Rorate Caeli

You report: Traditional Masses around the world - II

A report from Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia:

Over here in Australia, in a small country city called Wangaratta, I started a group with a few other people in Sep. 06 and we called ourselves the Wangaratta Latin Mass Society.

After writing to our bishop requesting a mass on a permanent basis the Bishop only allowed us Mass once a month but to only to be offered on a weekday. Of course we were quite upset with the regulations set out by our Bishop, so imagine the joy we felt when His Holiness Pope Benedict released the long awaited Motu Propio.

Not long after the Motu Propio I wrote to our Bishop again requesting a personal Parish (Article 5 SP). Whilst not allowing this to take place he gave us permission to use a beautiful chapel here in Wangaratta and also seek a Priest to service us on a full time basis from one of the Fraternities that offer the Extraordinary Form exclusively.

On October 13 we had a Procession through Wangaratta in honor of the 90th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima and also we had our first Mass at our Chapel (Delaney Chapel) celebrated by a Diocesan Priest, Fr. Leo Hynes. This Mass and Procession was very well attended with over 50 people, young and old with also about 30 apologies from those who couldn’t make it. They all look forward to assisting at the Traditional Mass in the future. I know the Wangaratta Latin Mass Society will grow, the amount of young people we are attracting is very positive for the future of this Society.

We like to thank Our Bishop, Joseph Grech and also His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for making this so available to us.

Keep them coming, dear readers!