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Archbishop: Sobrino punished by CDF

Fernando Sáenz Lacalle, the archbishop of San Salvador (El Salvador), where Spanish "Liberation theologian" Jon Sobrino, SJ, resides, confirmed today that the Vatican has sanctioned him. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has notified Sobrino of the prohibition from teaching in any Catholic center "while he does not revise his conclusions; the divinity of Jesus Christ is a fundamental part of our faith, that [He] truly is the Son of God made Man".

Saénz, also a Spaniard, confirmed the information in a press conference held after Sunday Mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral, adding that "his writings have been studied for a long time [in the Vatican] and that warnings were issued years ago".

"What the Holy See states," said Sáenz, "is that the conclusions of the theological studies on Christ which Father Sobrino has published are not in agreement with the doctrine of the Church and that he will not be able to teach theology in any Catholic center [of studies] while he does not revise [such] conclusions."

"I pray to the Lord for Father Sobrino, so that he will be docile to the teachings of the Church and revise his conclusions," said the Archbishop, who added, at the behest of a journalist, that the heterodox conclusions of Sobrino are precisely those according to which Jesus Christ was "conscious of His humanity, but not of His divinity", an opinion which "is not Catholic."

Source: EFE news agency; tip: Periodista Digital.


  1. Ok, SJ Fathers, time to stop up to the papal plate. Are you with Benedict or against him? It's crunch time in the Americas. I hope you'll prove my preconceptions on the state of the order utterly misguided. In fact, I pray it.

  2. Anonymous11:45 PM

    This is the firm hand of a saintly pope at work behind Fr. Sobrino's chastisement. Pope Benedict XVI rules with a firm hand, a hand strengthened by Our Divine Master as he fulfills Our Lord's command to 'tend My flock.'

    The trouble with the Jesuit Order
    these days is so many have fallen
    victim to Satanical FALSE CHARITY:

    "Certainly there can be
    nothing more abhorrent to God’s infinite goodness and love than a demonic lukewarm love that consumes sinners into an abyss of moral mediocrity, a so-called middle ground world created by Satan and called by the world today "tolerance."
    Liberation Theology and all of its extenuating rationalizations and tolerance of things liberal in theology and liturgy and government have precipitated Catholicism and the world into the very grips of Satanical FALSE CHARITY!

    Catholocism into the grips of Satanical FALSE CHARITY.

  3. If this is Sobrino's truly held belief it is right and correct that he be censured since he is clearly wrong and in opposition to true Catholic teaching here.

    This does not mean, however, that as a result his entire body of work should be discounted.

  4. Perhaps not. However, given the giants the Church has produced who are not heterdox / heretical, until all his works are sifted and categorized, it might be best to stay away as the fisherman places his true lures in the most unsuspecting of places. Am I right in thinking penalties now attach to those who do read his works? Aren't his works now in whole or in part stigmatized? I don't feel too comfortable with Meister Eckhart after all these centuries! The conclusion is put rather mildly becuase as it stands Sobrino's belief is slightly more than "an opinion which is not Catholic" (after all, so is indifference to deliberate venial sin.).

    Does anyone know where I can find a good English translation of the decision itself, it's reasoning and conclusions? This might seem like small stuff, but the Holy Father is just about to publish his book about Jesus and has been at pains to condemn ideas that reduce Jesus to a mere man, which, on its face (and I emphasize that in Sobrino's case) the idea that Jesus only graduly became aware of "the God within" certainly does.

  5. A good step, as far as it goes, but does not go nearly far enough. If this man rejects the divinity of Our Lord he is clearly not fit to be an Archbishop and should be deposed from office with immediate effect. A wolf makes a poor shepherd of souls!

  6. A just point, invocante! Let Sobrino be removed from office at the same time his teachings are declared anathema!

    While I commend this decision to decry Sobrino's heresy, this man is only one polyp of the heretical cancer that sits within much of Holy Mother Church in modern times. I pray that this move to censure Sobrino represents a new trend of rooting out heresy begun by the man j hughes dunphy calls our "saintly pope." St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us!

  7. Anonymous1:52 PM


    Just to clarify, the archbishop is not the heretic, but a Jesuit in under his jurisdiction.


  8. LOL!

    All of sudden priests, bishops and the laity are going to be really clear and insistent on what extraordinary means (re extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion)? I can't wait.

  9. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Let us pray that this will put a stop to the Homilies on The Baptism of Our Lord which claim that He recognised He was God as He came up out of the waters. Even a bishop here in Ireland has professed such a foolish notion.

  10. Me culpa. Sorry for misreading the story, it was the prominent photo of the Archbishop which mislead me! In any case the princple still apllies - this Jesuit should be defrockt and not allowed to function in any way as priest. Indeed given his views dooes he not lack the requistite valid intention to say a valid mass?

  11. I am happy that justice has been done, but I am not happy that it took so long. This should have been made years ago.

  12. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Poor Sobrino... Pray for him.

  13. "Does anyone know where I can find a good English translation of the decision itself, its reasoning and conclusions?"

    The decision, probably under the name of a Notification, has not yet been made public by the CDF, though copies of the final notification were certainly sent several weeks or even months ago to Sobrino and to his Ordinary -- which is why the latter could confirm its general contents.

    It is expected that the Notification will be made public next Thursday, though that is not certain.

  14. Anonymous10:27 PM

    To Hebdomadary:

    I admire your trusting in the Society of Jesus, but if I were you...don't put your trust in them at all.
    Since Vatican II, the Jesuits (- 17,000 members since 1965) have been in the forefornt of dissent and disobedience. They will not change. Their leadership is corrupt to the core.
    Notice that all the dissenting theologians are all old men. There are no young ones to replace them...thank God! This is a blessing in itself. But unfortunatly these dissidents are still active. Sobrino was one of the last. Kung, Curran, Schillabeecx , Dupuis SJ (deceased), were silenced long ago.
    The Jesuits and similar liberal dissident Orders of men and women are a dying breed. The leading woman dissident...the infamous Sr. Joan Chittister OSB is also in her 70's.
    In a decade or so, the Jesuits (already with a median age for priests of 65), and other similar Orders will be so aged and diminished in numbers, finances, funds, institutions, that they will be irrelevant except to be held up as symbols of the evil that came from the 1960's experiment that failed.

  15. Anonymous10:56 PM


    I don't believe that there is a human being alive who doesn't need - and is therefore deserving of - our prayers.

  16. Thankyou NC. I only asked because I am still trying to learn *how* to think about things...when good people go off the rails, and I thought this might help as being something concrete and immediate.

  17. I mentioned M'lady Chittister in a post on my blog today, that's a coincidence! To avoid any suspicion that I say such things for dubious motives, the link is here, directly.
    She is still at it; scroll down to the bottom. Also, notice the Holy Father and the 14th Dalai Lama are called "The Holy Fathers" (plural). That's nice.

  18. Anonymous12:29 AM

    David: "I don't believe that there is a human being alive who doesn't need - and is therefore deserving of - our prayers."

    To pray for his conversion, yes.

  19. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Sobrino.....¿Compatricio de Pascual de Andagoya, Simon Bolivar y Ruben Aramburu Molet?

  20. Anonymous6:13 PM

    ¿Compatricio de Alejandro Aramburu Corral?

  21. Anonymous12:51 PM

    jose maria bergareche busquet, cesado en vocento


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