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Cardinal Canizares Llovera on refusing communion to pro-abortion politicians

Nothing new here, but it is good to get reminders from time to time...

Interview: Head of Vatican's Liturgical Office says Principle of Refusing Communion is "Charity in Truth"


  1. There would be more credibility in such acts if The Vatican would desist shielding from due legal process, perjuring and miscreant archbishops, bishops and priests who have continued to sexually abuse children and continue with other sexual perversity. The fact that the hushing up of these scandals systematically persists cannot be denied. It is little wonder that any post-conciliar pope who has meetings with US presidents can make no poignant protests about the immorality of abortion and sodomite couples when there is an overabundance of dirty linen still being concealed in the neo-catholic closet. As if the politicians concerned in the "holy communion" controversies did not know.

  2. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Yes, there would be more credibility if the dirty linen was cleaned up. However, this is not a reason for our Priests, Bishops and Cardinals to cease refusing communion to public sinners. These bold and courageous acts of refusing communion to pro-abortion politicians must continue. In the name of all Saints who stood their ground and died for the faith for all that is right holy and good - hold fast and fight the good fight! These small rumblings must start somewhere until it leads to a mighty roar.

  3. Unfortunately, anonymous, their acts look like nothing more than hypocrisy. If they also upbraided the regime that protects the recidivist culprits then there would be the credibility they deserve. It is time that the truth was shouted from the housetops that the post-conciliar leadership needs purging. They are a thorough disgrace and a public embarrassment.

  4. Woody2:19 PM

    This article brings back to mind the contretemps over Cardinal Canizares' inability to get a visa for travel to the US for the episcopal consecration of Archbiship DiNoia. I spoke with a pretty well-connected priest about this the other day, and he said that the curial staff who were supposed to arrange for all that kind of thing did not do their job, and the real question is whether that reflects some intentional sabotage of the Cardinal's work by holdovers from the previous (Arinze) regime (or others). He said that it was remarkable that the Cardinal was allowed to bring two assistants with him, laying it down to the need of the Cardinal for some "friends" in the dicastery there, also partly due to his language limitations.

    In short: pray for the Cardinal.

  5. Words, words, words... No action from the spineless "collegial" Vatican.

  6. Joe B2:43 PM

    My readings on the history of homosexuality and the church indicates that this issue has mostly been minimized by homosexuality being punished by death or life imprisonment in Catholic societies, with the sentencing carried out by the civil authorities. But the liberal non-Catholic societies that we live in not only tolerate the abomination, but have a significant political advocacy that loudly promotes and defends it. This puts the church at a real disadvantage in cleaning out this evil, since the political, judicial, and educational systems are, at best, lethargic about it. When the church has to be judge and sentencer and executioner without the help of the civil population, she doesn't fare very well. The word inquisition comes to mind. It works, but not without public support.

    In other words, the church will have to figure out a way to deal with this that we've never employed before, and we're starting from a disadvantaged point, since the infiltration is already significant and powerful. I think it could be turned around by putting all seminaries temporarily under the direct jurisdiction of a trusted group (and I mean like SSPX, no messing around) that ruthlessly reforms them without interference from their previous authorities. A big job, but important. But as for the current bishops who are part of the problem, that, like getting rid of the Novus Ordo, is going to take at least a couple of decades. There just isn't going to be an inquisition of bishops anytime soon.

    This seems to be tied to the issue of trads and the TLM. The trad mentality is best suited to cleaning out the evil (the same lines of opposition largely exist on the issues of the TLM and tolerance of homosexuality), and the TLM environment would probably help strengthen lay support for cleaning out this evil.

    A reform of the seminaries - once again, it may be time for the Holy Father to shift his focus to that area.

  7. Joe B, this problem DOES exist in traditional seminaries, too. SSPX and the Institute of Christ the King have had their shares of problems. Traditional places of formation simply attract a discreet kind of guys.

  8. Joe B7:47 PM

    Let's keep perspective here. Nobody is completely immune from scandal, but I suspect the problem is greatly reduced in SSPX, and I'm certain any priest that gives evidence of homosexuality will be dealt with quickly and appropriately, which is the great failing of non-trad orders. That quality alone makes trad orders well suited to investigate such scandals.

  9. Melchior Cano7:53 PM

    "There would be more credibility in such acts if The Vatican would desist shielding from due legal process, perjuring and miscreant archbishops, bishops and priests who have continued to sexually abuse children and continue with other sexual perversity."

    Have we come so far that we know think its "traditional" to hand over priests and bishops to the processes of the secular courts? This is insanity, not traditional Catholicism. Yes, it needs to be cleaned up, but by those with the authority to judge priests and bishops (i.e. the Pope and those delegated by him) not by the secular authority

  10. Brian9:42 PM

    Let us not lose focus of the main issue here:

    The Head of the Vatican's Liturgical Office, "Cardinal Canizares pointed to two documents that bishops can use for guidance on how to deal with politicians who refuse to reform their consciences - the encyclical of the late Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae and the document produced by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 2004 when Cardinal Ratzinger was Prefect. That document stated clearly that pro-abortion Catholic politicians "must be refused" Holy Communion if they attempt to receive at Mass.

    Millions of innocent lives are at stake, as are the souls of Catholic politicians and voters. Catholic politicians who vote in favor of abortion and refuse to reform their consciences "must be refused" Holy Communion.

    I pray that the U.S. Bishops, (miscreant or not) are paying attention and act.

  11. Three cheers for Cañizares!

  12. "Yes, it needs to be cleaned up, but by those with the authority to judge priests and bishops (i.e. the Pope and those delegated by him) not by the secular authority..."

    Ideally speaking of course but this is not being done. This is why the secular authorities will do something eventually if there is inertia.In fact, this reality has eventuated criminal legal processes. If The Vatican will do nothing then it deserves the alternative outcome.


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