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For the Record: Schmitz (ICRSS) on the Motu proprio:
"We may still be thinking that [any day it will come] in 30 years' time"

From this week's Catholic Herald (UK):

It is expected that there will soon be the eagerly anticipated motu proprio to lift restrictions on the Tridentine Mass.

Yet Mgr Schmitz [vicar-general of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICRSS) and Provincial Superior of its American branch]is not getting too excited. “Recently, we have been thinking that any day it will come,” he says. “But we may still be thinking that in 30 years’ time.”

Can we be certain, though, that the Holy Father wants this reform? “Before he became Pope,” Mgr Schmitz observes, “he offered many indications that there should be continuity. The Church cannot ban a liturgy that has been hers for the greatest part of her history.”

Nota bene: The article published in the Catholic Herald is based not in a past speech, but on a fresh interview with Freddy Gray, in which Sacramentum Caritatis and the situation of Traditional Catholics in Britain were also discussed.


  1. Anonymous1:48 PM

    New Catholic,

    What is this, Cold Water Day? It seems like the last two posts are geared to prepare for major disappointment in the morning.

    Bishop Fellay I can understand. He has the Williamson wing to worry about. He has to appear hopeful and skeptical at the same time. But Msgr. Schmitz? I'm mighty curious as to whether or not these two fellows know any more than we do at this point. I wonder if they're not simply expressing frustration in light of the fact there've been no confirming leaks lately.

    As for me, I'm keeping the candle lit, remembering the encouraging testimony of Cardinal Bertone, and, though I hate to admit I have to go to him for positive thinking - our friend in Philadelphia.


  2. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I am telling the absolute truth when I tell you that this past week, a friend of Alice von Hildebrand's emailed me a detailed account of Mrs. von Hildebrand's meeting with the Pope, in which he said, "May." That was about 3 weeks ago. I'm praying for the Pope.

  3. Anonymous2:42 PM

    That was also Mgr Schmitz' line when in Ireland several weeks ago. He knows no more than the rest of us. It could be tomorrow, or it could be next year. No one knows, but the Pope and his very closest confidants. We should put our energy into praying for him.

  4. New Catholic,

    These remarks were made on February 19, 2007 and it was a joke:

  5. Anonymous4:32 PM

    I don't expect it will be tomorrow, as fitting a day as it would be. But I think it likely that it will be this month.

    I don't think we'll have to wait until December, though.

    Not that my point of view counts for anything, that is . . . .

  6. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Yes, Institute of Christ the King priests seem to "joke" around quite a bit.

  7. Anonymous5:19 PM

    I am tired of being a second class citizen in my own church.

    Pray for me, I am considering the Eastern Orthodox church at this point.

  8. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I'd remind people that the Motu Proprio could well be "signed" on 5 May, so the date 5 May, in festo Pii V, will appear on the document, but it won't be released for some time.

    The new Divine Office, first and second editions, were promulgated on Easter Sunday itself, Dominica Paschae. Obviously, they weren't released on that date...but they were signed on that date.

    So a 5 May signing might well not be announced until after 5 May.

  9. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Dear anonymous #5,

    Our good God is pleased to endure all this: compassionate Him within His Church instead of aggrieving Him by leaving it.

    If we are treated like step-children, so be it, but, as the Abbe de Nantes counsels, we mustn't answer arbitrariness with anarchy.

    I pray for you to have the grace to suffer joyfully, as I do for myself and all our other brethren, poor sinners that we are.

    In pace Christi.

  10. Anonymous6:30 PM

    It seems highly unlikely that any MP promulgation will occur tomorrow; I think it would have been known and noised about in a more authoritative way by now.

    So we will just have to keep waiting. As one of the other posting people here suggests, I will go read stuff by the CRC people. They have an interesting discussion of Algeria on their site.

  11. The Abbe will be raised to the altar in my lifetime.

  12. I am tired of being a second class citizen in my own church.

    Pray for me, I am considering the Eastern Orthodox church at this point.

    Does no-one in Rome understand the damage this is doing?

    I will pray for you - but don't be surprised if I join you.

  13. For many of us now, whether it's the Greek Kalends or the 5th of May, it'll be too late.

  14. Calm down, folks... Our obligation to remain attached to Peter must be unwavering.

  15. Anonymous8:34 PM

    As much as we all anticipate the publication of the Motu Proprio, and as important as it will be in the long run, I would counsel patience and prudence in our expectations. I have a feeling that, given the fact that a number of laity, priests, and bishops regularly ignore any contstraints from Rome on their liturgical "creativity" and their dismissal of the legitimate aspirations of those who love the Traditional Rite, the Motu Proprio will be the beginning, not the end, of the battle.

    In Christ,

  16. Anonymous11:08 PM

    The motu proprio will be, at long last, the battle cry. May we valiantly respond.

  17. LOL:

    Losers of the world unite.

    You never had the faith you impious frauds.


  18. Anonymous1:03 AM

    I have a feeling that this is a "ye men of little faith" moment.

    I would find all those doubts credible if we hadn´t heard from the Secretary of State.

    But we have his word, the word of the Secretary of His Holiness, that the Pontiff WILL liberalize the Tridentine rite, that the decision HAS BEEN MADE. If it has been made, then obviously it won´t take 30 years.


    By the way, on an urelated topic, I´m very sorry to read in the presentation document published by the Office of Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff regarding the Papal Visit to Brazil that the pope will use for the Canonization Mass of Blessed Frei Galvão the Eucharistic Prayer V found in Brazilian Missals (drafted by the National Eucharistic Congress of Manaus and subsequently regrettably approved by the Holy See). This Eucharistic Prayer contains very poor, pedestrian language, absolutely no mention of the Sacrificial nature of the Mass. An Eucharistic Prayer that refers to the Blood of Christ, AFTER CONSACRATION, as "this wine that saves and gives courage". That begs God´s protection upon "the Church that walks on the roads of the world", that uses informal Portuguese expressions such as "bem firme", "bem felizes", "bem unidos". This prayer is so pedestrian that it should be scrapped, never, never used in a Papal Mass. Next to Eucharistic Prayer V the much criticized Eucharistic Prayer II looks as reverent as the Roman Canon.

  19. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Might it not be better in the long run if the motu proprio never appears? After all the current legal situation is that the TLM was never suppressed, and that every priest of the latin rite has a right to say it. I believe that when priests are suspended by their ordinaries for saying it, the suspension is automatically overturned by the Curia for this reason. The regime introduced by the motu proprio cannot be better than this, and is likely to be more restrictive. If it never appears, there is then the strategy of publicising and insisting on the actual legal state of things. This will be difficult and involve much struggle, but in the long run is promising.

  20. John, you make a good point.

  21. Anonymous2:08 AM

    New Catholic,

    Why censor this:

    Why should we be "obligated" to remain attached to "Peter" when Peter has abandoned us. The Eastern Orthodox is closer to Pre-Vatican II Catholicism than today's Church.

    I'm not a sedevancantist - not even sure how to spell it...

    I wonder how many posts you and others delete because you don't allow decent.

  22. It is no use going to the Orthodox. Go the Society of St. Pius X instead. They have the advantages of the Orthodox but not the disadvantages: formal schism.
    Besides they are actually the bridge of Ecumenism with the Orthodox because they believe in a traditional limitation on Papal authority. No Pope has the right to enforce these destructive 'reforms'.

  23. "Besides they are actually the bridge of Ecumenism with the Orthodox because they believe in a traditional limitation on Papal authority. No Pope has the right to enforce these destructive 'reforms'."

    What colour is the sky in your world. Do you know what a non sequitur is? So, because you believe that certain reforms are destructive, you decide (being oh such a traditional Catholic) that the only way to ensure this does not happen again or continue now, it to reduce the Bishop of Rome to primus inter pares? Methinks in the name of tradition you speak with forked tongue of puffed up orthodox and catholic progressive all rolled into one.

    You aren't even Catholic are you? Where ARE you people suddenly coming from? Did the council just flush the sewer system?

    You find common cause with the Orthodox, with all their heresies and their formal schism against a lawful Pope even if the papacy has been wobbling in it's prudence. Your solution is to reduce the Bishop of Rome to a bit-player?

    Agent provocateur.

  24. Anonymous3:58 AM

    well, "simon-peter" has a point. I am not thrilled that the motu proprito is taking as long as it is to promulgate, but I am happy that it is even a possibility!! Nuff said, ten years ago, this would be dreaming. Take a deep breath, folks, and don't fold in the towel because a dream is taking longer then we like.

    After all, those folks who worked the Indult masses into being didn't blather about the harm being caused by the modernists; no! by golly, they did something about the problem. They put shoe to the pavement and made it happen!

    Quite being a bunch of cry-babies! If you want to change the Church, do something! Complaining via the keyboard is just pathetic, if that's all you do. Now, we do have alot to complain about: silly, modernistic masses, clown priest, nonsense sermons, abortion loving "catholic" politicians, who Bishops are too scared to admonish. Majority of "catholic" folks believe in contraception and other moral evils, etc.

    Now, I would say we need to quit ostracizing SSPX, and start treating them as the legitimate body WITHIN THE CHURCH, that they are; they are just in "irregular communion", but still within the fold.

    In fact, SSPX today is much the same as the Catholic traditionalists were fifteen hundred years ago when the Arian heresy broke-out. In the end, nearly 80% of the Bishops and faithful subscribed to this heresy. One saint said, "they [the Arians] have the Churches, but we have the faith." Today, we are experiencing the same thing, but just because we see heresy, banality, nonsense, stupidity, etc. at the local level, does not mean are faith is in vain. Stay true to the Catholic faith!

  25. Simon-Peter said:

    "Agent provocateur."

    You ARE a legend in you own mind!

  26. Please do not romanticize the Orthodox. Just because we are living through a Crisis that does not mean we should entertain the thought of abandoning the Catholic Church...not even for a second! This is precisely the time to exercise the virtues of Faith and Hope.