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Wielgus crisis deepens

New information revealed by a recent dispatch of the AFP (Agence France-Presse - via Le Forum Catholique):

-(1) According to the documents made public yesterday, the informer-collaborator "Grey"/"Adam" (Father Stanislaw Wielgus) went so far in his parallel career as to undergo a "special training for agents" of the Communist Polish Intelligence Services (the SB);

-(2) According to the authorities of the Polish Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), which keeps all files related to the Communist-era intelligence activities, they were never asked for any files on Bishop Wielgus by any Vatican authority.

The last information certainly indicates that the trust put on the former informer-collaborator was based solely on his personal disclosures (and on eventual internal ecclesiastical material), but not on the actual documents, which were never even requested prior to January 2007.

The official statement is available at the IPN website:

The IPN declares, that the Apostolic See have not turned to the IPN for making available files concerning Archbishop Stanisław Wielgus, neither has done it the Primate Józef Glemp, or any of his representatives.

The Church Historical Commission, established by the Episcopacy, started its research work on the basis of the IPN materials on the 2. January, 2007.

Dorota Koczwańska-Kalita
Deputy Director of the Office of the President of the IPN


  1. Wise decision to disable. I'd like to ask the Blog administrator if it is really in the interest of this blog and those who support the pursuit of the Traditional Mass (myself included) to fuel this story? I think not. This is secular politics, not liturgical theology, and I really don't want our movement prompted to crow anymore pharisaically than some are already wont to do. I would just say think about it.

  2. You do not have to read it if you do not want to do so, hebdomadary. We beg you to stop your silencing "campaign" regarding this scandal in our comment boxes.

  3. The TRUTH can never be harmful, if it is offered respectfully, and with charity. This information is important to reveal and the work to develop it and put it forward is appreciated.

  4. Of course it's in the interest of Tradition to fuel this story. This Polish spy father is just another piece in the liberal Church of the sixties and seventies which connived at Communism, rather than taking the former hardline.

    The Vatican ought to get its head screwed on straight and give this guy the boot - defrock him, don't make him the Archbishop of Warsaw.

    This case is interesting, however, for this reason: if there's so much pressure (coming from somewhere) to stay on track with the appointment of someone who was, beyond all doubt, a Communist agent, just think how difficult it has been for Benedict to reverse the course of precedence in the case various other appointments - e.g. San Francisco. If that is, in fact, what's going on in those cases; I'm giving Benedict the benefit of the doubt and assuming that, ideally or other things being equal, he would appoint someone better.

  5. Anonymous6:23 PM

    In a recent editorial it was stated"There is not a more Catholic nation...than that of the Poles". Did you all ever hear of Mexico? This country has had the European Heretics and American Freemasons come in and behead or shoot priests,rape Nuns, and murder innocent people openly, and without one word of outcry from the Holy-rollers who claim by all their whining and searching for evil that they only possess the Deposit of Faith. Mexicans carry on despite the full force of the American government and the European where- with-all being used in a long range attempt to destroy Holy Mother Church and the faith of the people. Nuestra Senora Santa Maria de Guadalupe appeared in Mexico; the nation of the Poles is a greater Catholic nation than Mexico? Once know-it-alls realize Europe is the cradle of all heresies except for American Feenneyism, perhaps a process of true evangelization will occur, and we wont need to worry about who is a commie or a fag, or a liberal, or a conservative. By attrition these issues will be resolved. It is difficult for a family to send prayers to Heaven when the kids are all crying. And we will send prayers to Heaven from our humble and contrite hearts. Bottom line, quit the "There is no one more Holy than us" Try showing some Charity. Yes, I used the "C" word.

  6. Sí, México, la Nueva España y Segunda Tierra de María, nos es muy querido aquí en Rorate Caeli.

    No establezcamos una "competencia de dolores", por favor!...


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