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Venezuelan National Assembly Censures the Catholic Hierarchy

The Catholic hierarchy of Venezuela had courageously issued a communique this July 10 denouncing a proposed "Organic Law for Justice and Equality of Gender" (Ley Orgánica para la equidad e igualdad de género) which according to the hierarchy legalizes same-sex unions and promotes abortion.
In response, Merelis Perez Marcano, President of the Commission for Family, Women and Youth of the National Assembly (Asamblea Nacional) of Venezuela, proposed a censure against the Catholic hierarchy, alleging that the Church "never cared a bit about the Venezuelan family" and accusing it of purely political motives in publishing its criticisms, which she called baseless. The vote for censure was declared approved without there being any discussion or vote taken, and in defiance of the Venezuelan constitution itself, which stipulates (article 187) that the AN may approve censures only against the Vice President of the Republic and against cabinet ministers.
Before the "approval" came the President of the National Assembly alleged that there are cohabiting homosexuals among the Venezuelan bishops; the bishops were also called "manipulators, liars and immoral persons."
Pray for the Church in Venezuela as it struggles against the power of the new red tyrant.


  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Just to pop back for a second, I presume that you mean ***THIS*** July 10th, not "last July 10th". Last July 10th would be the one in 2008. If you want to refer back to a date earlier this month, you can say "10th July (or July 10th) last", putting "last" last. But if you put "last" first (last July 10th), it means the July 10th of the previous year.


  2. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Pro-lifers went wrong in pitting child against mother, says John Paul's favorite politician

  3. So "the most prominent pro-life politician in Europe" isn't pro-life any more (if he ever really was?).

  4. P.S. Comments on the news from Venezuela are welcome.

  5. What does this 'censure' imply? My Spanish is on the most rudimentary level, I'm afraid.

  6. Hello, Mr. Perkins

    Thank you for the English lesson. It is highly appreciated.

    In the Philippines, "last July 10" often means the just-finished July 10, while "this July 10" would be the coming July 10, and sometimes I fall into the same linguistic idiosyncracies.

    Doesn't help that we Filipinos don't have much access to English as it is spoken in England and the other Dominions of Her Majesty.

  7. In the Philippines, "last July 10" often means the just-finished July 10, while "this July 10" would be the coming July 10, and sometimes I fall into the same linguistic idiosyncracies.

    Readers from the U.S. won't have any trouble understanding you either, Mr. Palad.

  8. Anonymous12:36 PM

    This is no different than the tactics used by the communists. Comrades Hugo and Morales (in Bolivia) have again shown their true colors.


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