Rorate Caeli

Sweet Christ on earth

Regarding two events of the past week, the Holy Father surely followed the advice of the maiden of Siena:

And do not look at the ignorance and pride of your little children; but with the enticement of your love and of your benignity, granting them that sweet discipline and benign reprehension which may please your Holiness, render peace to us, your miserable children who have offended you. I tell you, o sweet Christ on earth, from Christ in heaven, that, doing thus, that is, without quarrel and uproar, they will all see with pain the offense they have done, and will place their heads in their hands.

Saint Catherine of Siena
Letter CXCVI
to Gregory XI

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Wonderful brief interview granted by the Master of Pontifical Liturgical Ceremonies, Mons. Guido Marini, to Radio Vaticana (nothing particularly new: an explanation of the Mass versus Deum in the Sistine Chapel and on continuity within Tradition in the liturgy; currently only in Italian).