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Vigil of All Saints: 70 years ago

Father Leon Nowakowski graduated from the Theological Seminary in Wloclawek, and was ordained to the priesthood on June 20, 1937. He continued his theological studies in Lublin and at the Pontifical Gregorian University. At the outbreak of World War II, Father Nowakowski was spending his summer vacation in his native Byton, Poland. After the invading Germans arrested the local Parish Priest, Father Nowakowski took over his duties.

On October 24, 1939, Nowakowski was arrested by the Gestapo on his way to a Rosary devotional exercise and was taken to Piotrkow Kujawski. On the eve of All Saints, 1939, a Nazi platoon gathered all those imprisoned at Piotrkow Kujawski and had them shot. The bodies of the victims were buried in a mass grave outside the city.

Father Nowakowski (1913-1939) was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1999.

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  1. Good Father Nowakowski, pray for us.

  2. Anonymous11:39 AM

    This is off topic but relevant news.

    I just read the daily postng on the Vatican website. According to it, the noted "Vaticanoloist" Andrea Tornielli over-speculated a bit in his latest gossip about the norms for these Anglicans being accepted into the Roman Catholic Church, especially with regard to the issue of priestly celibacy.
    According to him, the delay in publication of the Apostolic Constitution by Pope Benedict XVI was over the issue of celibacy for the Anglicans, and any future seminarians. By extension, this created alot of excitement about the issue of celibacy....possibly being dropped....for the Latin Church.
    Fr. Lombardi,SJ, of the Vatican press office clarified the issue.
    With regards to the issue of celibacy, the Encyclical of Paul VI (1967) regarding priestly celibacy is to be entirely observed by the Anglicans coming into the Church as well. Those who are already married will be dealth with on an individual basis. Those who come in as celibate...must remain so as any Roman Catholic priest.
    Cardinal Levada, on the issue of any future seminarians for this Anglican group said that any rumors and gossip about them not having to be celibate was "purely speculative"...and not at all the case.
    The disipline of priestly celibacy for those seminarians would also be maintained, but any who applied who were already married would be dealt with on an individual basis. And exemptions may be given for a few.
    So it looks like the rule of celibacy will apply in large measure to these Anglicans as well. GOOD!
    It was presumptous and wrong for them to assume (as well as Catholic liberals), that they could come into the Church with their entire Protestant baggage intact with no scrutiny and questions.
    Andrea Tornielli seems to have sunk any chance for him to become Vatican Press Secretary, or editor of L'Osservatore Romano (as was speculated about afew months ago). For the Vatican to refute a very rare.
    Must be very embarassing for Tornielli!!
    But the good thing is that it appears that the cherished and time honored disipline and rule of celibacy in the Latin Church will be upheld as a requirement for these Anglicans wanting to become Catholic priests as well...except for those ALREADY married. They will be dealt with individually.

    Can you hear the Anglicans, and the Catholic radical liberals who were hoping for a change in the celibacy law for the whole Church weeping and sobbing!!

  3. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Sw. Leonie Nowakowski, módl sie za nami.


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