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The Wielgus affair - analysis

We believe that Prof. Robert Miller's analysis of the events at First Things, with a kind link to us, presents an accurate portrayal of the deep Vatican problems related to the Wielgus Affair, particularly the disastrous process of episcopal nominations, centered in the Congregation for Bishops.

Let us remind our critics that we had not published a single word on Wielgus in December 2006 - because we had trusted the first note issued by the Holy See, according to which the "Holy See ... took into consideration all the circumstances of his life, including those regarding his past" and the "Holy Father... nourishes full trust in Archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus and, in full awareness, has entrusted him with the mission of pastor of the Archdiocese of Warsaw".

"All" (Tutti). "Full"(Piena). We should have guessed that the episcopal-picking process, a process which has presented, on average, disastrous results for decades, could not have been trusted this time...

The concluding paragraph of Miller's text is particularly appropriate:

Now, either the Vatican knew about Wielgus' past when it appointed him, as Wielgus says and as the Vatican's statement in December strongly suggests, or else it did not, as Re now maintains. If the former, then the Vatican's investigation of Wielgus prior to the appointment was grossly negligent, failing to discover information that was readily available in Poland. If the latter, as seems much more likely, then the Holy See exercised very poor judgment in making the appointment in the first place and even worse judgment in attempting to ram it through even after the truth about Wielgus became public. It stood by Wielgus while it knew he was lying to the faithful by denying the allegations. Many faithful Catholics looking at this situation will think that our bishops, rather than their critics, are the ones doing the real harm to the Church here.

Our recess continues for a few more days.
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  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Seems odd to have a picture of Cardinal Re (how a good man he may be), when the focus is on an analysis of Archbishop Wielgus' doings, if I may say so.

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I think it should be made clear that this bishop had given information on his fellow Catholics to avowed and implacable enemies of the Church that may well have resulted in the imprisonment or deaths of some of them. He advanced his career by betraying into the hands of the Church's enemies the best of the best and the bravest of the brave. The Vatican's complete moral depravity in knowingly promoting such a man to high office is staggering but something we have unfortunately grown used to, particularly in observing its bland indifference to the little problem of bishops who are either themselves sexual predators or facilitators on a grand scale of such predation. One deals with such men as one deals with a nation ruled by a brutal dictatorship knowing that they will do as much good as they are absolutely forced to do and nothing more. Public exposure and the threat of it is usually the only effective weapon in dealing with them in such cases as the Weigland affair. To naively approach them assuming that they are motivated by a zeal for souls or for the good of the Church is to end up in the meat grinder.

  3. Anonymous1:23 PM

    This is a sad situation all around. One may consider it the logical outcome of the wrongly conceived diplomatic strategy of appeasing communist authorities during the Soviet era(Ost politic).

    Looking back, this wrong headed policy was a complete failure. It had mocked the sacrifices made by good Christian laymen and clergy. Cardinal Mindszenty of Hungary comes to mind. Cardinal Mindszenty endured more than a month of daily tortures in defending the rights of Christians and of the Church.

    In the end, the Ost strategy corrupted the leadership of our Church into scandalous compromises. Read the history. Wilgus did only what the Vatican did and approved.

    In the end, in the eyes of the Vatican bureaucracy became a "problem" to be solved in the interest of the previously mentioned Ost-politic.

    In light of such history, perhaps Bishop Wigus' behavior is more understandable, may have been what the Vatican wanted him to do and so it was not held against him now.

    As in the liturgical/culture wars the here also the laity and some of the lower ranking clergy "devoid of political/diplomatic skills" are the true spiritual descendents of the martyred apostles than our leaders formally created bishops by a sadly corrupt ecclesiatical bureaucracy.

  4. Why?

    [With specific reference to 1967, the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution, when Wielgus first became "entangled"]
    "When we realize how silent religious leaders of the West have been in the face of this project for despair, we cannot fail to ask, 'Why has the attack on Christian Hope raised such little counter attack in the West? Why have even the Catholic communication media - press, radio, TV - been so paralyzed before this anti-theistic assault?'*

    One had hardly grown reluctantly accustomed to this apathetic scandal of silence, when a new and far more detestable scandal was enacted in the West. One is rendered speechless with astonishment at this new perversion. Attaining the same end as the Communist project to extinguish Christian Hope, the horror of this new crime arises from the fact that the project to destroy Hope is now undertaken and carried through not by professional atheists [ed. note: as in "professed"] but by men who through special training, positions and duties, are supposed to be dedicated Christian leaders.

    Priests and bishops, whose vocation it is to sustain and foster faith and hope in themselves and among the faithful, have become advocates for the prostitution of religion to the purposes of atheism. When ordained ministers and consecrated bishops tell the faithful that "God is dead," when these teachers of the Gospels declare their inability [ed. note: by word, act AND omission] to accept any longer the Virgin Birth, the Divinty of Christ, the Resurrection, the Ascension, the Real Presence, the immortality of the soul, hell, heaven, sin, grace, redemption [ed. note: thus becoming practical atheists], when under the guise of reinterpreting Holy Scripture, these teachers repudiate Christianity, then has the spirit of Anti-Christ become incarnate in men and the most demonic form of atheism is attacking the Mystical Body of Christ. For then a most grotesque drama is being enacted before the eyes of horrified Christendom in that its annointed ones have become atheists and, still vested as angels of light, they "disown the Lord" in His own house, cause truth to be maligned, introduce destructive sects into the Church, exploit the faithful with specious arguments and lead many to follow their ungodly ways."

    The Gods of Atheism, Father Vincent P. Micelli, SJ; Arlington House, New Rochelle NY 1971; pp7-8

    *Why? Partly because "once again [referring to Czechoslovakia, 1968, one year after Wielgus became "entangled"] atheist humanists of the West are in a state of shock at the brutal methods of their fellow atheists. But once again they refuse to draw the metaphysical conclusion or apply the pragmatic rule of evil fruit, evil tree." p. 471. op cit.

  5. Bring it on:

    He'll probably end up dead in a gutter.

    Keep it up.

    Try France, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland....

    they're loaded.

    Canada, USA, UK.....

  6. Someone mentioned Mindszenty.

    It's worth noting that the Hungarian episcopate is chock-full of toadies and traitors and time-servers who were appointed as part of the rapproachement between the Church and Hungarian authorities.

    My guess is that Wielgus is a Catholic believer and would have made a fine bishop. BUT he and others similarly situated ought to come forward and make a clean-breast of things. It's not necessarily bad to promote a bishop who cooperated with commies when he was young. It IS wrong if they haven't come to terms with it, repented of it, and let the rest of us know.

    I wonder what JPII's view of this sort of thing was. Did he carefully screen out all those who cooperated with the regime? I've read some things that indicate that despite his personal bravery he was not resentful of those who were not as strong as he.

  7. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre is vindicated yet again.

  8. Astonishing. Simply amazing.

    Jeff, your points have been asked and answered time and again over the last few days.

    Have you read every post, and all the links, on this blog about this issue?

  9. Anonymous5:20 PM

    No one has brought up the role of the Nunciature in Poland in the selection process.

  10. Augustine:


    Same old same old sexual abuse tactics, "the witnesses are not credible BECAUSE it's about money / blackmail / hatred of the Church."

    "It's not us, we didn't do anything, even if we did you can't prove it so just shut up."

    The buck NEVER stops you know where, EVER.

    Blackadder IV, "Corporal Punishment."

    Scene, the Western Front, 1917. Captain Edmund Blackadder is in trouble again...

    General Sir Anthony H. Melchett: Yes, yes, you're right, of course. I'm sorry. AAAA-TEN-SHUN!

    Captain Darling, ADC to the General (drums are heard in the background): Captain Blackadder, as of this moment you may consider yourself under arrest. You know what the penalty is for disobeying orders, Blackadder?

    Edmund: Ummmmm...court-martial, followed by immediate cessation of chocolate rations?

    Darling: No, court-martial followed by immediate death by firing squad.

    Edmund: I got it half right.

    [later at the prison, Captain Edmund Blackadder in cell]

    Private Perkins (Edmund's guard): Sadder than a happy hour then, sir? Wave all our last goodbyes?

    Edmund: Oh, no need for that, Perkins, I'll just dash off a couple of notes, one asking for a sponge bag, and the other sending for my lawyer.

    Perkins: Oh, your lawyer now, yes sir. Don't you think that might be a *bit* of a waste of money, sir?

    Edmund: Not when he's the finest mind in English legal history. Ever heard of Bob Massingburg-Massingburg?

    Perkins: Oh, yes *indeed*, sir! A most *gifted* gentleman!

    Edmund: Ahhh yes: I remember Massingburg's most famous case - the "case of the bloody knife."

    A man was found next to a murdured body, he had the knife in his hand,
    thirteen witnesses saw him stab the victim, when the police arrived he said, "I'm glad I killed the bastard." Massingburg not only got him off, but he got him knighted in the New Year's Honors list, and the relatives of the victim had to pay to have the blood
    washed out of his jacket.

    The pathology of many Catholics.

  11. One things is clear, once you start lying it doesn't stop until it's too late. Lying is a self-serving process.

    And as this case evidenced, people in the clergy and at the Vatican are LYING, and the compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church rememind us that lying is a grave sin.

    As for those who are trying to defend Benedict XVI, are also lying. People are finding out what the Vatican is really, they are not stupid.

    For the past 26 years the world has been presented with the showman of the personal charisma of JPII, so as to overshadow all the corruption that since the times of Pope Paul VI has taken its hold at the Vatican.

    And the problem with the ex-arcbhishop of Warsaw is that he lyied after the accusations against him were brought up to the public eye. If some "catholics" do not see that in this problem we are not confronted with a real breaking of the 10 commandments, then he or she has lost the faith. This is not a secular politician we were talking about, but of a man who was named a succesor to God's apostles, with a command to guard the faith an nourish the faitful. That in this case the candidate turned out to be a barefaced lyier is beyond justification. At this level it had never happened before.

    Also rememember that in this case, Bishop Wielgus, because of being appointed Archbishop of Warsaw he was first in line to be appointed cardinal of the Church, a senator of the Church. If in the case of a future senator of the church the process, under Benedict XVI, was so sloppy, what could we expect of the process for selecting a simple bishop under Benedict XVI.

    In the end the responsability of all this "scandal" lies with Pope Benedict XVI. Perhaps the propaganda about him for more than 26 years has not presented a real portray of who Joseph Ratzinger really is, and now that he is pope and is calling all the shoots, we are starting to see who he really is. Althought I have read enough of his books to know that in fact one could see there who Joseph Ratzinger really is, and that now that he is Pope Benedict XVI, has the chance to manifest all of the traits of his personality.

    It would be impossible for someone who has spent a huge part of his life a curialist, as Benedict XVI, not to get molded by the corrupt culture of the Vatican.

    anonymous: "Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre is vindicated yet again." YES HE IS. I am more and more convinced that Archbishop Lefebvre was a true saint and the one that kept the Catholic Faith intact, while the Vatican became more and more corrupt.

    The times of testing the faith have come.


  12. The "Temple is finished"

    What Temple can the Pope be really thinking of?

    V: Let us pray for Benedict our Pope:

    R: May the Lord preserve him, and give him life, and make him blessed upon the earth, and deliver him not up to the will of his enemies.


  13. Humboldt,

    You're really starting to get on my nerves. Cardinal Ratzinger was never "part of the Curia." His office was separate from the rest of the curial offices and he himself kept to himself on most occasions. Moreover, he's not a liar. He has spent his life devoted to the Truth.

    And the unlamented Bishop LeFebvre is not vindicated. You think there were no corrupt, lying bishops before Vatican II? I mean, for God's sake, Lefebvre lied when he said he would remain faithful to the Catholic Church.

  14. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Lefebvre consecrated 4 bishops and gets excommunicated.

    Wielgus served the communist secret police, and the hierarchy comes to his defense.

    I understand Vatican II now.

  15. "There are NO problems. Everything is fine. Repeat, there are NO problems (and if there are, we aren't responsible)."

    Austria (Vienna) thanks to CWN and uncle Di.

    If you aren't fans of Cath Con, you might be unfamiliar with the cult in Austria. An ongoing series...if you would like to see...

    Go here

    (also link here on RC for Cath Con) and scroll down until you see "Linz."

    I hope you enjoy the "Heaven Meets Hell" hanging above and in front of the altar.

    Want more?
    Don't think uncle Di has seen this...more from Catholic Vienna:

    Back to Linz

    Austrian Disco Mass

    Pimp my Church in Germany

    Karl Cardinal Lehman of Mainz, goooood pal of Kung and Rahner does his thang for Jesus.


    Remember, all these are isolated, remarkable examples of a world-wide low-intensity conflict. Just keep telling yourself "its all good" "it doesn't mean anything" "its always been like this."

    What we need is a Catholic Phoenix Project.

    Get some.

    As for me, I see a glass of Ouzo and a Gauloises "brunes" calling me back to equilibrium.


  16. I have a question. Several months ago on an internet site I saw a document that John Paul had supposedly written (as Karol Wojtyla) that purported to agree with communism, but changed a few of the outward trappings to make it putatively Christian. I've tried searching for it again, but my search terms can't bring up anything that looks right. Has anyone here ever seen this document? It was written very early in his life.


  17. "No one has brought up the role of the Nunciature in Poland in the selection process."

    The role of the Nunciature, a part of the Vatican bureaucracy, is an integral part of the process itself. The criticisms apply to it, too, as well as to the Polish Episcopal Conference -- but, though important, they are not the ones to make the final call... and the coordinating office of the process is still the Cong. for Bishops.

  18. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Simon Peter:
    Your (copious) comments are well taken, but I am beginning to wonder if you spend alltogether too much time on the internet.

  19. Okay:

    perhaps YOU can briefly explain to any who aren't aware what an "inaugral Mass" is and whether Church sanctioned sacrilege occurred in Denver today.

    Perhaps a comment or two about the relgious indifference shown by the CINO Governor during the swearing in? A remark or two about how, once again, those who should be defending the fort, have not simply abandoned it, but are actually waving the enemy in.

    Perhaps you can explain why a material and formal heretic, a public and pertinacious heretic, excommunicated latae sentiae, was able to turn a Catholic Church into a crime scene?

    When it comes to sacrilege, the world's Bishops couldn't care less, and they couldn't care less, because they DON'T believe.

  20. At least one now gains a better appreciation of the degree to which the Holy See has our spiritual interests at heart.

  21. Anonymous2:11 AM

    All this chicanery with the hierarchy i.e. Wielgus affair etc.etc. never occurred prior to Vatican II when the ineffable Mass of tradition was securely in place. Once this protection was removed and its heavenly graces-- incalcuable-- from a faithful priesthood and laity, all the machinations of satanical folly broke loose upon the Mystical Body of Christ!
    There is nothing more beautiful than the Roman Catholic Mass, properly observed and prayed as a 'propitiatory' and 'impetratory' sacrifice overflowing with efficacious graces from Almighty God. Too many today ignore Our Dear Lord's teachings on proper deportment, intellectually and spiritually, as He explained in one of His most poignant parables. See much more!!!
    j hughes dunphy

  22. Don't read it, I'm sure it must be familiar...if it isn't:

    Nachtrichten von Heute

    Just a teaser:

    "The chief of the killers’ squad was Major Grzegorz Piotrowski, the former chief of "Section D" in Cracow. Pietruszka, who has been already released from jail and who told me in 1989 about his work in Rome, under a diplomatic cover, developing secret SB agents in the Vatican."

  23. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Substantially, I agree with New Catholic, but...

    The role of the nunciature is to be the on-hand eyes and ears for the Holy See. He reports directly to the Secretariat of State and not to the Congregation of Bishops. The Secretariat of State can block a candidate put-forth by the Congr. of Bishops and keeps seperate files on the candidates.

    My point was that is it significant that this information was not known at the level of the Nunciature or, if it was, that Wielgus' name appeared on the terna of candidates.

  24. Yes, Castor, the theory of how things should work is beautiful. Please, let us not be naïve about the workings of bureaucratic organizations, whose worldly aim is merely the self-perpetuation of their own mediocrity, in a system of small favors and cover-ups (these offices should have as their primary goal the salvation of souls...but mere bureaucracies are what they become when they deprive themselves of this goal). The criticism involves all bishops involved in the process, including the nuncio.

    Of course the information was known at all local levels..., and probably in the Curia, too. For instance, Wielgus name was in the public-domain list of those who collaborated with the regime, the Lista Wildsteina, which has been widely available for more than one year. Yet not even this motivated any ecclesiastical authority to at least petition the IPN for its files on Wielgus.

    By the way, all information indicates that Wielgus's name was not on the first terna sent to Rome, but that it was included in a second terna out of pressures which came from Rome itself and from Warsaw (and from elsewhere?...).

  25. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I did not mean to suggest an ideal picture of how things worked but was pondering why, in this discussion, so much focus was being placed on the Congregation of Bishops regarding information which originated in Poland.

    Your source source information is interesting. When you say "from Rome", are you refering to any particular sector of the Curia? We know the in-fighting that goes on within the various blocks, cabals etc. "From Warsaw"? Can you be more specific? You obviously have a pretty precise theory about the nomination. Who specifically, in your oppinion, is behind this nomination? Why?

  26. Believing Re's miserable and pathetic claims of ignorance are as unbelievable as the belief that the current pontiff is going to restore, in some miraculous manner, the Roman Catholic Church. This is fantasy. The fact is the latter gave his full backing to the Wielgus' appointment no matter what and the former denies all knowledge of what was transpiring.

    No, this is yet another piece of Romish fraudulence. It would hardly be surprising if one of the previous Archbishop's of Warsaw was not implicated in some way either by gross negligence or by complicity to silence in the entire sordid affair. After the ongoing sex, paedophilia and embezzlement scandals which the hierarchy has tried to shut up, and thankfully failed to do, this is another scandal which has much much more to it than we may ever know.

    When one puts together all the absolutely un-Catholic behaviour and un-Catholic deviance of the modern catholic leadership since 1965, it is impossible to take anything they say at face value. This is canonical delinquence at its worst.

    "Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo, et in terra..."

  27. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Why after 1965? What about things going-on in the 50's? Many sex scandals date to before 1965.

  28. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Does anyone know what led to the extraordinary timing of the Wielgus Refusal, ie., a public humiliation at the very would-be installation itself, rather like a bride waiting for the wedding ceremony to announce that it was all a mistake and that she already had 2 husbands in Poughkeepsie and another in Pocatella?

  29. Mr. Dunphy,

    Please remember how many bishops cooperated with the Nazis and during the era of the Old Mass. So how did its ineffable graces help this situation? You can't blame everything on Vatican II.

  30. Does anyone know whose fingerprints are on the petition to Rome that Catholics in Poland may now stand in line like they were at Bojangles waiting for an egg and cheese biscuit?

    Enquiring minds would like to know.

  31. What Vatican II did was to "export" to the universal church, a culture of deceit that existed particularly in the European Catholic Church. Of course the Catholic Church has been going through a purification process from its most previous corrupt times right up to the II Vatican Council. However, the great failure of Vatican II is that instead of improving things in the Catholic Church, it debase them to an unacceptable level of a culture where deceit was acceptable. The issue of the words "pro multi" are a clear example of this. How not call lying to the practice that has settled in the Church, since Vatican II, of presenting the faith in one way in Latin, and another differently in vernacular language? This is simple lying and the hierarchy, since Paul VI have been lying to the faithful. So we should not be surprised of other pervaisive sinnful acts within the hierarchy, since in the most basic areas the church practices deceit without the singlest remorse. The issue here is that "sin" since the Vatican has lost its meaning to many members of the hierarchy, and the point here is "pervaisive", in contrats to the what existed before Vatican II. There is corruption and lying at the Vatican, because the hierarchy has lost the real meaning of "sin", and the Wielgus affairs examplified this.

  32. A strange case, this Wielgus nomination.
    1. Many levels of the Hierarchy are directly involved :
    - n°1 the Polish bishops conference
    - n°2 its prominent members : cardinal Glemp is the n°1 Wielgus supporter ... bizarre, coming from the man who has been in "dialogue" with the Communist regime during years. Cardinal Dzwisz is now in Krakow : I guess he still have some connections in Rome.
    - n°3 absolute incompetence of the local Nuncio who is supposed to revise and prepare carefully the files, and make an extensive search : the Nuncio is referring to the Secretary of State ... remember all.
    - confusion in Roman dicasteries : I guess there is a concordate with Poland and if so cardinal Bertone has his say ; in theory cardinal Re denied any knowledge : which is per se a confession of incompetence.
    - moreover the pope made a visit in Poland a few months ago and I guess the succession of Glemp must have been debated at some moment : curious.

    2. my guess : a possible complex set-up from different groups with different aims.
    - the Polish bishops who have been forced to make some sort of deal with the Communist regime would like to prevent a too, maybe excessive, "cleaning campaign". It is said 10% of the clergy was in the hand of the Secret police : how many in the chanceries from these 10% ?
    Entangling the pope in the Wielgus nomination could have been a modern ecclesiastical way to get a safeguard for the rest of the rotten apples... Remember Wielgus was already a bishop.
    - on the other hands, other Polish bishops could have objected to the Glemp scenario and waited to uncover the dirty truth : with the scandal, this type of nomination is now made more difficult.
    - a 3rd party could be involved and the confused Roman statements may be an indication : is cardinal Re a great friend of ex-cardinal Ratzinger ? I'm not sure.
    Cardinal Bertone and the secretary for States/Church relationships are completely new. Is the staff who worked under ... Re ... during a long period at the Secretariate of State and under Sodano, entirely devoted to the present pope ? I'm asking the question.

    The result is a disaster, no doubt, harming the credibility of the Church in Poland and casting mud on the Roman Curia, so indirectly on the pope.
    This Wielgus case doesn't smell good.

    nb. In itself, the main sin of Wielgus isn't a maybe (?) limited cooperation with the Communist police : this was a general case in most Communist European countries. Just like having been a member of Hitler Jugend was inevitable during the IIIrd Reich.
    But Wielgus LIED publicly about this when he could have confessed easily a benign involvement.
    It's interesting to see that when modern bishops have to REPENT for THEIR OWN sins, they are SO SHY and discreet ! yes Your Excellencies, the true Christian repent is not on the sins (or supposed sins) that happened 300 years ago or more ...

  33. It is peculiar and illogical to justify the disgraceful, systematic and symptomatic disobedience which occurs in NO church by refering to some scandals pre-VC II. It is never justifiable. There has been one scandal following another without remit. Attempting to blame the pre-conciliar Church also demonstrates a failure to comprehend what has been developing over the late modern period in society and The Church.

    Indeed, there was plenty of disobedience prior to 1965 much of it from progressive thinking clerics and their supporting bishops:USA & France are cases in point. Pervasive Darwinian theory facilitated all variety of postmodern un-Catholic & anti-Catholic norms and values. Freud and Jung, among others, have also added other ingredients to this toxic mix. There were also some cover-ups. However, The Church was not afraid to remove unworthy clerics and bishops from their posts.

    Today, it is evident that if you are involved in some un-Catholic scandal then you are rewarded in some perverse manner and shielded by a conspiracy of silence [for the 'love' of the church!].

    Pope St Pius X anticipated this modern morality and modern ethics and warned us to be vigilant. Pope Pius XII
    was certainly aware of insubordination going on behind his back. He even ensured that some of the eventual wreckers of The Church post-1965 were neutralised in his time, though not all unfortunately. Illness did not help either. However, deviance has become institutionalised and in today's inquisitive, media-centric information age no one can place themselves on a pedastal as paragons of virtue without being subjected to microscopic scrutiny. Fortunately, for sincere Catholics this is now the case.

    Nevertheless, with the benefit of hindsight, what a terible tragedy for The Church, for example, that Fr Gerald Fitzgerald of the Servants of The Paraclete Fathers was not heeded in the 1950s concerning sexually abusive priests. He had a viable solution to clerical perverts but this was shelved in favour some of the psychoanalytic nonsense which has infected Catholic mores. And ruined many seminaries, monastic communities and convents in the process with destructive consequences for young & vulnerable Catholic laity.

    From about 1957 onwards sexual perverts gained prominence in the higher ranks of the church. Liberal thinking and modernist papacies have allowed them to flourish almost unchecked. As there is almost no discipline in the modern church today and because modern catholics have been brainwashed & emotionally blackmailed into believing post-conciliar "dogma" is untouchable, the day of reckoning beckons. It is here, with or without hierarchical consent. There is nothing they can do about it.

    I personally hope and actively pray along with many other Catholics I know that everything is revealed and properly dealt with, no matter whose names are published. We have had enough of this new morality and phenomenological perversity.

    "..Fiat voluntas tua sicut in caelo, et in terra.."

  34. Whilst we are on the subject of Bishops and miscommunication.

    On CWN a few days ago, Diogenes, published a report that the pertinacious heretic, Bill Ritter, Chief Excommunicated Officer of Colorado would, as a faithful picker and chooser, choose to ignore the "spirit" of the First Amendment by having an "Inaugral Mass" in a Catholic Church in Denver, the Holy Ghost Church,

    Unable to find "Inaugral Mass" in any of my three pre Novus Ordo Missals, nor in my one Novus Ordo Messal, I rested easy that it was another novelty in the "spirit" of Vatican II and thus okay, like, dude.

    The report on CWN is here:

    Some folks took offense, these comments are of interest:

    Posted by: Where'sthemoneyRoger? - Jan. 03, 2007 12:35 AM ET USA
    I have in hand this evening 1/2/07 9:40PM PST an email denial by Archbishop Chaput that ther is any such Mass going to happen. Looks like you goofed on this one.

    Posted by: romejrd - Jan. 03, 2007 9:23 AM ET USA
    For the record, Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. is not celebrating an inaugural Mass for governor-elect Bill Ritter, nor would he "encourage" such a Mass. This information is fallacious and factious. Archbishop Chaput is investigating the source of this information regarding an inaugural Mass at Holy Ghost. The blogger should have investigated a little further before wrongly criticizing the archbishop. --Jeanette De Melo, Director of Communications, Archdiocese of Denver.

    So what happened?

    Well, what happened was on January 5th, 2007 - - 3 days after CWN posted the story, and 4 days before Bill Ritter turned a Catholic Church that touts Adoration into a reenactment of the slaughter of the Holy Innocents (at least he's consistent), "the successful mediation of 15 of 19 cases against the Archdiocese of Denver claiming childhood sexual abuse against two priests" was announced.

    Naturally, there is no connection.

  35. Anonymous2:55 AM

    Who said, "we must hold out the very real possibility that hell is empty"?

    John Paul II???

  36. andrew said

    When we trawl through his sayings and writings they are replete with phenomenologistic and relativised notions. Elsewhere his style is often tortuous and equivocal.

    The danger for Catholics is that they swallow his intellectual meanderings as pearls of infallibility. In keeping with the post-conciliar take on papal infallibility.

    I found it entirely consistent with this latest scandal in Poland that one of the Polish priests on his quick-canonisation cabal, Fr. Michal Jagosz, the Polish chairman of the six-member historical commission of the Roman tribunal to sanctify the unsanctifiable, was named by Polish newspapers as a former Communist secret police agent.

    How can modern catholics imbibe the sincerity of this unholy & un-Catholic haste to make a phenomenologist a saint? This appears increasingly yet another pull of the proverbial wool.

    At present, there is no end to it.

  37. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Some answers and more questions are found here:

  38. Has the Vatican taken note of the following news, contrary to what Fr. Cantalamessa said on Christmas time, the "emergency" is not yet over:

    "3 men can pursue damages from Vatican

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Three men who accuse Catholic priests of sexually abusing them in childhood can pursue damages from the Vatican in a negligence lawsuit, a federal judge ruled Thursday.
    The ruling lets the men pursue their claim that top church officials should have warned the public or authorities about priests in the Louisville Archdiocese who were suspected of abusing children.
    William McMurry, the plaintiffs' attorney, said the ruling could open the way to take depositions of Vatican officials and to obtain copies of church records and documents."

    Lying is bad business. Divine justice finds its way one way or another.

  39. If anyone has any stamina, this:
    [Axis Information & Analysis]

    is the best day-by-day accounting of the Wieglus imbroglio I have found.

    One of the claims made e.g. by Father Kloch and Father Lombardi, is that this is some sort of vast left/ right-wing conspiracy, proven, in part, by the Polish governments failure to bring "secular" collaborators to account, and well, aw shucks, it's just not fair.

    But wait, what's this from Radio Polonia?

    Then there was the criticism -- "Let parliament deal with passing better laws that we need," Gdansk Archbishop Tadeusz Goclowski said. "This kind of action, although it may stem from good will, sounds a bit like propaganda," said bishop Tadeusz Pieronk" -- that the attempt to declare Christ King of Poland was not the business of politics...

    I suppose, neither is the National Shrine of Divine Providence

    nor stopping abortion

    Meanwhile, whilst Catholic lawmakers go about the business of their Father, the Catholic hierarchy is trying to figure the best way to obfuscate, er, reveal the truth:

  40. Polish episcopate calls for the past of all bishops to be probed

    Poland's episcopate called today for the past of all its bishops to be probed to check whether they collaborated with the communist secret police. The decision was taken after the group of 45 bishops held an emergency meeting to try to
    resolve a deep crisis in the Polish Church. The episcopate will formally announce during its scheduled plenary meeting in March that the probe will be widened to cover the past of all 133 bishops in Poland. A final decision as to whether a bishop will be allowed to remain in office will be taken by the Vatican.

  41. A thorough independent investigation of The Vatican needs to be implemented too in the light of the systematic failure to deal properly with delinquent behaviour by bishops worldwide. The Polish episcopate is but a reflection of its master. The American episcopate is in a very precarious state still and could do with a thorough purge also.

    They do not need to worry about the French or the British bishops since they won't have any flocks left to speak of, in the next generation, unless conciliarism is soon ditched for the true Roman Catholic Faith. In Italy, there is such an enormous growth of satanism that it is unrealistic to imagine it has not infected Rome & its episcopate in some way. Fr Gabriel A has alluded to this in any case and the uselessness of modern vernacular & modernised Latin prayers against it.

    It is about time the scandal of immunity to prosecution was lifted and true justice done. What is the Roman Catholic Church if there is little justice within? Why should certain hierarchs be able to do as they please free from the threat of prosecution? It is time for some christian transparency & accountability to the long-suffering church.

  42. Vatican approves Polish bishops Communist cleansing

    Positive reactions to Church vetting declaration

    "The Vatican is alive with rumours that Giovanni Battista Cardinal Re, head of the Council of Bishops, will be the next victim of the affair, and that a satisfactory way to boot him upstairs is being contrived."

    However the remarks about the Holy Fathers "Nazi past" are simply outrageous.

  43. Anonymous5:57 PM

    It is impossible that the Holy Father will remove Cardinal Re from his post. That is not the way the Holy See functions, and to try to make us believe otherwise, is lying. He still has two more years before having to submit his official resignation.

  44. You sound worried.

    According to CWN, the Holy Father is meeting (or has met) with Cardinal Re in private today.

  45. Daily Bulletin, 13-01-07

    Il Santo Padre riceve questo pomeriggio in Udienza: Card. Giovanni Battista Re, Prefetto della Congregazione per i Vescovi.


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