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Light from the East: A Prayer for the Pope

"Oremus pro Pontifice" chanted by a Greek cantor.

H/t to Sinaxe.


  1. This is the direction from which the hope of the world lies.

  2. I am amazed that the traditional world is not picking up on developments that threaten the papacy of Benedict XVI.

    Informed inside Vatican sources sympathetic to the FSSPX (yes, a very few exist) warned at the time of the election of Pope Benedict that the liberal cabal which ran the Church under John Paul II had not expected it and that they were temporarily in disarray. They further cautioned that Benedict had but a short time to organize his papacy before they would reorganize to undermine his reign. This information, by the way, came through the intelligence network of certain Greek Orthodox bishops.

    The European left: politicians, press and members of the Catholic hierarchy have united to orchestrate a campaign which will either demoralize the Pope or -- and they believe this -- can actually force him to resign. They have stepped up their efforts since (1) the attempt to appoint an anti-progressive relatively unknown priest as a bishop in Austria and (2) the policy of an attempted rapprochement with the FSSPX has been instituted by Benedict. They desperately want him out or neutralized before any agreement can be reached. The FSSPX is very much aware of this, and it's one reason for Fr. Schmidbeger's defense of the Holy Father.

    Evidence? There's been a lot. But the drumbeat has been accelerated with the European press' obsession with the German and Irish clerical so-called pedophilia scandals, and the smearing of both Benedict and his brother.

    On Friday, the Feast of St. Joseph, Tony Hendra (a leftist author with marginally Catholic credentials) on a Foxnews program revealed that a story yet to break over here has been circulating in the European press: that the pope's brother may be implicated in the sex scandals. He stated openly that the recent developments (his alleged collusion in transferring a pedophile priest to another assignment while he was Archbishop of Munich) and other "rumors" circulating may force the Holy Father to abdicate.

    This is very serious. The aim: the election of an outright liberal to the papacy after the abdication of a “conservative” pope (don't think Cardinal Schoenbrunn's recent public comments concerning the connection between celibacy and the clerical sex scandals are anything but an opening gambit for his election).

    I am very surprised that this accelerating orchestration by this alliance of the left is generally falling under the radar in the traditional internet media.


  3. I'm not too sure what the point of chanting a Latin prayer to Greek Neo-Byzantine music is, though it's nice to listen to.

    However, it's no less bombastic in its way than the Polychronia sung in Byzantine use, and much longer than it would take to sing the usual Polychronion in the Russian praxis.

    His Holiness Benedict has the most difficult job in the world. I admire his pastoral prudence in trying to gently move Latin liturgy by his example into a more conservative direction.

    One thing we all need to remember. He's the Pope of the ENTIRE Church, and not just one party or faction within it.

  4. Sean:

    We're not ignorant of these stories. Truth be told, I've heard far worse (one story that has reached me is that some bishops -- including some cardinals -- tried to force the Pope to abdicate in the aftermath of the fallout over Bishop Williamson's remarks.) and anyone can see that the liberal prelates want this Pope out.

  5. Anonymous12:29 AM

    These attacks are not only meant for Benedict XVI himself but I see them as attacks by Satan on religion itself.
    Please don't confuse me with the "all religions are a means to heaven crowd people" when I speak of attacks on religion.
    I have witnessed these frenzied attacks from within the traditionalist movement. They all follow the same pattern. No one is safe. Pray, and pray hard, the devil is truly among us! It's as if the gates of hell have been thrown open and Father of Lies has been allowed to infect souls who for all intents and purposes you would never suspect. It's the old divide and conquer ploy. Sow the seeds of discord and reap unsuspecting souls! My Jesus, mercy!

  6. Thank you very much for the hat tip, Carlos Antonio!


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