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Wielgus falls

Archbishop Wielgus has resigned, less than one hour before his official installation. From the Press Office of the Holy See:

The Apostolic Nunciature in Poland informs that His Excellency Abp. Stanisław Wielgus, Metropolitan Archbishop of Warsaw, on the day in which his installation, beginning his pastoral ministry in the Church of Warsaw, was expected at the Basilica-Cathedral, tendered to His Holiness Benedict XVI his resignation from the canonical office, as established in Can. 401 § 2 of the Code of Canon Law.

The Holy Father has accepted the resignation of Archbishop Stanisław Wielgus and has named His Emminence Cardinal Józef Glemp, Primate of Poland, Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Warsaw until further provision.

Warsaw, January 7, 2007

+ Józef Kowalczyk
Apostolic Nuncio in Poland
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We could not have remained silent, for Holy Mother Church and in remembrance of those who were martyred, imprisoned, and persecuted by the Atheistic regime of Communist Poland.


  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I personally know of an ex-priest and friend who at least in part left the priesthood because his bishop was a collaborator.

    However, there are many high churchmen who betrayed their flocks and Christ--without any outside compulsion-- through enforcing the degradation of liturgy, doctrine and chose to deliberately teach heresey. Many are cardinals even in the USA.

    Wigus had to go for political reasons more than for moral turpitude. It is good that he is gone.

    It is bad that many more are still in power to mislead.

  2. Deo gratias!

    I know nothing about the state of the man's soul today, but in external affairs, he made the right choice.

  3. Anonymous2:06 PM

    If the Vatican establishes that Bishop Wielgus was in fact a communist spy, is he likely to be subjected to the form of Degradation contained in the Roman Pontifical?

  4. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Well, thanks be to God that, finally this once, Msgr. Wielgus did the right thing for the Church and for his people. But as Simon-Peter said, it is a bitter joy, for him and for the Church.

  5. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Bp Wielgus was very popular, conservative and orthodox priest who published many orthodox books. On the polish traditionalist forum Fidelitas, I have noticed many traditional catholics defending him. What is the truth nobody knows, however there are voices saying that freemasonry was deeply involved in spreading the affair. The fact is he has made a serious mistake by lying and this is the reason he was asked to resign. Please let us remember that communists were using various and very wicked methods to force their targets to collaborate.

  6. It's so sad Humboldt's not with us to enjoy the moment. Looks like he sent Benedict's picture back a day too soon.

  7. As said above Msgr. Wielgus did the "right thing." If only others, who had betrayed their flocks on various issues, would do the same.

    Thank you New Catholic for bringing us the truth and facts as they unfolded. If this man had stayed on think of the further harm it would have caused.

    Deo gratius.

  8. Yet another example of someone who if he'd come clean in the beginning, he might be enjoying his installation today.

    Let his pray for him and for the Poles that they may be strengthened in their faith and not lose it after the battle against communism has been won.

    Winning the war is important, but winning the peace is even more so.

  9. Incredible, at the last minute this man decided to show some human decensy, What a black eye to the Roman Curia, and to Benedict XVI. This is the second black eye, the first the speech in Regensburg. How many more scandal await the Church? AMDG.

  10. Anonymous8:02 PM

    I had no trouble with the speech in Regensburg.

    Rather, I have had a bit more trouble with some of the appointments from the US. And the delay in the cleanup of the Mass. I only hope that it is a matter of a short while more.

    Although, you know, this is 100% better than the situation during the last pope. One never knew what awful thing was going to happen next then!

  11. I'm still waiting for Cardinal Mahony to resign.

  12. Anonymous9:40 PM

    He'd have to grow a conscience for that, Tito.

  13. Anonymous4:09 AM

    wow. pretty impressive work.

  14. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Tito, when Mahoney resigns, there will be a party at my house. What is happening in Los Angeles is a great evil.

  15. Pope Benedict, like Msgr Wielgus, has skeletons in his closet. Apparently he has admitted privately that he has at least two very big burdens on his conscience -- his dealings with the SSPX in 1988 and his handling of the Third Secret of Fatima in 2000. He seems to be trying to rectify his errors in 1988 but so far nothing has been done regarding Fatima.

    When will he realize that one cannot ignore The Immaculate Conception and suffer no consequences? When will he realize that in the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph (with or without him)?

    Who can be so naive as to believe that the consecration of Russia has been done? What are the fruits of the supposed 1984 consecration? Pedophile priests? Infiltration of the priesthood by active homosexuals? Infiltration of the priesthood by communists? Infiltration of the priesthood by masons? "Gay" marriage? Improved Abortion technology? 90+% contraception? Internet porn? Cover-ups? Lying bishops? Communion in the hand at last for Poland? The great sell-off of church property currently in progress in the USA and elsewhere? The failure of the seminaries to rebound after more than 40 years of decline? I'm sure someone will point out that the tradition oriented seminaries are bursting at the seams with new recruits. This is what people were saying about "orthodox" seminaries like the LOC prior to 2002. Unfortunately, I don't really see great numbers of people eager to become traditionalists nor do I see the neo-conservative camp growing greatly either. The Church is in great decline. Souls are being lost.

    Certainly it is true that traditional Catholicism is really THE ONLY TRUE CATHOLICISM, but Our Lady did not tell the pope "free the traditional Mass". She told him to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. It's great that the Mass will be "freed" (how much so remains to be seen) and this is certainly a good thing. However, that doesn't mean the crisis in the Church will end. The crisis won't end until the pope consecrates Russia. Then Russia will be converted to Catholicism (not western-style capitalism) and there will follow a period of peace. To think that we are currently in a period of peace (or even to think that some time after 1984 there was a short period of peace) is complete and utter insanity. It is a mockery of Our Lady, Queen of Peace.

    Believe it or not but the communists and the masons are toasting Msgr. Wielgus' fall as well. They are happy that confidence in the episcopacy is shaken. They are happy that confusion has been sowed. They could care less about Wielgus or the Church. They want as much instability as possible so that people will be worn down and insist that the government do something about it. As long as people continue to become more and more dependent on the government they are happy. They don't mind religion as long as people think it promotes health and well-being not salvation. They don't mind religion as long as it remains a last ditch impulse not the substrate on which everything else depends. As long as it is an afterthought and a good feeling not an all-consuming love.

    Meanwhile, Our Lady awaits...

    If you want to help, pray the Rosary every day and pray the 5 First Saturdays devotion in reparation for the offenses against Her Immaculate Heart.

  16. "he made the right choice"

    Of course! And we all hope the Holy Father never make similar mistakes...


  17. Wielgus can be forgiven - this is not the problem. Compassion towards and forgiveness for sin is available for all of us who sin. Thanks be to God for His boundless mercy.

    The problem resides elsewhere and is becoming unforgiveable in the form of persistent lack of discernment and sound Catholic good sense in spiritual affairs. The Vatican is in need of a thorough purge and throughout the modern church before there is an authentic restoration. This must put yet another question mark over the current pontificate.

  18. clemensmaria

    Your comments about Fatima are certainly very pertinent. However, the question of "freeing" The Latin Mass suffers from the same "trompe l'oeil" as the "liberalisation" misnomer. The Latin Mass is very much alive and in very safe hands where it is at present with Traditionalists who love and respect it, even if it is not universally available as it used to be. If it is ever "liberated" then we had better watch out for the "liberationist" liberal liturgists who will have a field day corrupting its presentation. That is unless The Vatican takes matters firmly in hand and begins to restore some real Roman Catholic discipline in the church once more.

    It would be preferable, therefore, if Rome were to obey Our Blessed Lady of Fatima first and then we could hope more completely for a true restoration. How anyone can cry restoration on the basis of "reform of the reform" is like trying to rebuild the crumbling house on the same foundations of sand. Most of the current problems emanate from this so-called initial "reform".

  19. The failure of the pontiffs to do what they ought(including the late Holy Father who admitted it had not been done) reminds me of Naaman and the "leprosy incident."

    "It can't be THAT simple, after all all OUR best (or should that be "best"?) efforts haven't worked: Frankly, I'm insulted."

    Always, always read the instruction manual, go to the trouble-shooting guide, and check to see if the DVD / VCR is actually plugged in before calling the repairman or reaching for the screwdriver.

    Alas, they ARE wise in their own eyes, they really ARE ever learning but never coming to a knowledge of the truth.

    First things first. She is your Queen, she is not some sweet little cookie-making slightly dizzy grandma (sorry gran!) with a bead obsession who just "means well."

    Queen Mary the King Mother, terrible as an army in battle array.

    Arise O LORD and let Your enemeies be scattered and let those that hate YOU flee before Your Face.

  20. The beat goes on at CWN.

    Rector resigns.

  21. Why don't you post the sign-up for suppor of the Petition of the English Speaking Intellectuals, as given on Fr. Gonzalez's site, and even on a Spanish Language trad site! There's more business out there!

  22. Those who would like to express their support for the 'Epiphany Declaration' (see Saturday's post) may do so here:

    Labels: Moto Propio

    posted by rev fr lw gonzales at 8:23 PM 0 comments links to this post

  23. The intentions of those who outed this man are now irrelevant as to his actual guilt, he did it, he's admitted it.

    Just as the intentions of those who have outed the sexual abuse and coverup in the US, and the embezzlemnet issues are now irrelevant.

    They did it, everyone knows they did.

    Yes, I am being general to make a general point. That Jesus has to permit the enemies of His Mystical Body, to cleanse her of the filth, is outrageous and a judgment: the shepherds are wolves, thieves who break in, watchmen who are asleep.

    Perhaps now, greater scrutiny will be taken. Perhaps the Holy Father can start scrutinizing those already in office, Cardinal Mahony leaps to mind.

    I believe Guido and Sal (first cousins to Giorgio, just brought out of retirement and reinstalled as head faggot inspector at the Holy See) continue to offer a nice fishing holiday in the Bay of Naples to those Churchmen who have earned a long, long rest. That's right, they are still under contract with the Holy See, or so I am told. Come to think of it, they just returned from France where rumour has it they did something strange with horse heads and Anne de Solene silk sheets, though I can't think what.

    Come in Cardinal Mahony, your time is up.

  24. Good comments about Mahony and others who should be shown the door.
    The Vatican's statement about Wielgus was excellent.

    For those who care to read it, I commend it to you:

    I especially liked this quote near the end of the statement:
    "'The truth will make you free,' says Christ. The Church is not afraid of the truth and her members, to be faithful to their Lord, must be able to acknowledge their own faults."

  25. The use of the word "vendetta" by Fr. Lombardi shows that the Ecclesiastical bureaucratic apparatus, which failed miserably in the Wielgus affair, cannot bring itself to accept its fault.

    More on that when we have the time to post an appropriate analysis of the events.

  26. Thanks for the article here:

    Is it possible they say what they say with conscious irony?

    1. This Priest is a Jesuit: this means that charity requires we treat him with the utmost care.

    2. Define "conduct." Did he walk funny, hold a glass in his left hand? Chew gum during Mass?

    3. Explain "compromised".

    4. Humility is the root of Charity, and Charity subsists in truth. I know, being a layman, that the Jesuit order is fully aware of this, which is why, when Father Lombardi said "humble" I know he was neither using an antonym nor being economical with the truth.

    5. Define "past years." Does this include the past six weeks and boldly lying to the Pope?

    6. When Father Lombardi says "regime", does he mean "murdererous butchering godless anti-Christ?"

    7. Father Lombardi says "he seriously compromised his authority, even with the faithful." What does he mean by "even"? Who, not comprising the faithful, is Father Lombardi thinking of? His handlers -- I mean, ex-handlers? -- the United Nations? Those self same enemies he later mentions as "a strange alliance between the persecutors of the past and their adversaries"?

    I know that he cannot possibly mean to imply that the "faithful" -- who usually take any old crud the Holy Ordered dish out with a "please sir, can I have some more" -- are actually beginning to break their programming?

    Let me just repeat myself:

    "That Jesus has to permit the enemies of His Mystical Body, to cleanse her of the filth, is outrageous and a judgment: the shepherds are wolves, thieves who break in, watchmen who are asleep."


    "It is sad, indeed, when Jesus has to permit His enemies to cleanse His bride, whether embezzlement, sexual abuse, or this.

    Put the blame where it lies. Though, like Satan, they do not have the best interests of the Church at heart (and neither do some members in bad standing), they, like Satan, cannot actually escape doing the Will of God."

    8. By "appropriate", does Father Lombardi mean, "the best we could get away with after we realized we'd all been busted and the most likely to shut you Catholics, er, I mean, the lay faithful up."

    9. I think Father Lombardi omitted the adjective "diabolical", as in "diabolical disorientation" re Our Lady of Fatima.

    10. "that has been created": Who created it? Who, in human terms, was the efficient cause?

    11. From "It is a time" to "her serenity" can only be characterized as meaningless pap. Read it a few times. We aren't supposed to really read this stuff; just let it wash over us along with the guilt they are trying to implant by suggestion. We aren't supposed to notice the cover they are trying to provide for the future by trashing the witness in advance. This is how these men operate viz sexual abuse.

    12. What does he mean by "personalities"? Is this a new ecclesiastical office, or is he thinking too much of Oscar Wilde, Bernard Cardinal Law and the Earl of Rochester? I know the head of protocol there has an obsession with Mr. Wilde, and the last Holy Father enjoyed the adulation (always spontaneous, naturally) of millions of good, decent, faithful, orthodox muslims, er, I mean Catholics, but really, "personalities"?

    13. When he says "case of Archbishop Wieglus" may I take it he means treason or some such synonym? He must have a good reason for piling euphimism atop ambiguity upon vaguery.

    14. "It must not be forgotten that it was produced by officials of an oppressive and blackmailing regime."
    I know that the last thing a humble and sincere Jesuit in the Vatican would do is insult and patronize the laity. I know that. Thus, see my comment #6 above. I also know that as a good Jesuit in the Vatican he must decry persons who DO forget the nature of such regimes and act accordingly: such as those who brought about the pact of Metz, who engineered the presence of KGB officers at the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, who promote Ostpolitick, who refused to condemn by name the major error and anti-Christ of the day, or those on the take who spy on and betray their friends and colleagues.

    15. "it must not be forgotten that it was produced by officials of an oppressive and blackmailing regime." That's right, an oppressive and blacmaling regime of which the Archbishop was ready, willing and able to help. He really is trying to condition us. In one way this reminds me of Joshua Steiner who, if you remember, lied to his own diary. They will play this one for all it is worth. It didn't work this time, it was really too late and didn't get any traction, but they think if we bite just a little now and get battle fatigue, it will work next time. Yawn.

    16. "the loss of the great and unassailable figure of Pope John Paul II".
    Hmmmm. Tempting, tempting....but really, please don't try to intimidate me. I can give you chapter and verse on just how great and unassailable a "figure" (your word, not mine) he was.

    Please don't even think about popping this "great and unassailable figure" up on the target range everytime another Wielkus hoves into sight just so we secure our weapons in case we send a couple down range and damage the fabric of the figure and his legacy. Musn't harm the rush to canonization. Isn't prudence, exercised to a heroic degree required? But I digress.

    With the likes of the good Archbishop around I'm surprised John-Paul made it out alive. This whole thing gives a whole new meaning to Bi-SHOP: in England, to "shop" someone means to inform on, snitch, grass them up, tell on etc.

    17. "transparency and truth" these words did not turn to ashes in Father Lombardi's mouth?

    Note to VIS: try again.

  27. EWTN, always assiduous in their pursuit of the truth, finally break their silence by (as ever) eating from the lap of the LOC.

    The LOC needs suppressing, but thats another issue...

    The Archbishop is 67 years old. We are in 2007. I don't know the month he was born in, and I am not going to look. Can we agree, that he was born in 1940? Not a good year for Poland, I guess that slipped his mind. So, he was born in 1940.

    He began his "entanglement" (his word) in 1967. That would make him 27, right? I think so.

    This is how EWTN-ZENIT report this:

    "in his youth he collaborated."

    I see, youth: a 27 year old man is a youth. This must be that new EWTN Math that goes along with the "fullness" of the faith. Meaning? We don't need no stinking meaning?

    Meaning is relative at EWTN.

    Nice try EWTN.

    But wait, there's more disinformation from EWTN.

    "the relationship of the then young priest."

    EWTN fails to mention the age of this youth when his "relationship" began (he was 27), uses the ambiguous term "young priest" leaving the clueless EWTN Catholic to wonder if "young" qualifies his time as a priest or his age as a man. EWTN singularly fails to say that his "relationship" lasted 22 years, only ending when the Bolshies got the boot.

    Naturally EWTN wants you to believe that this youth, this young priest, just made an oops.

    EWTN also fails to mention that the man lied, lied and lied again to all and sundry, including the Holy Father over the last six weeks and has been lying since 1967.

    Still, they are consistent in being shills for the debacle that is the conciliar disease.

    I do the love the way the late Holy Father is now more than unassailable, he is now "untouchable" according to the EWTN translation / report.

    John Paul II the Great Unassailable Untouchable.

    I see how it is.

    EWTN also fails to mention any sin this man (the Archbishop, not the late Holy Father) may be guilty of. All they can muster is a bland "this type of collaboration was prohibited by the episcopate."

    Ah, okay.

  28. Simon-Peter,

    I see you're in Raleigh. Do tell, do you ever hear Holy Mass here: ? We've already got one distinguished English gentleman among us, with 2 girls the same age as your older 2, but he doesn't quite have your dry, biting English wit, and we Yanks would certainly get a tickle from it. Here's an article he wrote:

  29. ahhhhhhh...SSPX.

    Nope never been to Youngsville. Do they have running water up there?

    By name there were three possible candidates when I looked at the articles. I don't think the Rose chappie is the man. Didn't he write "Ugly as Sin?"

    Are you all keeping up to speed with what the new Bishop is up to? Are you interested? It is slow, but significant. I think certain priests and "religious" here are already packing their Lacoste travel ensembles.

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

    I am quietly confident, that if everything is "regularized" you will find the Bishop VERY helpful.

    He was a personal pick of BXVI, not pushed forward by any committee and...well, I'll leave it there and say some more (not speculation, but facts) which might provide encouragement if you are interested.

    Have any of YOU actually tried to see HIM?

  30. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Simon-Peter, remember that EWTN reprints stories from other Catholic news websites: not only the Legionaries of Christ's ZENIT, but also Catholic World News. If you go to EWTN's newslink webpage, you find several links to CWN's stories about the Wielgus Debacle. Please don't attribute to EWTN's newlink what is actually the LOC's scrupulous avoidance of even the appearance of criticism of the Church hierarchy.

  31. Jordan: I know.

    I used to watch EWTN.

    I know on which side EWTN programming falls.

    True, you have the likes of Father Leavis, but....

    here is a question for you:

    Bishop Wieglus was a 27 year-old "youth" in 1967, a philosophy student and "Catholic", prime recruiting material. 1967 was the year he began his "entanglement."

    What was significant about 1967:

    a. Jack Jones of 15 Acacia Avenue, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England, brewed his 50,000 cup of tea?

    b. Yet another level of Troy was discovered (yawn)?

    c. The One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, seeing the greatest evil of our time, condemned grape soda as an oppressive tool of capitalist imperialism produced for the express purpose of enslaving the poor, immigrants, poor immigrants, and people on minimum wage?

    d. The Bolshevik enemies of the Son of God celebrated 50 years of worldwide murder and slavery?


    There was something else about 1967: it was 50 years since OLoF appeared...but, like I said, "significant", right?

  32. Simon-Peter,

    Yes, I stood on line for an hour after he offered Mass in our deanery and spoke to him. Asked him respectfully to allow all the priests of our diocese to offer the Mass of our fathers. Reminded him that while we continue to hear rumor after rumor that the Pope is going to free the Mass for the whole Church, that he (the Bishop) can do so right now for his diocese. He agreed and was very warm and thankful for the prayers of traditional Catholics. Quite a bit different from when I spoke to his predecessor a couple of years earlier. He did not make any promises, of course, but was very gracious. I think if he really thought it was up to him he might do it, but during his sermon at the Mass he promised the people "not to make any changes without first consulting people". My guess is, on this particular issue, that means his "priests senate", or whatever they call it now. I'm sure they'll give him quite an earful if he dares to bring it up. So I'm not holding my breath. Others from our chapel have also written to him or spoken to him as well. Thank God the SSPX is already here and can give us the Mass of our fathers, the Mass of the saints and martyrs.

    The article I tried to point you to is "Salazar and Catholic Regeneration in the 20th Century", about the last strong Catholic prime minister of Portugal. Written by Dr. Tiago Jones of Campbell University. Father was English, mother is Portugese. Quite a humble chap, knew him for a year before I found out he had a PhD. You may have to register on the Angelus website (free) in order to view the article. It's quite an interesting lesson in recent European Catholic history, especially for us Yanks.

  33. Ah...Tiago, yes I met him a couple of times. We had a few conversations with his missus (K****) when we all used to go to Sacred Heart in Dunn; didn't see him much. My wife really liked K. So, they DID end up going schismatic? ;-) They tried the Byzantine thinguumy-hoojie for a while if I recall a'right.

    Well, if it means anything to you. His Chaplain, "Chaplain to His Excellency" is an FSSP gentleman:

    "The Rev. Fr. Robert Ferguson, FSSP."

    A former concert pianist, so aside from the FSSP business, one hopes he can hear the difference between Corelli and Snoop Dogg, because - shizzolate shazzingle bedingle - some folks I know seem unable.

    FSSP in THIS Diocese? Wow.

    The Bishop has just booted the old vocations director. Looks like the days of commie Mexican nuns causing the heave-ho for orthodox seminarians are over. New man is Father Schlesinger, one of the "Seven Samurai", you know, Saxon, Tighe, Parkerson (Dunn), Mears, Ingham...

    GOOD news.

    He also booted the principal of Cardinal Gibbons HS. He paid a visit, found banned textbooks, canned the guy on the spot (accepted his resignation the next day) and ordered all the books into the dumpster right NOW. Then there was a meeting between all the principals, vps and sundry catholic educators around Raleigh. The Bishop wasn't invited, Oh-Oh. He crashed the place and laid down the law. At least that was what I was told by persons present. Niceeee one Excellency.

    Then there is the curious incident of the main article in the Diocesan Magazine for January. Now, usually, under the former Bishop, we had to suffer through the material heresy (I am DEAD serious) or proximate to, of some woman purporting to teach "Liturgy 101" and now "Theology 101." The latest article still has this woman, but now she has been reduced to a two-line introduction and a photgraph, whilst the teaching, now militantly orthodox, is done by three priests. A-ha.....well, it gets better, because I don't think the timing of the article, about how Jesus is not just man, not just TRUE Man, but is also TRUE God, is a coincidence given the Holy Fathers new book.

    Look, I know we always get carried away, but this Bishop will do whatever he is told to do. Let us just hope that what he is told is what we want.

    Like I said, he was chosen personally to sort this Diocese out. The dynamic of the Hispanics here has not been talked about. The Church has finally woken up to the sects eating our lunch in Latin America (and here!) and the reason is a denuded Mass and a complete failure to preach the Gospel.

    Guess who was at Dunn on Sunday?

    The Very Rev. Fr. Patrick Keane, Diocesan Vicar for Hispanics.

    As it is, all of the "Seven Samurai" have significant numbers of "Latino" parishoners.

    Then we get an example of timing is everything. You know about Mons Tim O'Connor, right? He is the man in charge of the Liturgy for the Diocese. It's a bloody disaster isn't it? My Parish is full of refugees from OLL, which he destroyed, before he moved on to the the rich liberal yankee Parish in Cary, St. Michael's...which I am sure you have been reading about.

    You have been reading about it right? Try the News and Observer. Typical NO Catholic. Arresting an old grey-hair in the middle of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    Well, I was told...ahem, that his Excellency is simply furious, livid. The Police busting up Mass and dragging a 75 year-old guy with advanced dementia, who they've been staking out to jail, and the MOns. doesn't even have the decency to call his family? Now we have letters from ex-catholics, Catholics and sects in the newspapers ranging from "this is why I am no loner a Catholic, you do this but you protect sexual molesters," to "you Catholic hypocrites" and so on.

    I hope our Bishop will be merciful to Mons O'Connor, and, out of appreciation for his stirling work over the years, will take this opportunity to relieve him of his duties as diocesan director of the liturgy in recognition of the stress he must be under, do two jobs and all, and, knowing Mons O'Connor must be in need of a complete rest, assign him to the outhouse on Homer Creech's pickle farm in Mount Olive where he can finally experience a setting worthy of his litugical inclinations. It is no more than he deserves.

  34. Yes, Karen Jones is adorable. She and my wife have hit it off very well. She's expecting her 6th child in May (we just had our 4th last month).

    To be honest, I stopped reading the secular news media a while ago, and we left the Novus Ordo 2 & 1/2 years ago so I was unaware of the various scandals throughout the diocese you mentioned. You've just confirmed our decision. Quite sickening. Gossman has a dreadful lot to answer for. Fr. Parkerson is a hero but has no support from his confrers (I've spoken to him). Our own pastor even worries about him. Having an FSSP presence in the diocese would certainly be a Hades of a change, and would no doubt give Gossman conniptions.

    The problem is the New Mass and the new rite of ordination have left many priests not truly understanding what is the purpose of their vocation. I'm dying to know, though, why was that elderly gentelman arrested? Kneeling for Holy Communion?

  35. Anonymous3:13 AM

    "Jordan: I know.

    "I used to watch EWTN.

    "I know on which side EWTN programming falls."

    Ah. Well, I couldn't speak to that very well, since I don't have cable t.v. and in this area EWTN is only available on cable t.v.

    As for the Fatima anniversary, that is interesting. I happen to believe the Fatima apparitions are genuine, although I know that, like all private revelations, they aren't a part of the deposit of faith.

  36. Jordan:

    we can't keep going over Fatima :-).

    It's not private in the ordinary sense of the word. There was nothing "private" about it.

    The Church had declared it worthy of belief, but, one is free to blow it off.

    Do you think the Mother of God is able to overcome the sodomites, material athiests and masons in the Holy See?

  37. Six! Just who does she think she is?

    Fantastic news.

    Father P. has a lot more support than he lets on.

    Did he tell you about the crucifix and the lightning bolt?

    Yes, a newly-arrived FSSP priest can only mean one thing, surely. Their entire existence is predicated on... and I mean as Chaplain, isn't he like the Bishop's ADC?

    Now, if I was being wildly optimistic, I would say an FSSP priest, being brought in front and center, in a known-dodgy diocese, by an ambitious Bishop personally chosen by the Holy Father to clean house can mean only one thing...we're just waiting for the green light.

    And then I woke up.

  38. Karen's only 39. Our treasurer is 44, and she's also expecting! Why, these women must be ... Catholic!!

  39. Yep, same thing here, everytime you turn your head, here comes another baby...

    We are one of the smallest with only three tiny tinys.

    May God grant us more.

    I love the comments by non-Catholics:

    "Oh, you must have your hands full."
    ("Wanna help? Nope? Thats what I thought.")

    "You're not going to have any more are you?"
    ("Are you speaking about these vessels of sanctifying grace, or a slice of pizza?")

    "There can be problems at your age..."
    ("Yep, I'm looking at one right now.")

    "They have tests you know."
    ("We don't need no stinking test to decide whether to kill our babies or not")

    And this one from a Catholic...projecting I think:

    "Well, our last one [they have four, 8, 6, 4 and 2] wasn't planned, it was a surprise, we're not going to have anymore, but you've done well spacing them like that."

    Oh, as to the old man arrested, just do a google search using

    "usher / Raleigh / Cary / arrested / old man / St. Michaels /"

    or some such combo.

  40. Anonymous2:25 PM

    "It's not private in the ordinary sense of the word. There was nothing 'private' about it."

    Very true, but I was using "private" in the technical, Catholic sense.

    "The Church had declared it worthy of belief, but, one is free to blow it off."

    True, and many do, but I doubt that's a very wise thing to do. Actually I sense that devotion to Fatima is well nigh universal among Catholics whose faith is vital and active -- that percentage who go to daily Mass and keep parishes spiritually alive.

    "Do you think the Mother of God is able to overcome the sodomites, material athiests and masons in the Holy See?"

    Certainly. She can do all things through Christ who strengthens her.

    By the way, regarding the comments about family size, my wife and I are very happy to be expecting our fifth child in a little over a month. We're using "family planning" -- planning to have as large a family as God chooses to give us.

  41. Congratulations Jordan!

    Fantastic. If a girl, be sure to call her Beatrix! [that's our second daughters name, but it would REALLY work in your case]

    "Do you think the Mother of God is able to overcome the sodomites, material athiests and masons in the Holy See?"

    Yep, I was thinking of Our Lady of Lourdes and Napoleon III. Yep, no problem.

    "We're using "family planning" -- planning to have as large a family as God chooses to give us."

    Funny, funny. That's about all the planning we're doing too.


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