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Overseer of murder: He must resign

Catholic Charities of Richmond, Inc, an agency of the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia, first provided a "contraceptive device" to a poor 16-year-old Guatemalan girl. Then, according to Federal authorities, Catholic Charities' "members signed the consent form necessary for a minor to have an abortion and had someone drive her to and from the abortion clinic" in January 2008.

This is much more scandalous than the child abuse crisis. This is murder! Heads must roll, and not just those of the employees, but mainly that of the overseeing Bishop. He must resign.

Catholic Charities of Richmond is obviously out of control; the overseer (επίσκοπος) of all Catholic activities related to the Diocese of Richmond is its Bishop, Francis Xavier DiLorenzo. What took place under his watch was no mere "incident". It was the death of an innocent human being, placed by Divine Providence under the care of a Church agency, whose overseer was and is the Bishop. He must resign.

The national network of Catholic Charities, Catholic Charities USA, rightly identified the responsible authority, Bishop DiLorenzo, noting that "[Catholic Charities of Richmond] is incorporated under the leadership of the Richmond Diocese and that the bishop serves on [its] board". This Bishop is responsible for the great tragedy and sinful death that took place under his authority. He must resign.

The culture of death is entrenched in the main work of "outreach" of his diocese. An apologetic letter to his fellow Bishops - a secret letter! - is certainly not enough. This Bishop is the overseer of a murderous organization. This Bishop is a shame to the Catholic Church. He must resign.


  1. Anonymous11:46 PM

    I agree that he must resign, but that demand need not necessarily come from New Catholic and other Catholic laity, but rather should come from the Pope himself.

  2. Dear friend:

    The demand and call may come from all places, certainly from the laity as well - in a sense, first from the laity. You certainly seem to share our editorial position... We have a right, even a duty (cf. Canon 212 §3), to "make [our]opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful", which we respectfully did.

    Canon law requires the Catholic faithful to express to their superiors and their fellow Catholics their just demands (one of the reasons for which we got Summorum, for instance).

    On the other hand, the Pope does not merely demand or call or express an opinion, as we may do: he ORDERS. He also RECEIVES the resignations of those with sense enough to submit them.


    In any event: Peter should be alerted to what takes place away from Rome by all means and measures, even those of an extraordinary nature (cf. the Wielgus Affair).

  3. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Who exactly signed the consent forms and who, precisely, drove the girl to the abortuary? For starters, these individuals must be publicly identified, removed, and then excommunicated. I would add 'hanged' but that is beyond what the law will allow.

    We have a parallel situation in the State of Massachusetts, where the Catholic hospitals are now Catholic in name only.


  4. Anonymous1:29 AM

    There is a problem at the Congregation for Bishops, responsible for picking the bishops. Either the rules on which they work are the ones causing that unsuitable candidates get choosen as bishops, or they are being disloyal to the Church. The problem is at the Curia, the model of feuds must be destroyed and a new model for the Curia to work in unison and service to the beliefs of the Church must be established. ONE VOICE.

  5. Anonymous1:30 AM

    What evil! It's amazing that after everything that has happened in the Church in the United States, things happen that continue to surprise and appall. That being said, without knowing more, though, I'm not sure if the Bishop should resign. Did the Bishop know about any of it before it happened? Is this the first time that it happened? If this horror was an isolated incident, then I'm not sure, without knowing more, that the Bishop should resign.

    I absolutely agree with punishing, through the Church, the individuals who carried out these terrible actions and caused such grave scandal.

  6. Anonymous1:31 AM

    In the same sense why hasn't the Pope accepted the petition of the new president of Paraguay to return to the lay state. The Pope did not accept his petition and merely suspended him in his duties as cleric. This is not enough, Lugo must be turn to the lay state, this a scandal. What's wrong with JR?

  7. Anonymous1:38 AM

    New Catholic,
    What can we do?
    I want to help force this Bishop to resign.
    God bless.

  8. "This is murder! Heads must roll..."

    Unintentionally funny, unfortunately.

  9. Who exactly signed the consent forms and who, precisely, drove the girl to the abortuary? For starters, these individuals must be publicly identified, removed, and then excommunicated.

    Don't be surprised if the persons responsible are not even Catholic, in which case it would be impossible to excommunicate or censure them in any way.

    These events are a grievous offense against God, against human dignity, and against the dignity and honor of Christ's Bride the Church. I still don't know much about this horrid affair, but if the bishop is implicated, then yes, he should resign. Otherwise, he must remedy this situation immediately, forcefully, and directly, so that his diocese's "Catholic" Charities is brought back into the Catholic fold.

  10. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Catholic Charities is but a parasite that lives off government funds and donations. Its religion is 1960's great society socialism. It is not a worthy Catholic movement in any sense.

    By the way, it is not a "child abuse crisis," its a homosexual crisis.

  11. Anonymous4:14 AM

    I am a member of the Diocese of Richmond - I am a parishoner at the FSSP chapel St. Benedict's - and just learned about this today at CWN. It really takes the breath away. I know there are dodgy people working over in the justice/charity ministries - one of them came to address catechumens at my previous parish and "taught" some heretical stuff. But this goes way past that.

    I suspect the immediate cause is there is a cabal of death culture types firmly entrenched at the Charities doing the devil's will. They must be excommunicated if Catholic (and if not... what are they doing there in the first place?). While the Bishop likely knew nothing about this, he is the boss and the buck stops there, so yes, he needs to go. Shame on him for being ignorant of the sort of people he has employed on his staff.

    I'm with Dan - do you know of any actions we laity can add our voice to? I will certainly be in touch with my pastor on this. What an awful thing, may God welcome home the poor baby who was murdered, and turn the hearts of those involved in this crime to conversion and repentance.

  12. Check out "Catholic Hospitals Betray Mission"

  13. The simplest course of action for those in the diocese is to send letters of complaint to all ecclesiastical authorities, especially the Holy Father, directly or through the Secretariat of State.

    In fact, considering the reach of the scandal, Catholics around the world can and should make their opinion regarding this known to the Holy Father.

  14. Anonymous10:51 AM

    This situation is absolutely appalling. Bishop DiLorenzo is to be pitied...he was transferred into a highly dysfunctional diocese and, I think, has been overwhelmed by its problems. His predecessor in Richmond was one of the most incompetent and destructive prelates that Jadot foisted on the Church in the United States.

    Let's pray for Bishop DiLorenzo. And, should he resign, let's pray that the Holy Father appoints a bishop who will finally heal this sick diocese.

  15. Anonymous12:23 PM

    This bishop and all involved must be removed.

    Please pray for this 16 year old child, marred for life. The baby is now in safe hands.

  16. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Anonymous said . . . "There is a problem at the Congregation for Bishops, responsible for picking the bishops."

    The Congregation for Bishops (Congregatio pro Episcopis) is the congregation of the Roman Curia which oversees the selection of bishops pending papal approval. It also schedules the papal audiences required quinquennially for bishops.

    Its current Prefect is Giovanni Battista Cardinal Re, and its secretary Archbishop Francesco Monterisi.

  17. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Andrew is correct -- the pope should immediately remove this bishop and make it public why he's doing so.

    We cannot expect a bishop who allows a diocese to go so wrong to have the sense to remove himself. If he had that sense, none of this would be happening in the first place.

  18. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Don't be surprised if the persons responsible are not even Catholic, in which case it would be impossible to excommunicate or censure them in any way.

    How do you figure? The Church has jurisdiction over all the baptized and one who is cut off from the Church can still be excommunicated for another offense.

    I am not so certain that the bishop ought to resign. If he can't clean house at Catholic Charities, then I would agree, yes, he ought.

  19. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Has anyone been fired for this?

  20. Anonymous2:20 PM

    As one holy Priest put it, "Krol will be doing time in purgatory for allowing Galante and DiLorenzo to become bishops." One of them allows a Church agency to murder, another shuts down half of his diocese.

  21. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Yes, do pray for the young girl. When the full impact hits her, she will realize that she was betrayed by those who should have helped her. I pray she will not come to hate the Catholic Church.


  22. How do you figure? The Church has jurisdiction over all the baptized and one who is cut off from the Church can still be excommunicated for another offense.

    You're right -- the Church could decree that a non-Catholic or a non-Christian not come onto Church property. But that's about it. Excommunicating someone who has never been in communion and has no desire to be in communion is, practically speaking, a redundancy, and may not be likely even to be noticed by the criminal.

  23. "This situation is absolutely appalling. Bishop DiLorenzo is to be pitied... he was transferred into a highly dysfunctional diocese and, I think, has been overwhelmed by its problems..."

    ...which would call into question whether he actually co-operated in the abortion.

    While there is no question that it occurred "on his watch," and that he is accountable for that reason alone, it is quite another to say he was a party to a sinful act, and therefore should resign. On the other hand, if reports in the latest issue of The Wanderer are correct, his emphasis has been more on public relations "damage control" than on actually correcting the problem. He should be called on the carpet for that alone.

    That said, his actual cooperation in the murder of the unborn is another matter.

  24. I myself reside in the Richmond Diocese and, upon reading about this scandal, immediately sensed that the operatives in question were likely part of the tidal wave of "Modernist mafiosi" that permeated the 29-year administration of the present Bishop's predecessor.

    Have no doubt - they still have the power. One of the new Bishop's moves was to appoint Rev. Russell Smith as diocesan theologian: a priest who ran a small parish on the Middle Peninsula and who for years was known to help out at the TLM-only parish in south Richmond when its pastor was away for more than a few days.

    Some months ago, I don't know when, I later learned that Fr. Smith was driven out of his post by internal politics and is now relocated in one of the Missouri dioceses.

  25. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Not going to happen.

    I give you as example Fr. Pfelger in Chicago.

    Not going to happen.......

    Jim Dorchak

  26. Anonymous9:42 PM

    It seems to me that the bishop has not bothered to read or implement the teaching contained in the Holy Father's encyclical deus caritas est.

  27. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Well, just wishing, but just once I would love to see ...

    If it's so hard for the average Novus Ordo bishop to clean out such dens of snakes, some separation or immunity from the entrenched power of that community is needed. So, make it an SSPX diocese and tell them to clean it up or shut up. My guess is that within 30 days all of these problems and many others in this diocese would disappear. No more Novus Ordo performances, no more homosexual scandals, and as long as Rome clearly establishes their authority, lots of good things would start to happen, new Catholic schools among them. Of course, the priests and Catholic laymen in the diocese would be much fewer in number, but the sure road to recovery and eventual full health would begin. Just once, just somewhere, just to show the neglected and even denied power of Catholic tradition legitimately empowered and courageously applied in the face of evil.

    What do we have to lose? The good souls of the diocese would rejoice.

    I know, I know, get real.

  28. Anonymous1:28 AM

    "It seems to me that the bishop has not bothered to read or implement the teaching contained in the Holy Father's encyclical deus caritas est.!

    I'm sure that only a tiny percent of bishops take the care to read the Pope's messages.

    Rome is very far away and the party is knocking at the door!

  29. Anonymous1:28 AM

    There is absolutely no doubt that the "Old Guard" in the Richmond Diocese is back in charge after a two- or three-year hiatus. Note that one of the worst of these "Sullivanistas" is soon to be appointed (6/27/2008) a Pronotary Apostolic. Ugh.

    Pray for us in this wasteland. How much unrealized potential this diocese has!

  30. Have any of you in Richmond considered filing a formal canonical denunciation against Bishop DiLorenzo? It seems you shouldn’t have too much trouble compiling evidence and gathering signatures. You may want to consider getting a hold of Charles Wilson at The St Joseph Foundation:

    He has a prefab “denunciation package” that can help you get the ball rolling. He can also be of assistance in other ways and will surely answer any questions you may have.

  31. Anonymous6:46 AM

    I think some charity and mercy is
    warranted here. Let the people
    involved be let known how serious
    these things are, and let them
    privately have a chance to confess
    their sin, and reconcile themselves
    once again to the Catholic Church.
    The Bishop should also have this

    We embrace sinners in the Holy Roman
    Catholic Church, not reject them
    outright. The greater one's sins,
    the more right they have to the
    Divine Mercy of Jesus the Christ.


  32. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Response from Virginia catholic Charities. It only gets worse. Did the Bishop know before the abortion? Was he informed? Who did know?What did they do? Or not do? Why?

  33. My 2 cents...

    The Bishop while he may not have known the full details of what was going on is obligated to teach the Catholic Faith...ignorance is not justified.

    3 Things that I think should be done.
    1. Dissolve any members of Catholic Charities that participated in this event. (by their actions they are automatically excommunicated)
    2. A public penence should be given for all involved.
    3. The Bishop should resign

  34. Anonymous6:49 PM

    DiLo as he is often called in the Diocese (it's one of the more neutral names by which he is called) is a petty tyrant. He makes sure that all his own creature comforts are met. He wants for NOTHING, especially in the area of food. He hops on planes rather than drive, stays in nice hotels (instead of staying in the many rectories now vacant) and dines alone in fine restaurants rather than with his clergy. All on the Diocese's expense account of course. Well, why in the world would he want to stay with his priests anyway? Then he would have to get to know them and hear their concerns. He would have to pretend he cared. And it is so patently obvious that he doesn't. So much easier to avoid the whole unpleasantness and play the prince bishop role.

    And recently he announced an increased offertory program. Oh, don't worry, says he; no cost to the parishes. The OVER HALF A MILLION DOLLARS will come fom "The Diocese"! Oh? They print MONEY in the copy room? I don't THINK SO! It would be a lot more honest to say that the parish are indeed paying the huge price so that HE can get more money in his coffers. It's ALL about money with him. It's often said that it takes money to make money. But the fund raising firm charging $540,000.00 to send out flyers and envelopes and provide some canned speeches must be just laughing their butts off over the money they are making from Richmond. I CALL IT A SCANDAL.

    DiLo was right on target though, when he said that the next scandal wave would not be about sex, but rather, money. He probably did not realize at the time that he himself would be at the center of it.

    And now, THIS mess with Catholic Charities. The bishop is ultimately responsible for this arm of the Church of Richmond. He is accountable to Rome and to the people of the Diocese and the world for the criminal behavior of his underlings. He should swing from the yardarm , except of course that it would break from his immensity. They will have to find another way to punish him. I say pack him off to one of those priestly mental hospitals he seems to be so fond of. Maybe they could put him on the rack and extract the TRUTH from him about what it's like to be Richmond burns.


  35. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I just read the comment about the granting of Papal Honors to one of the Sullivanistas. It is so ironic because one of those individuals knew about the now infamous Richmond pedo-priest John Hesch. Hesch took his own life back in the early 1990s after a police investigation was launched, following the suicide of a young man whom Hesch had sexually abused. THIS PARTICULAR PRIEST KNEW THAT HESCH WAS AN ACTIVE PEDOPHILE AND DID NOT DO A THING ABOUT IT. AND NOW THAT SAME PRIEST WILL BE HONORED BY THE POPE IN A PUBLIC CEREMONY AT THE CATHEDRAL. IT IS A VILE, DISGUSTING INSULT TO THE FAMILY OF THE YOUNG MAN WHO WAS ABUSED. THIS PRIEST SHOULD BE CALLED TO ACCOUNT FOR HIS MISDEEDS AND NOT HAVE MORE TITLES OF HONOR GIVEN HIM.

  36. Anonymous7:46 PM

    I have sent him an email reminding him of the sickening culture of sexual abuse prevalent within the American Church for decades, and this is just another example of the depths to which the US Church has fallen.

  37. Anonymous8:52 PM

    If the poster who referred to a Sullivanista getting papal honors is talking about Shreve, why not just say so. No need to beat around the bush. You can't get in trouble for telling the truth.

  38. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Why does no one take note of a much more impressive scandal -- Cardinal Bertone's career in Genoa, when his Catholic hospital allowed 400 abortions a year to be performed (by visiting non-Catholic doctors); his successor has stopped this. Is this an example of the Italian saying: "we apply the law to our enemies; for our friends we interpret it"

    Bertone is hypocritical because he uses abortion as a weapon against the Prodi government but acts in the same way himself, as indeed does the beloved Berlusconi, as indeed does President Bush. Indeed I am inclined to think that all those who call for the criminalization of abortion are hypocritical because they refuse to take into consideration the practical consequences. Abortion should be discouraged, we should labor mightily to make it rare; but we cannot trample on women by ensuring that abortions are unsafe or illegal. The problem is a really painful and confusing one and the black and white approach of abolitionists is not helping. There cannot be the necessary public debate since those opposed to abortion are outflanked all the time by the not-an-inch ideological radicals who will not allow them to speak. Compounding the hypocrisy is that these radicals often have recourse to abortion when their daughters get pregnant.

  39. Anonymous5:57 AM

    In Genoa a catholic Foundation owns an hospital, the Galliera, and its President is the Archbishop of Genoa. This hospital every year receives 100 millions euro by the Italian State and must practice all public healthcare services, included abortion. Bertone , now Vatican number 2, when was archbishop of Genoa was also Galliera’s President and under his tenure several abortions were made there every year. In this 2005 interview: maggioant...one30112005.htm Bertone says “ as Galliera’s President I’d like to save a life, but I must respect the Italian laws” and the medical manager says that there are 200 abortions every year in the hospital.
    Money quote: “As regards abortion, the fact that it is practiced in a Catholic hospital like the Galliera puts the Cardinal in serious difficulty. "As president of this hospital," he said, "I would wish to save a life." But observing the law imposes on all structures inserted in the public system the practice of terminating pregnancies. And so, since all the personnel are conscientious objectors, once a week a consultant who practices abortion comes into action. "About 200 a year" clarified the head of the section, Felice Ripetti.”

    Per quanto riguarda l'aborto, il fatto che esso venga praticato in un ospedale cattolico come il Galliera pone il cardinale in seria difficolta'. ''Come presidente di questo ospedale - ha detto - vorrei salvare una vita''. Ma l'osservanza della legge impone a tutte le strutture inserite nel sistema pubblico di praticare l'interruzione di gravidanza. E cosi', poiche' il personale del Galliera e' tutto obiettore di coscienza, una volta alla settimana entra in azione un consulente che pratica gli aborti. ''Circa 200 all'anno'', ha precisato il primario del reparto, Felice Repetti.

  40. Anonymous8:29 PM

    One comment triggered some memories:

    Some teachers from Sacred Heart School in Richmond met with Father Shreve years ago to report that Father John Hesch had been sexually molesting young boys in the parochial school. Father Shreve was vicar general or some such position with the diocese. Shreve was not the only priest at the meeting. Perkins was there as well.

    Needless to say, Shreve did not go to the police. In fact he did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Loyal son of the Church that he is, it was far better to "protect" the Church rather than admit someone has a problem and then do something about it. He, Perkins, Sullivan and others just sat on the information hoping that Hesch would just disappear.

    On June 4, 1994 Rev. John Beaman Hesch took a gun to his head and blew his brains out in a house owned by the Richmond Diocese and used by then-Auxiliary Bishop David Foley. The suicide followed another suicide; that of a young male victim of Father Hesch's continued sexual advances.

    Have any of these priests or Bishop Sullivan ever been held accountable for their silence, failure to act and poor judgement? Have any of them ever publicly admitted wrongdoing or asked for forgiveness for their acts and omissions? Of course not. Sullivan was allowed to retire. Perkins is still a pastor, though there is a lot more of him to loathe now than there was then. Shreve has remained in his position with the diocese on into the present. And soon he is to be rewarded with his second Papal Honor. Not enough that he is already called Monsignor. He is now given the highest grade of Monsignor the Church can bestow. Isn't that rich?

    When the Diocese of Richmond finally crashes and burns, at least there will be a few people around who know the truth.

    Too late to get Sullivan impeached. There is still time to act to let the Holy Father know what the leadership of the diocese is all about. And with this bishop's involvement in the Catholic Charities abortion fiasco it is up to us to act.

    Write or call the Vatican Embassy.

    Archbishop Pietro Sambi
    Apostolic Nuncio
    3339 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008

    telephone: (202) 333-7121
    FAX: (202) 337-4036

  41. Anonymous10:19 PM

    From the Code of Canon Law:

    "Can. 1398 A person who procures a completed abortion incurs a latae sententiae excommunication."

    Does 'procure' include here the Bishop's act of 'overseeing' this abortion? In other words, is the Bishop excommunicated?

  42. "Does 'procure' include here the Bishop's act of 'overseeing' this abortion?"

    To "oversee" an act presumes knowledge and consent. It is unclear whether the bishop even knew about the incident. For all we know, this is being investigated by the Holy See right now, and the details may never become known to us.

  43. Anonymous2:13 AM


    Look it up.

  44. I am absolutely scandalised and I agree, the Bishop must go!

  45. Anonymous5:23 PM

    I appreciated the contact information for the Holy Father's ambassador in the USA. Rest assured I will be writing to him expressing my disgust as a Roman Catholic with the current bishop of the Richmond Diocese. I served almost 30 years in the US Navy. As a skipper I was responsible for the actions of my crew on every vessel I commanded. I saw other commanding officers take the heat for even minor accidents since they were held personally responsible and accountable. The bishop should be just as responsible and accountable for the actions of the people at Catholic Charities. If they procured an abortion for a minor, then he, the bishop, is responsible. To restore any faith and credibility in Catholic Charities and the Catholic Diocese, he must resign and accept full responsibility and the consequences. Period.

  46. Anonymous12:51 AM

    some years back the pastor of a virginia beach parish was forced out of the priesthood for telling inappropriate jokes or stories around kids. it was never alleged that he touched or molested anyone. the penalty imposed was removal from his parish and from the priesthood.

    and now his nibs stands in the dock accused of being the overseer of those who procured an abortion, i.e., took a human life....murdered a human being with an immortal soul. what is the proper and fitting penalty for him, now that the buskin is on the other foot?

    crucify him. just like he has crucified many of his own priests. very fitting indeed.

  47. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Bishhop DiLorenzo took little if any ownership in a statement he sent out to the parishes of his diocese dated June 25th. In it he states "I would ask that all of you pray that we correct what needs correcting..."

    What needs to be corrected, in my opinion is the bishop himself. Rather than a mere letter of apology for "the profound embarrassment this has caused the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, and Catholics throughout the Unites States" there needs to be an apology for the profound embarrassment named Francis X. DiLorenzo.

    Far beyond the United States and the Catholic world, this scandal has touched non Catholics, who may not comprehend any of this. They are the ones perhaps far more scandalized than Catholics, who can at least try to be forgiving for the inept and insipid leadership that has been the hallmark of the current administration.

    Try explaining to your Protestant neighbor or co-worker how a Catholic agency, an extension of the bishop himself takes a 16 year old girl in its care for an abortive procedure! Embarrassment? My Baptist friend called it Murder. And so do I.

    He did admit to guilt and depression over the incident when he stated "The guilt and depression many of us experience as a result of the behavior of a few is something we will bear for a long time to come." He used "us" and "we" so at least he seems to be including himself.

    It would not be unusual for the bishop to use the Pluralis Majestatis, or "Royal We" in speaking or writing. So maybe he is saying that he and God are embarrassed. If so, I would have to agree.

  48. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Maybe the bishop will join Cardinal Law in Rome. It's probably as good a place as any to live one's final years. Seriously though, I doubt that DiLorenzo will admit any personal responsibility. So the likelihood of him checking Alitalia fares in the forseeable future is rather unlikely.

  49. Anonymous10:45 PM

    I got news for you....most bishops in the USA, except for the ones like Burke....would do good to be forced to resign.

  50. Anonymous2:28 AM

    Anonymous said- "On June 4, 1994 Rev. John Beaman Hesch took a gun to his head and blew his brains out in a house owned by the Richmond Diocese and used by then-Auxiliary Bishop David Foley. The suicide followed another suicide; that of a young male victim of Father Hesch's continued sexual advances."

    Can you provide more details...i.e. newspaper article reference or verification of this event? Thanks.

  51. Anonymous3:43 AM

    Go to

    Search for the word Hesch.

    Style is a Richmond, VA weekly freebie available at restaurants and other places. Their archived stories are all there.

    Go to:

    Search for the name Hesch in the search box. It's all there.

    Trust me, there's lots of info on the Web about Hesch.

    Just do a simple Google or Yahoo search of "Rev. John Hesch" and you'll find most of it. But be prepared for some pretty graphic stuff. I happen to know the name of his vic who commiitted suicide. His family will never ever be the same.

    Sadder still is people like Shreve who knew about the accusations made concerning Hesch. But he did not go the police or child protective services. Truth be told he did nothing. A couple of nights ago he was crowned with a bishop miter and praised when a decree from the Pope was read honoring him for his loyal service to the church. Loyal and faithful service to the Church is code for will do anything to keep the Church from embarrassment, including cover up pedophilia.

    Doubtful that he will be receiving any honorable mention from the family of the young man who committed suicide as a direct result of being sexually abused by priest John Hesch.

  52. Anonymous1:48 AM

    There's a photo of Monsignor Shreve if you click on the name in blue above. Same priest you're talking about?

    There are many similar references to him on the discussion board of

    Pretty interesting stuff, but pretty scary as well.

    It's said that there are a lot of ghosts out at the old SJV seminary in Goochland County. Methinks more than a few of them are still able to use the phone and email.

  53. Anonymous9:35 PM

    DEAR GOD....



  54. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Someone must have sprinkled lots of blood over the Chancery's lintel posts.

    The predicted debacle of Bishop DiLorenzo over the Catholic Charities abortion scandal seems to have passed almost unnoticed.

    That's the power of apathy working in his favor. Not enough calls, letters, faxes and visits by angry Catholics and others to the Papal Nuncio in Washington.

    It typifies the sad state of affairs that exists not only in the Diocese of Richmond but throughout the Church. A bishop knows beforehand that an abortion will be performed on a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD...and "was unable to do anything about it." Really? Jesus the Good Shepherd laid down his life for his sheep. What did the bishop do for the unborn baby or for the mother?

    Have another Phiily cheese steak sandwich Your EXCELLENCY. It must be nice not to have a conscience.

  55. Anonymous7:36 AM

    So it would appear that it is business as usual in the Dicese of Richmond. No one has made a move tp publicly challenge the Bishop on this issue. It looks like no one cares. He will be here till he is 75. What an absolutely revolting thought.

    Unless he eats himself into oblivion there does not seem to be a legitimate manner for getting rid of him. Several people from my church in Hampton Roads have written to the Papal Nunciature but so far no response. I won't hold my breath.

  56. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Bishop DiLorenzo spoke recently at the coronation of two of his priests...or should I say the occasion of the conferral of papal honors on them. He said that Monsignor Shreve was a person of integrity and class.

    Let's go to the dictionary to see just what integrity means. "Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code." I wonder which moral code he was adhering to when he failed to report the pedophile conduct of the late Rev. John Hesch. It's well known in the Richmond area that several teachers from a catholic school went to the diocese as far back as 1985 to complain that Hesch had been inappropriately touching young boys and allowing them to touch him sexually. Father Shreve along with Father Perkins was sent by Bishop Sullivan to investigate. The teachers all said the same thing about Hesch. Shreve and others went back to the bishop and reported the findings but did not go the authorities. The evidence was incontrovertible and overwhelming as well as graphic and disturbing.

    Hesch committed suicide back in 1994. Shreve was one of the priests, so it goes, who responded to the bloody mess in the bishop's house where Hesch shot himself in the head.

    Just where was the integrity Bishop DiLorenzo spoke so glibly about? There was a moral obligation to take action which was ignored. As a result of that failure to act, a priest is dead and a victim of that priest is dead. Two deaths that possibly could have been avoided are now a matter of record.

    Dressing up in fancy new costumes including a bishop's miter may soothe his conscience in some twisted way. But the facts speak for themselves. And all the honorifics and tributes in the world do nothing to chage the facts. Shreve, as well as Perkins and Sullivan knew of Hesch's pedophile behavior and let in continue for years and never reported it to the police or child welfare.


    Do some Googling. This is not a personal attack. It is about the truth. And the truth will set us free.

    Search for Hesch in the search box there. It's all true.

  57. "Search for Hesch in the search box there. It's all true."

    Maybe he has something on DiLorenzo. Wouldn't be the first time this ever happened, would it?

  58. Anonymous5:15 PM

    "Welcome to the cacaphony of American democracy — nobody has to shut up," he said. "As a religious leader, I have a right to speak up and represent the collective conscience of Catholics in a democratic society."

    - Bishop DiLorenzo, quoted in the Honolulu Advertiser, 4-14-04

    Well, newsflash: WE THE PEOPLE also have a right to speak up and speak our minds. We have the right to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILTY...the same type of accountability he demanded of the priests of Honolulu during the ten years he was bishop there.

    We have the right and the responsibility to call for his resignation. How's THAT for accountability?

  59. Anonymous1:12 AM

    As a former resident of the Tidewater area now living just outside the Beltway, I thank God every day that I am no longer in the Richmond Diocese. There was some hope that after Sully the Leftist retired the new bishop would bring some orthodoxy. That hope was dashed when the current bishop merely instituted more and more layers to the onion he calles a diocese. More offices, more employees, more demands for more money and more problems. I don't think that it is this bishop alone. It seems that all of them are on the same page of fear, control and reducing risk and liability. In other words it is now all about money where in the past is was supposed to be about caring for people, including them, and all this in the name of Jesus. Now we have to ask ourselves where is Jesus in all the offices, (expensive) programs and increased giving. We are becoming no different from Televangelist churches that exist mostly for the benefit of those who run them. My friends who still serve on parish councils cry about the costs of Virtus, the increased offering program and the unbelievable demands like background checks for just about everyone. I have had it with volunteering at my current church. I attend Mass, drop an offering in the plate and leave.

    But I do agree with those who have called for the resignation of the Richmond bishop. He seems like he has now lost all credibility and respectability.

  60. I first heard about Bishop diLorenzo when I met his greatest critic, Fr. Nathan Mamo in San Jose. I continued to keep myself posted on this bishop's movements. He needs to go. Bishop Francis X diLorenzo is an arrogant sunnovabitch. He doesn't deserve the respect of any diocese. Hawaii or Richmond.

    diLorenzo, please. Go away.

  61. Anonymous8:31 PM

    You need to watch this commentary:

    It will explain what DiLorenzo's role was in this abortion scandal.

  62. Anonymous4:10 AM

    See the Youtube video on DiLorenzo and the Catholic Charities scandal.

    He should be denounced and forced to resign. Abortion is murder.


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