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Best report of the Pope's vacation in the Cadore region.

In an evening stroll last Friday, the Pope met a few villagers (Apcom):

"Good evening!", he said. "What an honor, Holiness...", some answered. A lady reminded him of her having sent a bouquet of stelle alpine [edelweiss]. "Yes, that is true, thank you!", the Pope answered. "I sent you mushrooms," another one said. "Ah, yes, the mushrooms, I have eaten them," said Ratzinger. Then, approaching the journalists who expected him with open notepads, he shook their hands and asked them: "Why do you write? There is no news...".
Quite true.


  1. The original dispatch is not available at the Apcom website anymore, but its transcript may be found elsewhere (including at Papa Ratzinger Blog - see our sidebar).

  2. "Why do you write, there is no news."

    On this beautiful (here (Ontario) anyway) peaceful Sunday evening, having worshipped God, commemorated the Magdalene and St Apollinaris, and now sitting in the evening sun with friends and family and a glass of red, there is something profoundly comforting about this phrase.

  3. Don't forget a nice comforting pipe :D

  4. They say no news is good news. We broke in my new outdoor grill with a couple of thick steaks, and shared a bottle of wine. The weather in northern Virginia could not have been better.

    Life is good. That's the other good news.

  5. Anonymous4:50 PM

    It seems the graces are showering down.

  6. Anonymous5:10 PM

    There's always news. What's he talking about?

  7. I love these pictures of His Holiness.

    I have loved Joseph Ratzinger for many years and the sad part of his election was that I felt sure he really, really didn't want to become Pope.

    One of the beautiful things about his Pontificate is that people have found that they LOVE him and he seems even more popular than the lovely and beloved John Paul.

    And in so many of the pictures, it seems to me that one can see that he senses the love and that it heals many of the wounds he suffered over the years in his previous position.

  8. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Sounds like Jeff's been smoking the funny stuff and putting flowers in gun barrels.

  9. I said "love", not "luv".

    And I didn't notice that the denizens of Haight Ashbury cultivated a devotion to the Popes. But I might have missed something there.

  10. Anonymous4:08 PM

    For Papa Benedict, who is usually so occupied, No News is probably the best part of his day.

  11. As they saying goes, "No news is good news."

  12. Whoops.."as the saying goes..."


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