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Pope to visit Fatima in 2010

Her Immaculate Heart will triumph.

Sources; Tip: A Casa de Sarto


  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    And hopefully His Holiness will use this occasion to consecrate, by name, Russia, along with the worlds bishops to the Immaculate Heart of the Theotokos.

    Please pray foe this.

  2. And imagine if he was able to do this, not only with the Catholic bishops of the world, but also with the Orthodox.

    If the Orthodox come to understand that the goal of the consecration of Russia serves the common cause of both East and West, and is not an obstacle to true ecumenism, then Christianity's witness to and evangelization of the decaying post-Christian west would be resurrected overnight.

  3. Anonymous3:30 PM

    The Pope as shown that he is capable of amazing things. I bet he does the consecration.

  4. Keep praying those rosaries for the proper consecration of Russia!!

    This is wonderful news. Somehow, I just don't think it will be another JPII personality hype. Blessed Jacinta is praying very much for this pope. He probably is the one she saw in vision, suffering so much.

  5. "the act of consecration requires that the Pope “choose a date upon which His Holiness commands the bishops of the entire world to make, each in his own Cathedral, and at the same time as the Pope, a solemn and public ceremony of Reparation and consecration of Russia ...”

    Pray for the Holy Father.

    Pray for the Bishops.


  6. There is a profound doubt that he will arrive at the point many wishfully hypothesise.

    Read the complete history and find out.

  7. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Perhaps that is true LeonG but that is why people pray.

  8. Leong, I do not believe His Holiness will consecrate Russia at Fatima next May. My joy was at the news, because for me, it is a SIGN that God is attentive to the rosary crusade's intentions. It is a SIGN that it will be done, and the more prayers offered, the sooner we can obtain God's mercy and the fulfillment of our Lady's promise.

    And I really do not believe His Holiness will go to Fatima to draw attention to himself, unlike.....

  9. Anonymous8:55 PM

    In going to Fatima, I hope Benedict XVI does make the consecration, and perhaps does even more traditional things while there.

    Also, I hope that his visit is so remarkably unlike the circus-nonsense of JP II's trips, that the memory of JP II etc. isn't even mentioned.

  10. Pope bashing never stops.

    His holiness John Paul II, upon hearing that the Bishops and Priests of the Apostles of Jesus and Mary, aka the SSPX, were not being given access to Fatima property, assigned his personal representative to accompany the SSPXers. This was to make certain the warm and fuzzy protestant huggers opened up.

    When His Holiness died, these Priest prayed thirty days of Tridentine Masses worldwide for his soul.

    I guess my point is, no, Pope John Paul II did not have horns and a long pointy tail.

    He might not have made us proud, but he was our Holy Father.

    Eternal rest grant him, O Lord.


  11. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I hope the Holy Father will do something special at Fatima this May. There is alot of controversy surrounding the Full Third Secret and the Consecration of Russia, I doubt that he will address any of this. But we all know that there is alot of pressure on him to keep quiet about certain aspects of Fatima, specifically from Cardinal Bertone.

    But one thing for sure, his visit will be a grand gesture to the pilgrims of Fatima. Our Lady said to pray much for the Holy Father - and this means pray for Every Holy Father we get including Pope Benedict XVI. Let us wish him well on his trip in May, may he be safe.

    Maybe he will discuss the future beatification of Sr. Lucia? Or perhaps he is going as a simple pilgrim with no specific reason for going other than for his own reasons.

    We shall see :-)Glory to God in the Highest!


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