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New English Bishop: "That's not how we do things here"

The "Progressive" wing of the Church in England and Wales remains solidly in power. The Holy Father named today Monsignor Terence Patrick Drainey, president of Ushaw College, new Bishop of Middlesbrough.

Who is Father "Terry" Drainey? Just a few days ago the Anglican Journal published this report:

A three-week course designed to introduce foreign priests to the British way of doing things in the Roman Catholic church has opened at Ushaw College outside Durham in Northumberland, England.

The first group of seven priests is from India, Nigeria and Poland.

“Some foreign priests working in Britain tend to be too dogmatic about the church’s moral rightness on just about everything,” said Rev. Terry Drainey the president of Ushaw College. “That’s not how we do things here. This course shows how we deal with a whole range of issues affecting Catholics, including the role of women, divorce, the lay ministry and homosexuality.”

Tip: Father Blake.

In other appointments, the controversial spokesman of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, Monsignor Juan Antonio Martínez Camino, considered a "conservative", who had been tipped to become the Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education, was named an Auxiliary Bishop of Madrid - the first Jesuit ever made a Bishop in Spain.

The powerful Sostituto of the Secretary of State, Archbishop Fernando Filoni, was named today a Consultant of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.


  1. What the hell is this Pope thinking?!!!

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    In this case he's not thinking, he's rubber-stamping. Cormac's going-away present no doubt.

  3. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Were either of these comments worth posting?

  4. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Whether or not they were worth posting, this is not a good day for the Church in E&W.

    Whatever his good points, Mgr Drainey seems to be of the same ecclesial mind as most of the rest of the Bishops Conference of E&W - most of whom oppose the Holy Father, certainly in matters liturgical. His attempts to 'brainwash' foreign priests is simply one example of this.

    Whatever intelligence the Holy Father and/or his advisors are receiving, either they are not listening to sound advice or they continue to listen to the liberal, anti-Catholic views which have ensured we have not had sound bishops here for decades.

    Sad, but true.

  5. It is sad how the Church continues to give mixed signals. It appears that in order to prevent large schisms, a pre-meditated design has been consciously in play. It is a risky business. The West Coast of U.S. is heavily modernist.

    Under the 'Umbrella of Catholicism' the Pope speaks to "Divine Mercy" as the only Saviour, but the laity need to provide impetus. Summorum Pontificum provides rights that must be exploited and requires the timid to respectfully speak up and not hide.

  6. We can only presume that this priest (soon to be bishop) would censure St. Paul et al., not to mention Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    His behaviour warrents not episcopal consecration, but a trial for heresy.

  7. Pascendi said:

    "We can only presume that this priest (soon to be bishop) would censure St. Paul et al., not to mention Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    His behaviour warrents not episcopal consecration, but a trial for heresy."

    A BRIT

    And the Word was made Flesh,
    But does that really mesh,
    With authentic faith and dialogue today?

    ‘Cause at Eucharistic meal,
    Which is no big, bloody, deal,
    We smile and our mistakes are washed away.

    We gather round the table,
    To hear a gospel fable
    From Father Bob, the celebrant, divine.

    Never kneels, he always stands
    But he runs to shake your hands,
    Then he sits a lot, perhaps a weakened spine.

    The ladies and the girls,
    Their ministry unfurls,
    A Eucharistic minister’s sensation.

    With servers and the cantor,
    They have a playful banter,
    Then bread and wine, it’s time for celebration.

    As the people, we all sing
    But the bells, they never ring,
    For they took away the Words that made His Flesh…

    For a Corpus? That’s too rough,
    There’s no need for violent stuff,
    That’s as welcomed as a Brit in Bangladesh!

  8. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Yes, and the USCCB named Bp Kicinas
    as their VP who is along the same lines as this Bp. Terry.

    The old agenda is still in place and they are letting it be known. But their time is numbered for those who support them will either die off or leave the church.

    Meanwhile the Vatican carries on and little by little patches up the holes in the barque of Peter.

  9. Anonymous8:35 PM

    How can the Vatican patch up holes in the Barque of Peter, when they are making the holes at the same time with people like this?
    Clean out the Congregation for Bishops. Sack Cardinal Re , 74(a radical liberal fron the days of JP II). Re should never have been given this job!

  10. Anonymous8:38 PM

    I think this Pope is very good in some areas (the liturgy, Catholic traditionalism), but almost incompetant in other areas of good judgement.
    Does he just sit there and say "OK", while these radical progressives say "We want this man appointed ...or else"

  11. Anonymous10:00 PM

    My diocese has a new bishop. He has asked for prayers. He needs these more than he needs anonymous criticism.

  12. Anonymous said...

    Were either of these comments worth posting?

    Is that comment worth posting?

  13. Anonymous11:43 PM

    There si no future for us if we continue to get bad bishops. Lets face it. All the bishops who oppose the MP vetted and approved by Rome.
    They chose badly.
    Also who would trust a bishop who did not respect tradition. Everything depends on traditio.

  14. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Proof positive that trads are only being given a side chapel in the modernist cathedral!

  15. There is a realistic recognition amongst a few NO churchmen in UK that the modern "catholic" church there faces extinction. Deo Gratias! Similar postings should facilitate this necessary process. Any traditional Anglican who thought they could "convert" to this charade of an organisation and find doctrinal and liturgical refuge would be sorely deluded.

    In order to restore all things in Christ, the current neomodernist establishment of new ageists and religious eclecticists will have to be swept away. They prioritise goddess earth ecology and radical feminist ideologies above real matters of faith. When we read "Pascendi..." these characters are never very far from our minds. Roman Catholicism is an embarrassment to them. Our Blessed Lord is a divisive issue that they would prefer to consign to the realm of sentiment and the subjective individual inner consciousness. How significant that none of them were present when Chrisitians protested publicly before Parliament against the sodomite legislation of the Blairite dictatorship. Of course not, because they want to turn him into one of them. Or is it vice-versa? They all belong to the same undercurrents with which the church & secular society in UK is being corrupted in these times. Anyone who has studied closely the contemporary tendencies in NO church UK since the 1970s can hardly fail to uncover rampant liberalism, socialism, feminism and paganism.

    The trends are neatly precised in the statement made by a member of the Carmelites in Aylesbury on a BBC radio programme on St John of The Cross two years ago. When he was asked by the presenter who could become a mystic, he answered "anybody". And when the presenter inquired if there was a particular method he replied "None at all". He continued that it was just a question of trying any method at all.

    Therefore, the act of handing out bishoprics in UK by the papacy is a formality which has precious little significance today since, with numbers declining rapidly there are fewer candidates available to assume the same number of customary posts. Mediocrity and sheer absurdity is the order of the day. This is abundantly demonstrated by the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster giving parishes over with the NO eucharist to sodomites. Then, the final paroxysm of the disaster is not very far behind.

    It is time for those in Judaea to flee to the mountains before the final destruction of the once holy temple in UK.

  16. Anonymous12:30 PM

    This is from the website of the parish where Fr Drainey used to be a curate, St Mary and St Philip Neri, Radcliffe: "So it was change again and in 1985 along came Father Drainey who was very interested in music. He played the guitar, and music played a large part in the mass." I wonder whether this is what we have to look forward to with the pope's impending document on liturgical music?

  17. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Never mind the music at Mass it's the standing during the Eucharistic prayer which he endorsed at Ushaw which is far worse...


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