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"...hope drawn from the saving work of Jesus Christ"

The United Nations remains a privileged setting in which the Church is committed to contributing her experience "of humanity", developed over the centuries among peoples of every race and culture, and placing it at the disposal of all members of the international community. This experience and activity, directed towards attaining freedom for every believer, seeks also to increase the protection given to the rights of the person. Those rights are grounded and shaped by the transcendent nature of the person, which permits men and women to pursue their journey of faith and their search for God in this world.

In my recent Encyclical, Spe Salvi, I indicated that "every generation has the task of engaging anew in the arduous search for the right way to order human affairs" (no. 25). For Christians, this task is motivated by the hope drawn from the saving work of Jesus Christ. That is why the Church is happy to be associated with the activity of this distinguished Organization, charged with the responsibility of promoting peace and good will throughout the earth.


  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    I don't remember that quote from Spe Salvi. Is the Pope saying that every generation has to reform society according to certain principles? Where does tradition fit into that?

  2. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Tradition would involve those certain principles to which every generation must adhere, would it not?

    Remember, we're Catholics, not Amish or Wahabbi Muslims.

  3. Anonymous9:22 PM

    No, your a NEO-Catholic Mr. Potter.

  4. Anonymous9:28 PM

    No, the Catholic Church told me that I'm a Catholic. I believe Her, not you, whoever you are.

  5. Anonymous9:36 PM

    It seemed like a very appropriate discourse for the UN audience to hear. I think the Holy Father is trying here to reinforce and solidify the natural law and the transcendence of the human person -- created in God's image -- as the recognized common basis for human rights -- and where the role of international institutions (such as the UN) is to work to uphold such rights and promote the common good.

  6. Anonymous10:54 PM

    All these human endeavors are not going to work. Our Lady of Fatima already told the hierarchy what to do: The consecration of Russia, and the First Five Saturdays devotions.

    Our lady is always ignored in these quests for justice, peace. Leaving her out of the equation must be greatly displeasing to God.

    Does any one seriously think Our Holy Father will convince evil men to play nice?

  7. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Here is the face of substantive Benedictine ecumenism:

  8. The United Nations does not deserve any kind of praise or recommendation from the Church. The United Nations deserves condemnation because it is a freemasonic organization that is paving the way for the one world order of the anti-christ.

  9. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Pius XII disagees with you, Br. Go check out some of his addresses to the UN back in the 40's and 50's and you will find a similar message of encouragement and hope towards the UN.

  10. Anonymous1:19 AM

    Potter, you mean "traditions" like a "Mass" authored de novo by a Freemason in the 1950's?

    Seems to me that the only thing traditional about the post-Vatican II apparatus is their perfect emulation of the Pharisees and their defection.

  11. Anonymous2:10 AM

    With respect, Bro. Anthony, your ravings are tiresome. Thank God for the United Nations! And thank God that the Holy Father recognised the wisdom of addressing that august body. Fanaticism will never save anything.

  12. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Someone said: Potter, you mean "traditions" like a "Mass" authored de novo by a Freemason in the 1950's?

    Suggesting or claiming that the reformed Roman Rite of the Mass is not a Mass is incompatible with the Catholic faith. There is quite a lot that was done wrong in the liturgical reform, a lot that must be criticised -- whether or not a Freemason was behind it (and there's no proof Archbishop Bugnini was a Freemason, though it seems like Pope Paul VI was led to believe he was). But claiming the new Mass is not a Mass is going further than a Catholic can go, for it would require a heretical rejection of the doctrine of indefectibility.

    But no, I doubt the Pope was talking about the reformed Roman Rite when he spoke of each generation's obligation to strive to order human society in accordance with Catholic principles.

  13. Anonymous4:05 AM

    No proof that Bugnini was a Freemason???!!! The Italian police seized the proof from the P2 Lodge (the same lodge connected with the murders of the Vatican Bank infamy).

    As to Pius XII, it makes perfect sense that Pius XII would support the UN.

    Following the death of Pope Leo XIII in 1903, the Cardinal Secretary of State Mariano Rampolla was about to be elected by the conclave, but, invoking a nearly forgotten privilege of the Holy Roman Emperor, the Cardinal Patriarch of Krakow Poland, Cardinal Jan Puzyna de Kosielko, arose to nullify the election on behalf of the Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg Emperor Franz Josef, legitimate successor to the Holy Roman Emperor. The Cardinal Patriarch provided the astonished conclave with a dossier compiled by Msgr. Jouin, a Vatican archivist. The dossier proved that Rampolla was a Freemason, hence an occultic Luciferian, a sworn enemy covertly, but actively, engaged in the destruction of the Church.

    By the grace of God, Pope St. Pius X ascended to the Chair of Peter and the faithful Cardinal Merry del Val became Cardinal Secretary of State. Tragically, Rampolla's influence continued through much of the 20th century due to the influence of Rampolla's protégés, Della Chiesa (Benedict XV), Pacelli (Pius XII), Roncalli (John XXIII), Montini (Paul VI), and Pietro Gasparri (Cardinal Secretary of State 1914-1930). The banking families of Pacelli and Montini were also connected to the Rothschilds. Instead of the usual school and seminary training, from childhood both Pacelli and Montini were tutored under the personal direction of Rampolla. They were so tutored until their last two years before ordination. For details, see the recently reprinted The Undermining of the Catholic Church by Mary Ball Martinez (requiescat in pace), who was for decades a Vatican journalist and insider, ASIN: B0006EZHKS.

    To ensure that there would never again be a Holy Roman Emperor to invoke privilege against them, the Freemasons assassinated Crown Prince Archduke Ferdinand igniting World War I against the last Catholic Empire. Received history readily reveals the main assassin, Gavril Princeps, and his Freemasonic “Black Hand” Lodge co-conspirators as “anarchists,” but is not so forthcoming about the Christ-reviling religion of the assassins. On the death of Emperor Franz Josef in 1916, the saintly Karl was raised to the Austro-Hungarian thrones. Emperor Karl immediately sued for peace, but the Freemasonic Prime Ministers of Britain and France repeatedly rejected his surrender for their expressed reason that winning the war was not their main objective, but the destruction of the last Catholic Empire. From the time of his first offer of peace in 1916 until war’s end in 1919, 11 million more died or were wounded unnecessarily in the Freemasons’ “Great War,” their horrific blood sacrifice to Moloch of the world’s youth. Truly, World War I can only be completely understood as a war against Catholicism, but lies prevail because the winners continue to write and produce expurgated and falsified histories. Having not consolidated control in their First World War and several Bolshevist revolutions and genocides, Freemasonry prosecuted their Second World War.

    After that Second World War, Pius XII, protégé of the Freemason Rampolla from childhood, appointed then-Fr. Annibale Bugnini to author the first neo-Judaizing changes in the liturgy. Notwithstanding admiration of him, it was Pius XII who promulgated the first of Bugnini’s abominations, alteration in the Roman Missal’s Holy Week liturgy (in 1952 and 1956). Montini, through the same Bugnini, finished what Pacelli had started. Masonic documents seized by the Italian police eventually revealed Bugnini, code name “Buan,” was a Master Mason in the notorious Italian “P2” Freemasonic Lodge. Tragically, the truth was exposed decades too late. In the 1950’s Bugnini had already authored the Novus Ordo Missae de novo. Paul VI promulgated it in the 1960’s. Bugnini’s Freemasonic composition was sold to Catholics using the pseudo-antiquarian lie of a return to the early Church. Voila! A Freemason-authored, Freemason-approved, Freemasonic-protégé-Promulgated liturgy, complete with a Prayer over the Gifts lifted from the same anathematized Talmud that teaches Jesus was a bastard born of an adulterous relationship [Kallah 51a] of a whore [Sanhedrin 106a] and that He is now in Hell boiling in excrement and, in some editions because of His alleged sexual perversions, semen [Gittin 57a]. For detailed documentation refuting the rabbis’ denials, see Jesus in the Talmud by Peter Schafer, ISBN-10: 0691129266 and The Talmudic Touch: THE REAL STORY OF THE OFFERTORY'S REPLACEMENT by Craig Heimbichner, March, 2004, Catholic Family News, available online at:

  14. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Ah, it's springtime! Loon Season!

    I'm so glad to know that all of our Popes have been Freemasons or proteges of Freemasons since the death of St. Pius X. Now that I realize the Catholic Church has been thoroughly and irrevocably corrupted, I can give up on the Church and find some cozy little sect somewhere . . . .

  15. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Of course it shouldn't have to be said that there's no evidence that "Buan" was the codename of Archbishop Bugnini, just as there's no evidence that World War I was started by the international Freemasonic/Talmudic Jewish conspiracy.

  16. Anonymous5:52 AM

    "A" for effort at strawman argument, Potter, but you get an "F" in math.

    Montini + Pacelli = 2 Popes

    2 ≠ "all"

  17. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Potter sez: "there's no evidence"

    translation: "No matter how much verifiable evidence there is, Potter will deny it."

    See any thread in which he has been challenged (e.g. start with the recent "salvation is from the Jews" comments on this site).

    He only offers namecalling, argument by assertion, and strawman arguments and when that failed last month, he then denigrated the Saints, Doctors, Popes, and Councils.

    No matter what it takes, Potter is at the ready to vindicate the Talmud and the history it inspired.

  18. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Well thanks, and congratulations, as you get an F in math too:

    Benedict XV + Pius XII + John XXIII + Paul VI = 4

    Not 2.

    So Pius XI apparently wasn't a Freemason or a protege of a Freemason. (OR WAS HE???)

    "No matter how much verifiable evidence there is, Potter will deny it."

    If there were any verifiable evidence that Archbishop Bugnini were a Freemason, it would have appeared by now.

    He only offers namecalling, argument by assertion, and strawman arguments and when that failed last month, he then denigrated the Saints, Doctors, Popes, and Councils.

    You're a liar. And apparently not just an anti-Semite, but also a looneybird. (Unless you're not the person who has graced us with the above disquisition on the International Jewish Banking Freemasonic Conspiracy.)

    No matter what it takes, Potter is at the ready to vindicate the Talmud and the history it inspired.

    Yep. Whatever you say. [Picks up sturdy-looking fallen branch and starts to back away slowly . . .]

  19. Yup, Mr. Potter, loon season.

    A complete stranger to Catholicism looking into the Rorate Caeli comboxes will most likely pick up the impression that the Catholic Traditionalist movement is made up of:

    1) People who rant and rave but are too cowardly to be identified

    2) People who think that Fatima is a dogma of the Church

    3) People who like to explain everything in terms of conspiracy theories, and who like to see Freemasons everywhere

    Geez, if Cardinal Rampolla really was a Mason, he must have been a pretty lousy one. After all, he let his master, Leo XIII condemn Masonry with unparalleled ferocity! How logical is it to think that the most anti-Masonic of all modern Popes had a Freemason for a Secretary of State?

    And the "masons" did not have to assasinate the Archduke in 1914 in order to prevent the Austro-Hungarian Empire from issuing a future veto, for the very simple reason that the privilege of the veto had been finally condemned by St. Pius X way back in 1903. Or was St. Pius X a Mason too?

    And Pope Pius XII was the disciple of Masons? Yeah, that makes sense.. a pro-Masonic pope promoting Fatima, profusely writing Marian enyclicals and defining the dogma of the Assumption...

    I think the comboxes here need to be exorcised.

  20. True, C.A.Palad - and this after I've erased dozens of similar comments... Is it time to reinstate the previous moderation of comments once again?...

    Why can't Catholic brothers and sisters discuss in a healthy and respectful manner?

  21. It is unfortunate that so many Catholics, including many who comment on this blog, have fallen prey to the diabolical U.N. Just look at what the U.N. promotes worldwide (e.g., abortion, the ideals of freemasonry, etc.) and it is easy to see that it is an arm of those pushing a globalist agenda and preparing the way of the anti-christ.

    Jesus Christ and His Church are the sole hope of mankind, not some "man is god" organization.

    For further information on this diabolical organization, listen to the wise words of Cornelia Ferreira who has long studied the U.N. and its masonic goals.

  22. Doubtless, the UN has much to answer for. Its promotion of abortion and anti-life ideologies deserves the harshest condemnations. Many Catholics see the UN as more hindrance than help, and they have much with which to justify their claim.

    The question, though, is: are we justified in claiming that the UN is irredeemable? The UN reminds me of the Roman Empire, which also promoted a veritable culture of death that mirrors our own times in so many ways. Did the early Christians completely disengage from it? No; and, in the end, the Roman Empire was converted and became a force for the Christianization of the world. A miracle was needed to effect this conversion, but the miracle's effects had been prepared for by the early Christians' tireless witness, evangelical fervor and matryric sufferings. Either we can do this again, or the Holy Spirit has indeed "taken a vacation."

    Are we justified in saying that the UN is the product of a great Masonic conspiracy? The fact that the Popes (even Pius XII and John XXIII) had words of encouragement for the UN, is enough to make me seriously question the possibility. (Not that I ever seriously considered it) More likely, the UN is a product of its times. If it reflects the anti-life and secularist ideologies of the most liberal sectors of the West, it is not because of some hidden Masonic network but because the purveyors of these ideologies have been much better than Catholics in converting people (especially in government and academe) to their views. Rather than waste our time on all sorts of conspiracy theories, we would do better to begin the hard and slow task of converting the world to Christ -- one soul, one institution at a time.

    Furthermore, the UN is a huge organization: do we seriously think that all of those employees -- from the most different backgrounds and cultures and religions -- are all the secret operatives of a clandestine Masonic empire?

    One of the greatest illnesses of current Catholicism is the tendency to explain everything in terms of grand conspiracies. The problem with this is it ultimately prevents Catholics from grappling incisively with the real reasons for the current cultural crises. It also gives us a convenient "catch all" explanation for everything we don't understand, thus causing intellectual laziness.

  23. I think the whole comments section for the Pope's messages should be turned off immediately.

    All I wish to add is that the UN when Pius XII addressed, cannot be compared to the UN of today.

  24. We all need to read the entire text of Benedicts’ address to the UN. He actually stated that the UN has the right and obligation to interfere with the rights of nations for the good of its people and climate change without infringement on a nations' sovereignty.

    This means if the UN decrees that the US is causing global warming it can put limits on our economy and have the blessing of the seat of Peter.

    When did Christ give the apostles the right to sanction and extra official international body the right to meddle in the affairs of sovereign nations?


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