Rorate Caeli

Summer recess notes: You report

Edgar Fernández, of Una Voce México, reports on the pilgrimage of the Traditional Latin Mass community of Guadalajara to the shrine of the Mexican martyr Saint Toribio Romo, in Jalostotitlán, Jalisco:

[A] pilgrimage [was undertaken] this past Thursday August 7th to visit the shrine of Santo Toribio Romo who is one of the martyrs that died during the terrible persecution during the Cristiada war, he died very young (28 years old) as a parish priest during one of the fiercest catholic persecutions the world has seen in modern times. After visiting the shrine in the town of Santa Ana and celebrating the TLM in the chapel the pilgrims, led by Father Jonathan Romanoski went on to pay their respects and pray for the success of the new FSSP apostolate in Guadalajara to our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos which is the 2nd largest Marian shrine in our country. [Pictures]
Congratulations to the Traditional Latin Mass community in the Mexican state of Jalisco and to Father Romanoski! Please, keep sending us your reports during the summer (or winter, for our readers in the Southern Hemisphere).