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New minister

The Holy Father accepted the resignation of Cardinal Barragán as President of the Pontifical Council for Health (Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers), naming as his successor Zygmunt Zimowski, up to now Bishop of Radom (Poland). (Source)

Zimowski, now elevated to Archishop, worked in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith from 1983 to 2002, when he was named Bishop of Radom.


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Sounds like he is a well know associate of Pope Benedict XVI.

    Hopefully (and probably with those credentials), not a liberal.

    Now to get rid of Re, and Kasper in the Curia, and Tettamanzi, Daneels, Rosales, et al in the rest of Archdioceses, dioceses, etc.

  2. Anonymous1:14 PM

    I don't know anything of him about his moral positions, but it is not a good thing that he's going to be cardinal. In his diocese the motu proprio Summorum is obstaculated. Before the motu proprio, he allowed a TLM, but only one sunday for month and with the lectionary of Paul VI. He isn't a fried of Latin Mass and then he's a friend of Catholic Tradition

  3. Re: his anti-TLM posture, is this possibly a case of "promoting up and out"? In other words, will his diocesan replacement be more favorable to tradition?

    Ah, a little gossip before starting my Saturday morning.

  4. Anonymous4:48 PM

    On second Anon.'s comments:

    Don't worry. He's part of the last Pope's Polish mafia. Benedict XVI is merely 'kicking him upstairs' to a powerless post with perks. True, he'll eventually get a red hat. But now that Radom is vacant, we can pray that the Pope will transfer Grocholewski there. He's the chap who ruined the seminary document, a Prefect for Education. His deputy was demoted to Vancouver. He needs a similar demotion to Poland so that his successor can fix the bloody mess and revise the document. It absolutely say that no invert may enter the seminary or priesthood whether his inclination is 'deep seated' or 'shallow seated'. This summer, the goings-on in Ireland which are about to be published, will make this as clear as crystal.

    The Pope kicked Hummes upstairs from Sao Paulo to the Congregation for the Clergy. He'll be 75 in August and hasn't done any obvious damage so far. And, of course, Kasper was kicked upstairs by the last Pope. In fact, Lajolo, one of the last Pope's inner circle, was kicked upstairs by the present Pope, to head the Governorate of the Vatican City State, I believe (and he's also about to turn 75). This is a position with much honour but no power. I don't think that Italy worries much about an invasion from the Vatican.


  5. Anonymous5:04 PM

    I’m very sorry, I don’t speak English good. I read, I understand, bad not speak and write a little bit. You must be indulgent, please.

    Polish Minister of Health is Mrs. Kopacz. She lives in Radom. Radom is capital of archbishop Zimowski’s diocese. Last year Mrs. Kopacz has permitted abortion. This case is called in Poland “Case of Agatha”. Agata was young pregnant women. She’s fiveteen. Agata’s boyfriend is sixteen. Agatha wanted to give birth child, bad her parents have said: It was a sexual violence! You must make abortion. Majority polish hospital’s manager said: not in my clinic. Minister Kopacz have said: Agatha is childe, it’s sexual violence, and she have the right to do abortion. Minister Kopacz send Agatha to a abortion clinic. Child has been killed.

    Many polish catholic have said (in letter, TV, Internet) to bishop Zimowski: Excellence, You mast say for Minister Kopacz – You are excommunicated. It’s a participation in crime.

    Bishop Zimowski has ignored this case. Many polish faithful have sent letter to Vatican to Bishop’s Congregation. And nothing. Silence. And now bishop Zimowski is Vatican Minister of Health. It’s not good situation.


  6. Anonymous11:15 PM

    On the comments of anonymous #4. You state that "His deputy was demoted to Vancouver." Do you think it's fair to make such an assessment? Do the dioceses of the world not need strong, orthodox bishops too?
    Matt M.

  7. Anonymous1:23 AM

    I actually met him a couple of times. I was born in Poland, in the city that was his first and ONLY parish back in Poland- Stary Sacz. He is a SUPER CONSERVATIVE bishop. Very strict; and well respected in Poland. Also- John Paul II knew him very well. It was just a matter of time. There was a lot of rumor of him being transferred to Warsaw 2 years ago. And Grocholewski won't go to Radom; he's a cardinal; Radom is a small and new diocese.Ratzinger consecrated him himself in 2002.


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