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And the "much-needed discussion" continues: Basile Valuet responds to Brunero Gherardini

La Nef has published Débat autour du Concile Vatican II, in which Dom Basile Valuet OSB thoroughly criticizes Msgr. Brunero Gherardini's book on the Council. I am not aware of any English translations yet (there should be one in the near future) but it is good to be aware of the growth of this discussion. At one point, he wonders aloud if Msgr. Gherardini is really the author of the book, or if someone had simply used the old man -- a very serious charge. ("C’est à se demander si Mgr Gherardini, ancien professeur d’ecclésiologie et d’œcuménisme, est bien l’auteur du livre que nous examinons, ou si quelqu’un a profité de son âge respectable pour l’abuser.")

The Benedictine also hints that he will be coming up with another article on La Nef specifically defending Vatican II's teaching on religious liberty from the criticisms of Msgr. Gherardini.
Fr. Valuet is a monk of the Benedictine monastery of Le Barroux and author of Liberté Réligieuse et la Tradition Catholique, a massive work controversial in Traditionalist circles, as it claims to show that the teaching on religious liberty as found in Dignitatis Humanae is a legitimate development of, and in continuity with, the teachings of the pre-Vatican II popes on the same topic.