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The Cathedral of Cordoba will not be shared with Muslims

The Cathedral of Cordoba, once the Great Mosque of Cordoba


The Bishop of Cordoba says that they will not share the cathedral, a former mosque, with Muslims.

The Bishop of Cordoba, Demetrio Fernandez, said today that "sharing" the Cathedral of Cordoba and former mosque that some Muslim groups want, "is a euphemism which means: get Catholics out of here". Faced with this and in an interview with Europa Press, Fernandez wanted to make clear that, "therefore, the answer to the question about sharing the Cathedral is that no, we're not, because this place has been a Catholic Church 16 centuries, while Muslims have been four and half centuries".

Consequently, the Catholic Church, which is the holder of the temple through the Cathedral Chapter of Córdoba, has "a good relationship with Muslims" and want to collaborate with those who profess Islam in constant search of "peace, justice and coexistence between peoples, but that is one thing and another, very different, you want to share the same temple for worship, which is not possible, either by Muslims or by Catholics".

Therefore, Christians, "which are those using the cathedral, have said they will not go unless they kick us out, because there has been 16 centuries of Christian worship in this place". In this regard, the bishop of Cordoba said "if I let in the Muslims pray in the Cathedral of Cordoba, it is equivalent to Catholics saying goodbye, and good night, it would be irresponsible".

Thus, in the argument for not sharing the use of the Cathedral of Cordoba in response to a fundamentalist position, Fernandez said that "there are things that are shared and others that are not, and the Cathedral of Cordoba is not shared with Muslims".

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