out of them is the pathology of many a modern catholic.

    I know from my experiences with modern NO clergy and bishops I no longer have the slightest hesitation in raising the same issues with them that I do here and elsewhere.

    Indeed, any Holy Father is a man. Just as it is so, The Vatican is an organisation composed of men. However, the divinely-permitted status that both institutions enjoy and the public audience they command places the desired outcome on a different footing to other purely secular organisations. Thus, we rightly expect better from Our Blessed Saviour's own earthly foundation. It is easy to forgive almost every sin these men commit but forgiveness is renedered more problematic when there is a web of lies and deceit, and when this appears to become the norm. Furthermore, with Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture cast aside the capacity for dealing with proliferating scandals is manifestly more difficult.

    Finally, when I appeal for prayer for the Holy Father, I mean it. This man needs our prayers. Our Blessed Lady of Fatima has asked us to do so in the light of the current catastrophic condition of the modern catholic church.

    Yes, She is the same as Our Blessed Lady, The Mother of Our Blessed Lord, Our Blessed Lady of Grace and Our Blessed Lady of Carmel; Our Blessed Lady of Perpetual Succour and Our Blessed Lady of Guadaloupe.

    However, Our Blessed Lady of Fatima is the particular occasion She made this very urgent request, whether modern catholics agree with Her and Her apparition or not. Or is this request the result of what Father Joseph Ratzinger meant in 1967, the "devotions that follow the mentality" of those who love the "archeoligized" and "petrified" liturgy of The Latin Mass of All Times. We are all waiting to see.

    "Pitie!" - He needs those devotions from us now more than at any other time in his career.

  28. There are some, like Janice, come on this site (a few other sites as well) and see every comment as negative or lacking in prudence and respect. What these individuals fail to realize is that the zeitgeist is wearing thin. I too am beginning to loose confidence in this Pontificate. The times we live in no longer permit a glib sense of expectation of what should have already been done. I am sick of photo opportunities and receptions of foreign dignitaries. I no longer care about the theological musings of this man either; I have heard and read enough. It is cleary time for action and the actions of this H.H. BXVI are lacking. Every Catholic has the right to his faith and also has the right to have the liturgy properly celebrated. I will also say that Catholics have a right to live in a nation, (not a 'global community' of irrelevant distinctions) that provides the neccessary freedoms that are presently ignored by the hierarchy. No Bishop can stand upon his office and do what he wills while ignoring the doctrinal foundation upon which his office is entrusted. If one were to look back upon the last fourty-nine years, one would see that at the very time we needed the immovable foundation of the Church to protect us,reprove us, guide us and to unapologetically proclaim the truth to the modern world; (Gaudium et Spes anyone?) the Church became seeminly maleable to modernity. I am not even an SSPX adherent and I see this. How long Oh Lord? How long?

  29. Anonymous11:38 AM

    With all the complaining and moaning in the comments of this blog, I suggest it be renamed PLORATE TERRAE!

    But seriously, might I suggest that commenters be constructive rather than destructive. The situation is grave, and there is no reason for optimism, but there is every reason for hope, which is a theological virtue.

    Sarcasm, cynicism, pessimism, are all forms of self-indulgence. They are earthly things. The title of this blog encourages us to keep our sights set on heaven, not earth. From heaven comes our hope. Rorate, caeli desuper; et nubes pluant Iustum!

  30. When news of this appointment reached the "other side," Paul VI stated that he was "very pleased." The former pontiff (in a former life) exclaimed that "this appointment is very much in the mold of the appointments I used to make!"

  31. Anonymous8:09 PM

    The sacred liturgy inspires passions, as it should, since the cult of God is at stake.

    As an Orthodox Christian, it is rather sad to hear traditionalist and conservative Catholics play guessing games about what the Pope will do next (i.e. 'where is the motu proprio? has the Pope changed his mind? no no he he was won over by liberal bishops etc). Sad because the most important matters in the Church should not be determined by one man's resolve or lack thereof.


  32. Greg, the anonymous Orthodox, has a point.
    But he is wrong if he draws the conclusion, Catholics are like "clericus" looking at heaven with pink glasses waiting for a miracle, clapping hands of joy among the ruins, dead bodies and eradication of faith from the surface of earth. Greg, you're also wrong if you conclude from our maybe excessive expectations on this papacy, that we are like some robots, waiting to be set in movement by the pope.
    Catholic baptized are working, each in his position, with his/her capacities.
    In front of the "silence" of Benedict XVI, we are not silent : we teach the Catholic doctrine where we can, we suggest, we support trad priests and Novus Ordo trad-oriented priests and religious orders, we protest against liturgical abuses, we march for life, we learn more about TLM, we still fight within the deficient Ecclesia Dei regime to get more Masses, and we do something revolutionary : using quotations from a dead theologian, a brilliant alas defunct Joseph Ratzinger. His numerous texts on liturgy are bombs ...


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