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Bishop DiLorenzo knew of abortion plan
Told 'there was nothing he could do'

The Roman Catholic bishop of Richmond was told that a diocesan charity planned to help a teenage foster child get an abortion in January and did not try to prevent the procedure.

Bill Etherington, an attorney for the diocese and CCR, said Bishop DiLorenzo was given bad information about whether the abortion could be prevented, but didn't elaborate as to how.

"He was told it could not be stopped," Mr. Etherington said. "It was erroneous information. He didn't have to sign off on it. He was not personally involved."

We are strengthened in our Editorial position: Bishop DiLorenzo must resign.
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Update (1500 GMT): The Bishop "apologizes" for the "loss of life" (no mention of the word abortion here...). If the Bishop bears no responsibility for the abortion, he has nothing for which to apologize; if he bears any responsibility for the abortion, an apology is clearly not enough: he must resign.