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Eurabia has a Capital: Rotterdam

We normally do not re-post articles from Chiesa, and the Islamization of Europe is a topic covered more comprehensively by other websites, but this essay cries out to be read and forwarded as widely as possible. CAP.
...Rotterdam is new, having been bombed twice by the Luftwaffe during the second world war. Like Amsterdam, it is below sea level, but unlike the capital it does not enjoy an image of reckless abandon. In Rotterdam, it is the Arab shops selling halal food that dominate the cityscape, not the neon lights of the prostitutes. Everywhere are casbah-cafes, travel agencies offering flights to Rabat and Casablanca, posters expressing solidarity with Hamas, or offering affordable Dutch language lessons.
It is the second-largest city in the country, a poor city, but also the economic engine with its huge port, the most important in Europe. Most of the population are immigrants, and the city has the tallest and most imposing mosque in Europe. Sixty percent of the foreigners who arrive in Holland come here to live. The most striking thing when one arrives in the city by train are the enormous and fascinating mosques framed by the vibrant green, luxuriant, wooded, watery countryside, like an alien presence compared to the rest. They call it "Eurabia." The Turkish Mevlana mosque is imposing. It has the tallest minarets in Europe, even higher than the stadium of the Feyenoord soccer team.
Many of the neighborhoods in Rotterdam are captive to the darkest, most violent form of Islamism...
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  1. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Pray for the renewal of Christendom! -

  2. Angelo12:15 PM

    Auxilium Christianorum
    Ora Pro Nobis.
    Sub Tuum praesidium confugimus.Amen.

  3. Only inter-religious dialogue can save us now.

  4. j g rathkaj1:48 PM

    as a result it does not really matter if this ramshackle country becomes entirely muslimic or remains the contemporary forefront of atheism and every form of immorality.

  5. Anonymous2:08 PM

    What does one expect from the centre of rebellion against traditional Catholicism? God does not play favourites. Its interesting that the articles notes the absence of prostitutes and sex shops. That Islam is violent should not surprise. Does not God say, "I am a God of war"? If Catholics want Europe back they are going to have to fight for it. Islam had Spain for 800 years, then it was given to Christians. Now all Europe must stand up. This dying dog Vatican II Catholicism is not a sufficient armament. The spread of Islam where Xtianity once reigned supreme is proof of this.

  6. Islam were trying to take over Europe for several centuries, starting in 1299 and going into stagnation in 1699, it was effectively stopped after last battle with ottoman empire. Now they have a great opportunity to take it over without war, just by coming and settling down in Christian countries - better say 'former Christian countries' that lost their Christian identity via deluding pathway of false ecumenism. How very sad and dangerous it is.

  7. @jg

    While I agree it's hard to find anyone to root for in this particular struggle, the lesson here is plain. Liberalism and secularism are sterile, and the end result is the death of the whole society.

    Islam is Europe's chastisement for rejecting God.

  8. Let Islam conquers Europe.

    Let Europeans be punished.

    They really really deserve it.

  9. "Only inter-religious dialogue can save us now.'

    Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why Christendom is in this chaotic mess with the addition of ecumenical dialogues of the deaf and the betrayal of papal governance by collegiality. Couple these with protestant type liturgy and adherents actually believe salvation lies in compromising dialogues with non-Catholic sects,false & pagan religions which deny Christ's divinity. Thus, we may gauge the loss of Faith - belief in misleading causes which scatter the faithful but do not gather. Once these idolaters achieve hegemony then the liberty to worship Our Blessed Lord freely will be taken away. As minaret replaces bell tower so the so-called democratic principle of rule by simple majority will consume the freedom that permitted its growth and development in the first place.

    Such a myopic & pessimistic sentiment - nothing but compromise will save us! Little wonder Holy Scripture poses the pertinent question, almost rhetorical in a sense, how much faith will remain on Earth when He comes.

  10. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Better a islamic Europe than a liberal and revolutionary one.

  11. Such a myopic & pessimistic sentiment - nothing but compromise will save us! *** FYI, LeonG, I'm pretty sure Neal's comment was sardonic.

    And Beng, remember that Jesus says our Father will be as merciful and as severe with us on Doomsday as we are towards others -- we'll be measured with the same measure. He rebuked Sts. James and John for their desire to rain fire down from heaven on the unfaithful.

  12. wsxyz5:23 AM

    I've never been to Rotterdam, but I lived in Europe for several years. None of my European friends ever had much contact with muslim immigrants, but by virtue of attending language schools, I met many of them.

    An amazingly large number of them were born right there in Europe but had to attend language schools as young adults because they never learned the language of the host country as children. They attended Arabic-language religious schools, their TVs at home received only Arabic language satellite channels. They had no European friends or acquaintances but always had very large families.

    Europe is doomed.

  13. Thanks, Jordanes. I was going for dryly ironic, but must have overshot the mark.

  14. Your irony is wasted and frankly not the slightest bit amusing. Anyone who believes Europe would be better off mohamaten should try living and working in such a state for a long period of time. Hopefully, you will enjoy booming minarets from 4.30 in the morning waking you up and being constantly reminded about the superiority of being a mohamaten and the miserable inferiority of all else "haram". When Christians or anyone else for that matter want to do anything as many stumbling-blocks are placed in the way to hamper this as possible:in some countries this includes extreme violence. This is exactly what the Councils of Trent defined accurately as a pagan religion. Dialoguing with it will lead nowhere - the objective is world dominance. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a reality. The sooner the Vatican interfaith fantasists wake up to this harsh reality the better. Mohamatens are only playing along until the numbers dictate otherwise. Those numbers are beginning to tell decisively in their favour. Liberalism and socialism are sneered at by them for the most part because in them are found weakness which their religion will exploit to overcome. They are quite at peace to hold a candle to the Devil since they have a wider, longer term vision. Poor fools that we are.

  15. Do you all remember what happened to the Eastern Christians?

    They abandon papacy. They want no king but Caesar. In short, they abandon the faith.

    So God gave them Islam. And it [Islam] has prevailed until now in what was once Christian lands and kingdoms.

    God is consistent (He is immutable). See Israel in the Old Testament. Every time they went wicked, God made their neighboring countries attack, subdued and enslaved them.

    Europe will suffer the same fate.

  16. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Europe cannot become Islamic - at most 50% Islamic-coloured. This may be a reality by 2050-2060.
    So what? Already now, more than 60% of all Europeans are not interested in Jesus Christ and only 5-10% are active Churchgoers.

    I bet that in 2060 there will be many more active Catholics than now, because Islam will wake us up. It is a God-sent!

    The irony is that homosexuals etc will be "saved" by Christians, because Islam will want to kill them (death penalty). Leftists will finally realize that Christian compassion with the sinner is the superior value.

    The more islamic Europe, the less secular, the more Christian it will be.


  17. Benedicta7:20 PM

    I'd like to read more of the article but the site is not longer available; is there a way to read it somewhere else? it certainly looks like a subject we need to be very much aware of. Thank you in advance.


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