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New Cardinals

Ignazio Ingrao, Vaticanist of Italian weekly Panorama, reported Friday in his Panorama blog that the list of new cardinals for the (almost certain) November consistory is ready and will be announced in the next few days.

The first name of the list would be that of Leonardo Sandri, new Prefect of Oriental Churches, followed by Angelo Comastri, Archpriest of Saint Peter's, Giovanni Lajolo, President of the Governatorate of Vatican City State, and Raffaele Farina, Librarian and Archivist of the Holy Roman Church; perhaps, Archbishop Foley, Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre. The Italians would be Angelo Bagnasco, of Genoa and President of the Italian Episcopal Conference ("probably", according to Ingrao; "certainly", according to common sense), and "maybe" Paolo Romeo, of Palermo (the anti-Traditionalist former scheming nuncio in Italy), and the Traditionalist-friendly Luigi de Magistris (who is over 80).

The archbishops of Paris, Warsaw, Minsk are probable names. Ingrao includes the name of the Archbishop of Barcelona, though that does not seem probable. Cardinals from the Americas would include the Archbishop of Washington, and the Archbishop of São Paulo, Odilo Scherer. Bishops of other nations would also be included - probably that of Bombay, Oswald Gracias.

Ingrao states as a certainty that Don Guido Marini will organize the November consistory, and that Archbishop Piero Marini will be named president of the Pontifical Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses.


  1. Abp Sistach of Barcelona is labelled "liberal" by the arch-liberal paper Golias in France. Which is a rarity in Spain but our Holy Father has a talent to pick up die-hard liberals whenever it's possible.
    Is the super-quick promotion of Abp Scherer a reward for the disaster of Aparecida CELAM ? and the red hat for the Abp of Paris another reward for 2 years of vicious opposition to the project of motu proprio ?
    The supposed list is rather depressing : people named for their sees or positions in the Curia, without any specific choice. Thus the positive choice of Mgr Bagnasco is nearly an ... accident.

    The only light comes from Mgr de Magistris but being over 80yo already, it's a nice, full of justice but symbolical choice.
    It's still a rumor however and not the official list so let us pray again, who knows...

  2. I have the impression that this list is just a compilation of the most probable choices in the view of the author. For instance, when speaking about the African prelates he is obviously just giving the names of the incumbents of some more prominent sees. I don't think he has any special insight as to who will actually be on that list. He doesn't say anything about Msgr. Cordes, who has been named in all the specualtion so far. Well, we will see, but I have to admit, I wouldn't be too happy with Msgr. Sistach. Although, Alsaticus, he is not rare at all for Cataluña.

  3. Anonymous8:44 PM

    It's only speculation. But I hope Sistach misses His chance. Still, He's 70 already. Not much time left for these dried up old liberals. Scherer is a different story. Dangerous man. In the mold of Arns. Hopefully is passed over. Same for Vingt-Trois.
    Bagnasco is a hero in many ways, and deserves the red hat. He stood up against homosexuals and gay marriage and endured months of death-threats. He also stood up in favor of the Tridentine Latin Mass at the Italian Bishops meeting.
    I'd like to see Archbishop Burke get the red hat (not Wuerl of D.C.). Foley deserves his Cardinal's hat. He's no liberal.
    Sandri is a clone of Sodano, so that's not good.
    De Magistris I hope gets the Cardinals hat due to his long service and Faith in Catholic tradition.

    Bottom line is....I know it's unlikely, but I hope no real flaming liberal gets in. UNfortunatly, Benedict XVI's know for making bad choices in alot of postings.

  4. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Burke and Fellay for me

  5. Anonymous10:04 PM

    If even the newspaper comentator thinks it's not probable, let's hope Sistach is definitly passed over. Same for Piero Marini.
    Unfortunatly, Andre Vingt-Trois of Paris seems a sure thing.
    What about Armagh, Ireland ?
    Toronto, Canada?
    St. Louis, Mo. USA?

    Before the consistory, I'd like to read that the pope has allowed for a restoration....decreeing cardinals to wear the red cappa magna again for the consistory, instead of just the plain red cassock and mozzetta.
    Paul VI was really misguided in discarding so much Catholic tradition involving all ceremonies. They've all been watered down to almost nothing. And that's tremendously sad and a great loss.

  6. While its entirely possible that the story is accurate as to the timing of the announcement, it seems more likely that it would be announced 3 to 5 weeks from now (around the end of October).


  7. Please, God, let Raymond Burke receive the red hat. He, perhaps more than any other potential candidate, knows what to do with it.

    Our Lady of Victories, intercede for us!

  8. Anonymous8:48 AM

    I don't think that Sistach is very liberal prelate. He wasn't against motu proprio, for example. In regard of Vingt-Trois, it's sure that he is not a traditionalist, but he's not the worst in France. The only bad name is Scherer; we can hope that the Pope puts off the nomination, also because he's only 58 years old. I hope for Mgr Collins. Unfortunately, Saint-Louis isn't see of cardinal.

  9. Thank you, David, you are certainly correct - not more than five weeks before the date of the consistory, which may be on Christ the King (calendar of the Ordinary Form).

  10. For Abp Sistach, the reference for the label went from the n°1 arch-liberal neo-modernist review "Golias".
    I trust them when they rejoice and hail a name as a true "liberal" in their heart...
    He was hosting recently an ecumenical happening with cardinal Kasper.

    Some "liberals" are tolerant with TLM : it's not a valid criteria in any case. The Abp of Paris is a radical trad-hater but he is not a liberal at all. Neo-conservatives are very often more hostile than true liberals to TLM.

  11. "Unfortunately, Saint-Louis isn't see of cardinal."

    St. Louis, a.k.a. Rome of the West, has been a cardinalatial see in the past.

  12. Anonymous8:10 AM

    See this about mgr Sistach. I want many liberals like him

    Votos Perpetuos de las Religiosas del Oasis de jesús Sacerdote
    Escrito por Felipe
    Como siguiente paso, después de la aprobación en el Vaticano de los estatutos del monasterio del Osasis de Jesús Sacerdote, el pasado 12 de Septiembre 23 hermanas de este instituto emitieron sus votos perpetuos.

    De reelevante importancia fue la presencia del Sr. Arzobispo de Barcelona, Mons. Luis Martínez Sistach quien abstentaba la delegación papal.

    La misa fue una bella muestra de catolicidad y amistad entre diferentes institutos. Celebró el fundador Pedro de I. Muñoz, haciendo de Diácono el P. M. Kinkel del ICSRP y de subdiácono el P. Carlos Bey. El Maestro de ceremonias fue Monsen Francesc.

    En la celebración se encontraban también los sacerdotes Almir Andrade, asistente del superior general de la FSSP, el Promotor de Justicia y Defensor del Vínculo en la dióscesis de Tenerife P. Gómez Jaubert, quien además es amigo muy cercano y asesor jurídico del Oasis. El Vicario General de religiosas de la Diócesis; Monsen Mariné sacerdote que ha colaborado con el OJS desde su nacimiento, el Rvdo. Juan Nsué Edjand, anterior párroco de la Catedral de Malabo en Guinea Ecuatorial y futuro director espiritual del seminario de su diócesis, el P. Erik, franciscano de Suecia, el párroco de la zona, etc.

    El Arzobispo de Barcelona dirigió un sermón sobre el Santo Sacrificio de la Misa, con duración de 22 minutos.

    También se informó que pronto 2 importantes parroquias de la zona ofrecerán la Santa Misa en la forma Extraordinaria.

    Felicitamos con mucha alegría a cada una de las religiosas del Oasis por este importante paso en su vocación. También felicitamos al P. Muñoz por los numerosos frutos de la obra a la cual ha dedicado su vida.

    Felicidades también a todos los amigos del Oasis en estos momentos tan especiales.

  13. Anonymous8:15 AM

    "St. Louis, a.k.a. Rome of the West, has been a cardinalatial see in the past"
    In fact, in the past, however before 1826 on the basis of that I read on the site of Catholic hierarchy.
    However, God bless mgr. Burke!

  14. Anonymous2:00 PM

    What happened to the see of Munich? It's vacant.

  15. Anonymous7:22 AM

    St. Louis has had three Cardinal-Archbishops,starting in 1946 with Cardinal Glennon (who had been Archbishop 43 years,and died on the way home from Rome).The most recent was Cardinal Carberry,who died in the 1990s.
    (These days they don't seem to have do-everything Cardinals like Giulio Maria Della the height of his power in the 1820s he was Dean of the Sacred College AND Secretary of State AND head of the Holy Office AND the Apostolic Chancery AND the Propaganda Fide...among other things!!)

  16. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I would love to see His Excellency, Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke of St. Louis become a cardinal. He certainly deserves it.

  17. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Archbishop Burke as a cardinal...
    that would make things easier if he is appointed archbishop of New York...whether that be soon or later....

  18. I seriously have to wonder about Raymond Burke. If he is so 'in line' with Rome and an arch-conservative, why has Benedict passed him over not once, mind you, but twice for Cardinal. This is Benedict's second consistory and guess red hat for Ray.
    He is doing something that isn't impressing Rome, whatever that may be...


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